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A New Home

Several days had passed and there was no word about my parents' whereabouts. John and Reina brought me to their home in a small town called Iselia. From what I know is that the town made a pact with the Desians, that is why this town is in peace. The town was covered in lush greenery and all the houses had a rustic cottage look. Flowers were growing everywhere, so many that I would have to make a thousand flower tiaras just to get rid of all of them. While John and Reina were out shopping for food, I sat outside on the bench near a large tree. The sun was peaking through the leaves and were hitting across my face. In a way it was a majestical and tranquil moment. I closed my eyes and dozed into that dream with my family in the meadow again. It wasn't until a voice shouted did I wake up and see a little girl, probably about 2 years old, standing in front of me.

"Angel!" The toddler shouted and pointed towards me. She had beautiful golden hair and sparkling blue eyes. She then smiled brightly and walked over towards me and handed me a flower. "Angel!" She shouted again. At first I was bit confused not really understanding what she meant.

"She thinks you are an angel Katherine." John chuckled. I looked at him and then smiled at the thought. I looked back towards the young girl. I stood up from the bench and crouched downwards to get to her level. "Hi my name is Katherine!" I said and extended my hand towards her.

However she then hugged me tightly instead. "Katherine! Katherine!" She said happily. She was much smaller than Lloyd, so she wasn't too heavy for me. Still I wish she wouldn't kick her legs so I could maintain my balance.

Reina walked towards us and was with two other adults. I presume were this child's parents since they shared the same features as her. Blue sparkling eyes and golden blonde hair- similar to Reina's, however her hair was a darker tone compared to their hair color.

"Is this the girl that you found a few days ago?" The woman asked.

Reina nodded. "Yes, her name is Katherine."

"What is a little person like you doing all alone in the woods?" The man asked me. Again I couldn't respond. I was too shy to respond and didn't know how to answer his question. "Not very talkative is she?"

"She's just shy. It's adorable in a way. I'd much rather be with a shy child than a child that runs everywhere and you aren't sure where they are!" Reina laughed.

"Well unfortunately Colette is one of those where you have to keep an eye on, or else something like this occurs. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, since she needs to be loved by everyone around her." The woman laughed.

I looked at the girl and she had a smile of content. "Why does she need to be loved by everyone?" I asked.

Reina looked at me and kneeled down towards my level. "This girl is the Chosen One. She will one day regenerate the world and save it from destruction." She stated.

My eyes widened. "The Chosen?" I said shocked, almost forgetting I was holding Colette. I remember my father and mother told me stories about the Chosen One and how this person must regenerate the world. However they said that when or where the Chosen will be born was unknown.

"Do you know the story?" Reina asked.

I nodded several times rapidly. "Yes, my parents told me the story of the Chosen's journey and that the last recorded Chosen had placed all the information about the seals in a book."

"Wow, you are very informative little one." The man stated a bit shocked at my knowledge.

I blushed and looked at the Chosen in my hands. "Katherine is an angel!" She said looking towards her parents.

They smiled at her and chuckled lightly. "Well we probably should get going, we have to go to the temple and help mother out." Colette's father stated. I handed Colette to her mother and she took her with graceful arms. "Bye Katherine, see you tomorrow." She smiled.

I waved goodbye towards them and ran towards my- Reina and John. "Colette's so cute!" I shouted, the two laughed and nodded. "Yes, but she's got one journey ahead of her. It's a bit saddening, don't you think so dear?"

John nodded. "Yes, but it's something that has to happen. I know Frank and Phaidra are prepared for this." Reina nodded as well and walked through town, Reina held my left hand as John held my right hand. This scene seemed so familiar, except my parents were lifting me off the ground. They did this several times with me and then when Lloyd was born they did that as I was being carried over father's shoulders. I wish they'd come for me, but I had a feeling that they were not coming any time soon.

We continued walking and were almost to the house, when a voice stopped us. "What is with the high adoption rate in this town?" A man with a long mousy brown beard and a long thinned face asked out loud.

"Ah Mayor, how are you doing today?" John asked him.

He sighed and then looked up. "Doing fine. Just found out that Dwarf, Dirk, had adopted a boy named Lloyd. Now I'm seeing you two have adopted this girl." He said pointing to me. Did he just say Lloyd?

"Oh, we are just watching her till her parents are found." John interjected.

"Where are her parents?" He asked.

John and Reina looked at each other. "Well we are unsure, we were walking and found her in the middle of the woods. She isn't sure where her parents are either." Reina stated.

"So if her parents are dead, would you still care for the child?" He asked. "If not I could always find another family to look out for her."

"No!" Reina shouted. "We will be her family and always will be even if her parents do return. She is a part of our lives now." Reina stated and patted my head.

John looked at her and then looked at me. I looked up towards him and he smiled, agreeing to this as well. He picked me up in his arms. "Katherine, would you like to be a part of our family?" He asked. His light brown eyes twinkled.

Thinking about not running away and being part of this family seemed like a nice dream. Yet, I still go back towards that meadow in my dreams. However, I had a feeling that it'll be a while till I see my parents again. "Can I be a part of your family?" I asked the two. They smiled and nodded. I smiled and hugged John tightly.

"Welcome to the family, Katherine Payne." John said as we had a group hug amongst the three of us. Katherine Payne… I guess it'll be something I have to get used to. That day I had a new family and a new home.

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