You say you're strong, but your not.

You say for me to acknowledge you as a strong fighter…

I called you weak.

You become angry, upset…. Claimed you will prove to me that you are not weak.

I walked away… guilt on my on shoulders for the same mistake I've made before.

I then return for you, to face you. I will not run away.

Once again, you wanted me to think you're strong.

Despite the lies that you're making, I will show you true strength.

The real you…. this isn't you…

The real you that reminded me how fun vanguard was….

I'm gonna take it back

And turn your tears to roses.

I will the be one to hold you,

I will be the one to guide you,

My feelings for you is

A burning, consuming fire.

You are not alone; you're never alone,

Within the darkness, I will find you and light the path,

Hear me, the whispers in the dark.

I see you…. So lonely, broken, and ragged

I clothe you in crimson roses.

My love for you is….

Hear my voice,

The whispers in the dark.

A/n: Based on the song and I don't own "Whispers in the Dark" by Skillet or Cardfight! Vanguard.