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A Normal Peaceful Day

It was just a day like any other. My mother was playing with my younger brother and my father was looking. I never did understand what he was looking at. He would always stand afar and look over towards the distance. The wind was blowing softly against the grass, at the time we were at a meadow playing after a picnic. I remember picking flowers and placing a tiara on Noishe's head. He shook them off and all the flowers that I had carefully placed scattered across the grass again. At the time everything seemed to be normal. There was nothing to hide or fear about. Little did I know the extent of the danger we were about to face at the time. It was such a normal day.

The next thing I knew was my father running and grabbing me, and taking my mother's unoccupied hand- running as fast as he could. Trees were darting past us, my mother was breathing real hard and Lloyd- well he was clueless as to what was going on and squealing from how fast we were going. I looked at my mother and her eyes were focused and tense. I could feel my father's muscles tightening as he held me with his arm.

After that, we ran into a dead end. We were surrounded by soldiers- those Desians that my mother and father had told me about. I didn't realize though that they were after us. After all, there was nothing that they could possibly want. Everything happened so fast. I can't recall when my father placed me on the ground and had fought the Desians to protect us. I just remember my mother being attacked by one of the guards and her stone fell out.

For the first time ever I heard my mother scream in pain. I only thought children scream and cry because of pain. I had never seen an adult scream or cry. Father would come back in wounds and all he did was lay down and my mother tended his wounds. At first I didn't know what to do. I called out to her. Her eyes began to bulge and she arched her back to where she was crouching.

My father knocked down a Desian and watched as my mother transformed into a being I've never encountered before. She probably grew three times her size- maybe four. I cannot even explain what she looked like. I screamed and hid from her, not knowing what she would do. I saw that she slashed towards my father, and he dodged her easily. But then I noticed she had Lloyd and was about to toss him over the cliff. I closed my eyes, not bearing to see the scene. All I could hear was, "Please kill me, before it's too late." I opened my eyes and my father stood still shaking his head and shouting no towards her. She raised her arm that had Lloyd, and then I closed my eyes once again. I heard her scream once again and then I heard swords clanging. My father was fighting another Desian.

As my father was fighting, I looked for my mother and Lloyd, and did not see her. I looked to see if Lloyd was there he was not there. I looked to see if Noishe was there, he was not there either. They had vanished.

I heard a chuckle coming from behind me and saw a Desian raising his sword towards me. I screamed and ran away as fast as I could, leaving my father to fight. I ran as fast as my five-year old body would allow me to. I looked behind and saw no one chasing me. I looked around and saw no one. No one was here to save me or protect me from the possible monsters around here. I wanted to run back to my father and see if he was all right, but my legs would not move. The next thing I knew everything became darker and all I could see was darkness.

I heard voices. Who these voices belonged to was unfamiliar to me. I opened my eyes and realized I was still in the woods. However I wasn't a lone. A woman was holding me. And a man was holding a torch close by looking- similar to what my father would do. The woman smiled and motioned the man with her to come towards me. He smiled happily as well.

The woman asked, "Are you alright little one?" I looked at her, unsure of what to say. Her eyes were a beautiful green, like the grass in a meadow. Her hair was golden like sunshine.

"Goddess Martel?" I asked her.

She giggled at me. "I'm guessing you must be exhausted?" She stated.

Her husband laughed as well. "Well, people do say you do look like the Goddess Martel. Beautiful and graceful are your finest qualities my dear."

She shook her head. "Are your parents around?" She asked me. I couldn't respond. All I could do was look downwards. She then asked, "Are you alone?"

I looked up and tears started to come into my eyes. "I don't know where my parents are! I don't know where I am and I don't know who I am anymore!" I shouted and cried my eyes out.

She smiled softly and looked towards her husband, "Dear can we take her in, at least until her parents are found?" She asked him.

He nodded. "Of course, it's not safe for a young lady to be out in the woods with all of these monsters." He stated looking again for any trouble.

She then asked, "Do you know your name little one?"

I nodded. "My name is Katherine. Katherine Aurion, ma'am."

She smiled brightly. "It's nice to meet you Katherine. My name is Reina, and that man is my husband John." She stated. "Now let's get you home where it's away from all of the unknown." She said jokingly.

Still carrying me, she walked with him and held me like I was a delicate doll. My mother would squish me and smother me with love and affection, while my father's rough hands would hold me, but in a secure and fastened manner. I felt like I was being lifted by air. So delicate, yet it was so warm too. I closed my eyes and drifted into a nice dream, a dream where my family was playing in the meadow and it was a normal and peaceful day once again.

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So how this Fan Fiction basically started: I've loved the game Tales of Symphonia ever since I bought it when I was younger and fell in love with all of the characters. I love the back stories the most, since it kinda gives ya that "what if" thought in your head. I got this idea when I was playing the game and thought, "what if Lloyd had a sibling?" Maybe not biological, more spiritual. But as I thought it over, I thought: "Wow, you could easily add another character into the story and not change the plot that much, just give the back story a bit more interest." Then after plotting various scenarios I've finally managed to find one that would make the most logical sense and not change the story too drastically. I'll put some character information up if interested as well as links to character designs that I've uploaded. So I hope you had enjoyed the prologue, cause it's not over yet! :)