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The trip to Robin's coordinates was done in silence. When they arrived the martian placed the ship half a mile away and the teams walked into position. Aqualad told each member to position themselves discreetly on a roof top surrounding the building. Miss Martian had everyone in a telepathic link apart from Batman. No one had seen or heard from him since they received the coordinates.

Miss Martian, can you link up Robin so he knows what is about to happen? Aqualad asked.

I'll try came the response. After a few seconds of silence she spoke again, his mind is weak but he's slightly conscious

Link him up order Aqualad.

Robin, can you hear me? Miss Martian asked softly

Hey, can I ask what's going on? Robin asked

Technically you already did but do you want to ask again! joked Kid Flash.

It is good to hear you again Robin, Aqualad said interrupting the conversation about to start.

Hey Kaldur, great to hear you too. Welcome to the land of the living. Robin said.

Sorry to break up the reunion but don't we have a job to do? Came the solemn voice of Raven.

Glad you're ok too said Robin with a hint of amusement and a large amount of sarcasm.

Back to the plan! Aqualad stated, Batman plans to stall the Joker while we free you.

Good plan except for one thing. If Batman is fighting Joker you guys are left the goons and – Robin was cut off by Artemis

Are you saying we can't handle them? she said in a slightly mocking voice.

No but you're out numbered. You could probably take them all down but here's the small problem he paused, it was difficult to stay conscious if you guys are fighting then someone could just –

I've lost Robin! The Martian exclaimed he's gone unconscious!

Aqualad gave a few orders and within two minutes everyone was in position. All they had to do was wait for Batman's signal. Miss Martian kept watch on Robin's mind and felt him constantly slipping in and out of consciousness.

The next time anyone looked at the Joker they saw Batman.

Is it just me or did he appear out of thin air? Beastboy asked when he saw the Dark Knight.

I didn't even see the Bat mobile or anything! thought Cyborg. He was going to have to ask where he got the tech to be that quiet.

Is everyone ready? Aqualad asked. He didn't seem bothered by the sudden appearance but then again he was almost used to it.

There was a chorus of 'yes' echoing through the teams' head.

Each member made their way to Robin as stealthily as they could. Artemis used an arrow with string to climb up to the top of the crane. She started descending down the rope. When she was almost at Robin she heard a loud laugh and a voice calling towards her

"That's cheating Batsy" the Joker said in a whining voice looking at Artemis.

Seconds later all of the goons started firing at Artemis and the team drew their attention to the goons.

Robin came around once again and looked at the action going on below. Beastboy had turned into an elephant and charged at people while Cyborg and Artemis were back to back using their weapons. Superboy seemed to be crushing some man's gun into dust while Kaldur was using his water shield to not get hit by bullets. Raven and Miss Martian were using their powers to move things into people and Starfire was throwing green disks at people and apologising and then hitting someone else. Kid Flash seemed to be super speed punching someone until that someone toppled backwards.

Looking over at Batman Robin saw that he was winning. He smiled slightly to himself guessing the Batman probably went all over protective on him like he used to whenever a villain took him.

Robin then looked over and saw someone behind the control panel of the crane. He wanted to shout out to get someone's attention to help him but he was in too much pain. His whole body hurt and he could still taste blood in his mouth. The ropes were so tight it hurt to breath. Then again he reasoned with himself it could just be the broken ribs.

The next thing Robin felt was his worst fear. He was falling and there was nothing he could do. He tried to wriggle about, tried to move his body so he could do... he didn't know, he just wanted to be able to do anything. He could see his parents falling in his mind, he could feel the air rushing by his head. He thought about how they felt as they fell. He screamed! He didn't want to die! He wanted to apologise to Bruce. He was sorry for leaving. He missed him!

Batman heard the scream and within a millisecond he had looked at the team who were all shocked by the noise and rooted to the spot. He then saw Robin falling, the fear on his face. He could only imagine the horrors of what the boy was thinking. Automatically Batman punched Joker in the face sending him unconscious and he leapt of the building and fell towards Robin. Once he was close enough he used a bat a rang to cut the rope covering Robin in a single swipe and grabbed the boy. Then twisting his body he shot out a grappling hook to the nearest building and sung them both to safety. Robin was shivering in fear slightly and Batman held the boy close. He could see tear streaks running down the boy's bloody face. Batman looked up to the building where he had just been fighting and saw that all the bad guys were unconscious and being tied up. He left the teams to deal with them and headed to Mount Justice

When he arrived Robin was barely conscious. His words were just murmurs and he couldn't make out his surroundings other than a big blur. Batman took him to the infirmary and laid him down. He evaluated the wounds and called Alfred. Moments later the computer voice announced the new arrival of Agent A.

Alfred went straight to the infirmary and set to work without a word. Ten minutes later Robin's wounds were all dressed and he had some painkillers in his system. By the small relaxation on his face Batman guessed they were working. Within the next five minutes Alfred had had a go at Bruce and Robin was starting to wake up.

"Can you turn the volume down?" Robin murmured slightly. The older men acknowledged that Robin was waking up and went to his side.

"Master Richard!" exclaimed Alfred as the boy opened his eyes. He didn't have his mask on and his eyes physically lit up. He hadn't seen Alfred in ages. The old man pulled Dick into a lgith hug so as not to damage his wounds any further.

"How are you feeling?" asked Bruce. Worry was imminent in his voice.

"I've been better" Dick said with a small smile. His smile then dropped when he realised how painful it was.

"Alfred. Can you give us a moment? I'll bring him back to the cave later" Bruce said looking at his butler/father. He didn't want to hurt the man's feelings but he wanted to talk to Dick alone.

The old man gave a nod and a slight smile and walked out the room. Seconds later the computer announced his departure.

Bruce looked at Dick. Dick looked at his lap.

"Richard" Bruce started but before he could continue Robin cut him off.

"Bruce, I know you're about to apologise. Don't. It's not your fault. I left. I was selfish. I over reacted. I should have kept both teams in check. I should have told the team I was leaving instead of just walking out. If I had done then maybe Kaldur wouldn't have been in a coma and I wouldn't have had to fill in and –" Robin felt all his emotions surfacing. He could feel tears trying to well in his eyes but kept them back. Batman took Dick's stumble as a chance to speak.

"Dick, look at me" he said, "none of this is your fault. I threatened to take you out of hero duty. And Dick, Even if it is your fault I'm glad" Dick didn't understand, "Kaldur going into a coma brought you back to me. I know it's not the best of circumstances but I doubt it would have happened any other way"

Bruce looked into Dick's bright blue eyes and felt tears welling up in his own eyes. He didn't have his cowl on so Dick could see the tears and finally allowed his own to surface.

"Bruce. I'm sorry I left. I, I missed you" Dick said. He could hear his voice cracking slightly. That was all Bruce needed to hear. He pulled Dick into a tight hug and Dick ignored the pain and hugged him back.

Neither of the duo realised the teams had come back and were watching the hug. The Titans were surprised because Robin had never shown much emotion or that he was the hugging type and Young Justice was surprised because Batman had no emotion in him.

Batman released the hug first and noticed the team. He wasn't bothered. He had his son back and he had been missed. Robin then noticed the team he didn't care either until he noticed that neither he nor his mentor were wearing a mask.

"Um..." Richard started but Bruce had guessed what he was going to say.

"If you wanted to come back and announce that you were no longer missing I'm sure the team would have figured out who you were" Bruce said to Dick.

The team stood in confusion.

"They didn't guess who I was when I went missing. I might have been able to still keep it a secret" Dick said with a small grin.

"Dude, would you like to explain what's going on?" Wally asked Dick. Before Dick could answer Artemis cut in.

"You're Bruce Wayne?" she asked Bruce nodded and Artemis turned to Dick, "that makes you Richard Grayson! Wait you went missing about..."

"... the same time Robin ran away" Dick finished her sentence with a small laugh at the end.

"We really were stupid for not realising it" she mumbled to herself.

"Are you going to come back with us?" Raven asked Dick. Dick looked at Bruce then at young justice and then at the Titans. He didn't know how to answer what he wanted. He wanted all three. Everyone looked at Dick sadly expecting him not to chose them over the other except Bruce who looked in thought.

"If you want you can come back and live with me and I can have a zeta beam set up at the Titan tower so you can go back and forth. You wouldn't been run by the league but I could get the two teams working together if needed and if the team is busy I can give the Titans a mission" Bruce said.

Dick's eyes lit up again. He nodded and everyone in the room relaxed a little.

"Does this mean that Robin will no longer be staying at the tower" asked Starfire sadly.

"Call me Dick" Dick said, "I won't live at the tower but I will still be there everyday –"

"And you shall still lead us?" Starfire cut in.

"Sure" Dick replied.

"And you will come and visit us?" asked Kaldur.

"Of course" Dick said.

"We can have a party to celebrate Robs I mean Dick's return" cried Wally.

"With lots of food" shouted Cyborg.

"I'm afraid Dick has to come home because he's already promised to see-" Bruce started but was cut off. A voice came over the mountains speakers.

"Master Bruce you are to invite them around for a party. I shall invite Mr Clark, Ms Diana and any other leaguer I see fit to attend. I shall catch up with Master Richard in my own time" came the voice. No one knew who it was apart from the dynamic duo but he was bossing the Batman around. Everyone looked at the two of them. Bruce slumped slightly with a look of defeat on.

"Fine" he mumbled and crossed his arms.

"I'm sorry Master Bruce but the security did not pick that up" came the voice again.

"Fine" said Bruce even louder.

Dick laughed and shouted, "Thanks Alfred"

"Any time Master Richard. Oh and head home soon. The cookies are just coming out of the oven" the voice said and the voice left.

The teams didn't understand what had just happened. Dick decided to fill them in.

"That," he said, "was Alfred. The best Butler in the world and the only person who can boss the bat around"



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