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Well it certainly looked different Kid Flash thought to himself as he ran through the huge tower shaped like a T. Why is it shaped like a T? I mean I know they call themselves the Teen Titans but still, won't that just tell the bad guys were you are... I mean come on he's norma-

Kid Flash's ultra speed thoughts were cut off by a loud noise. The noise of a sonic blaster loading up ready to fire...

At the same time as his thoughts Kid Flash came to a halt. He turned around to see a half human half machine teenager standing in the doorway with a large weapon in his hand. This was not how KF had planned his first meeting with Robin's new team, that is, if this person hadn't broken in.

But then technically if he doesn't live here and has broken in then I've also broken in which I'm quite proud of myself for I mean how many people can get past Robin's security and – Kid Flash silenced his rambling thoughts again and focused on the big, shiny blaster pointing at him.

"Um... hi" Kid Flash said more to the shiny gun than the person actually holding it.

"Who are you and what the hell are you doing here?" the teenager holding the big shiny blaster that was almost charged enough to send the speedster to the other side of the moon if he wasn't careful.

Just then voices could be heard in the corridor behind the half machine teen.

"-I still think that it was a good kick-" a small green kid wandered into the room and went silent when he saw the intruder.

"Hi..." Kid Flash repeated nervously. Others walked into the room. First it was a slightly orange, hugely hot, (in KF's opinion) girl with red hair followed by a creepy girl in a cloak with her hood up and a frown that looked like it never left her face. Finally Robin came in looking slightly confused by the sudden silence that had fallen over his previously arguing friends and team mates.

When Robin walked into the room a grin grew on the speedsters face. Robin looked at the boy and looked even more confused than before. He blinked just to be sure he was really seeing his old best friend standing in the tower. When he opened his eyes again the boy was gone and then he felt a heavy thump on his back and saw that he was now standing next to him with a yellow costumed arm on his shoulder.

"ROB" he cried as he looked as his friend's bewildered face. Everyone else in the room was still getting over the fact that there had been an intruder in the tower and he was in a bright yellow costume. Their brains hadn't been able to process that this boy had super speed and knew Robin.

"But – I swear you were just – how did you – um?" Beastboy was staring at where the boy had been and where he was now trying to figure out what had happened and how it had happened. Finally, unable to find the right words he gave up and just stared in confusion and amazement at this boy with the large grin.

"KF," Robin said finally, his voice was neutral. He didn't know how what he felt or what was going on, "what are you doing here?"

"Wellyousee,'mnotsurewhathappenedbutIthink,actuallyit'snothugelylongbut-" he cut off as he looked at everyone's faces and realised that they hadn't understood a word of what he just said.

"Um..." the girl in the black cloak stared, "does this kid have any other speed settings then really really fast?" she asked.

"Sorry," KF muttered, "got a bit carried away seeing Rob for the first time in ages! How longs it been, I know I was sometime in -"

"I see you ramble more than ever," Robin interrupted. There was a twitch of his lip as he looked at his old friend. A SMILE Kid Flash thought to himself.

"Sorry but it's become a bit of a habit." He said. Robin stared at him, "Ok, ok. More like a hobby or obsession."

Now Robin really was smiling at his friend.

"Would you like to start from the beginning and explain how you got into the T Tower and why your here!" the robot boy said. He seemed to look slightly upset that he didn't get to use his blaster. KF guessed it must have been a new toy that he was dying to try out if he had the chance.

"Oh, yeah, right," he stumbled over the words, "My name's Kid Flash but most people call me KF because it's shorter and -" he saw Robin glare at him and knew he was rambling again. "Anyway, I vibrated my molecules to get into the wall and then prayed Rob hadn't put any floor sensors in or anything like that" KF grinned

"Why do you keep calling friend Robin Rob? Is that his real name?" the orange girl asked.

"Don't you even think about it!" Robin said to his friend as if reading his mind. He knew what this boy was like when he was around girls and didn't want him to act like that around Starfire.

KF gave him what looked like a mix of pleading, humour and sulking at the same time. Everyone else on the other hand just stared at the two boys like they were... aliens.

KF remembered the rest of the question he had been asked, "I'm here because I need your help" he said to Robin. All the joking and sulking had cleared off his face and he looked... serious... or at least as serious as KF can get Robin thought.

"Why?" was the only thing the boy wonder said.

"Kaldur, I mean Aqualad was hurt on a previous mission. He's in a coma and slipping away. No one can wake him up and we don't have a leader and everyone's going mental. No one is volunteering to take his place and the only Justice League member with the ability to control them, Batman," Robin flinched at the name "is having too much difficulty in Gotham after a major brake our at Arkham and several other prisons and everyone's running riots!" He breathed letting the information soak in. "We need you because you have the training and the skills to get everyone back on track," he paused and then said quietly, "and everyone misses you."

Robin didn't really know what to say. Finally after nobody knows how long he said quietly, "what do you mean everyone's going mental?"

"I mean, after you left everyone lost a younger sibling," Robin turned away not sure how to respond and KF continued, "everyone seem to just fight against each other for no reason and when it came to fighting the bad guys, well, that was really only done half heartedly," he paused, "Batman told everyone to get their act together although everyone could see he obviously hadn't yet," he paused again to let all the information sink in properly and then continued, "after god knows how long everyone seemed to not get over you leaving but be able to put their worries and thoughts aside when they had to. Then in our last mission, just over a week ago, we found out we had to hack something and Artemis thought of you and let her guard down," Robins face showed the guilt he felt and KF quickly added, "It's not your fault! Don't blame yourself. Anyway she got hurt but had thought your name in her mind while we were all linked up by Miss M and everyone seemed to let their guard down. Superboy became..." he thought of the right way to phrase what he wanted to say and then said, "more violent. Anyway someone was about to Kill Artemis and Aqualad stepped in the way. With his strong exterior he wasn't dead but whatever they used was still strong enough that it sent him into a coma which he seems to be dying in. Now everyone is getting into even more fights with each other when they even bother to talk to one another and when they train they let out all their anger on each other like they want to kill each other." He stopped and crouched on the floor looking at the carpet sadly as if all he wanted to do was dig a hole in the ground and hide there until his friends had all made up. He glanced at Robin and realised that he felt the same if not worse.

This is my fault! Thought Robin. He could feel the tear creeping into his eyes behind the mask. He had thought that they had all forgotten about him and wanted nothing to do with him and if anyone even cared about him they might have done something to stay in touch even if it was just a Christmas card with a name signed at the bottom. They still care about me!

"Um Rob..." KF said after a long silence, "we need you to come back. What do you say?"

There was another pause. Robin looked around the room and everyone was staring at him. His eye settled on Kid Flash and he saw the pleading in the boy's eyes.

"Can my team come?" Robin said finally. The air in the room seemed to lighten and Robin could see his old friend smile. Robin looked at his team and said with a grin, "Only if they want to of course."

Starfire squealed in delight shouting "Oh friend Robin I would love to meet your old friends" and she ran over and hugged him tightly. She then flew of the direction of the rooms saying everything she would need to pack.

Robin looked at the others and Beastboy grinned and nodded wildly, as did Cyborg. Both the green boy and the half machine boy high-fived while shouting "WE'RE GONNA MEET YOUNG JUSTICE". They had only ever heard of them on the news. Robin had never talked about his past and they were finally going to meet people who knew him when he was younger. Maybe they could tell them embarrassing things about the boy wonder. Both boys drifted off into their own scenarios of what they thought might happen.

Finally Robin Looked at Raven. She stared at him and sighed in defeat.

"Fine, I'll come." She had no interest in other hero's and liked her quiet room with her books and didn't want to leave them.

"If you're coming baby then –" Kid Flash stared only to be elbowed in the gut by Raven.

"Only," she continued, "if he leaves me alone!"

With that she drifted off to her room and Robin laughed that his signature laugh.

Kid Flash groaned in pain and muttered "why do all the pretty girls hate me?"

Robin looked at his miserable friend and smiled at how much he had missed the idiot. He help the boy to the kitchen and seated him down and then placed 3 boxes of left over pizza in front of him and wandered off to go and pack his things.

Kid Flash stared at the boy wonder and realised that he hadn't changed much and even if he had changed the boy still knew what he liked. At that thought he glanced down at the boxes of pizza and considered if he should eat them slowly. He decided against it and within 3 seconds each box was empty without even a crumb.