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"C'mon then you. Let's get these baubles up on the tree, shouldn't take long." Amy spoke in a merry voice. She walked over to the radio that was on the glass coffee table. As the Doctor turned around to watch what she was doing he knocked over the box with the baubles in.

"Sorry! Sorry!" He apologised, quickly picking up the box and retrieving the baubles that were now scattered across the floor. Amy rolled her eyes and took the box off him.

"I know you're clumsy Doctor, but… I'm keeping the box away from you," she admitted placing the box on the floor near her. He pulled a face and started to whinge,

"How am I meant to help now?" He retorted, pointing at the box on the floor. Amy pulled her finger up at him, moving it side to side,

"I'll just have to hand you the baubles then wont I?" She replied, passing him one, and putting one on the tree at the same time. The Doctor huffed but didn't whinge any further. I didn't take them long, like she said, to put them all on, Amy told him to wait exactly where he was while she ran upstairs to do something. He fell onto the sofa, springing back up a bit because of the springs. He heard Amy running down the stairs again, in her hand was a blue object, The Doctor tried to get a better look at it, but Amy purposely hid it from him.

"What's that?" He asked, trying to grab the object from behind Amy's back, she wriggled a bit trying to get out of his grasp. The Doctor tried tickling her on the stomach, and she let out a loud giggle. It was that loud that River came back to see if they were alright.

"Doctor what are you doing?" She questioned him, her eyebrow raised, he shot up immediately and let go of Amy, his face going bright red. Amy thought she'd help him out a bit, get him out of the on-going hole he was digging himself into.

"He was just trying to get this," she admitted, revealing the object she was hiding behind her back. The Doctor looked surprised and took the object from her hand,

"Hey," she called out, trying to get it back. The blue object was of course a tiny replica of The TARDIS. He examined it closer, looking at all the detail they managed to add to it.

"Who made this?" He asked, spinning the object round in his hands, even the 'pull to open' sign was on there. When he turned it round again he noticed some writing engraved on the very bottom in some gold writing. It read: 'To the Doctor, you will and always will be treated as family.' He read it over again, making sure he wasn't just imagining things, yet it was still there..The Doctor felt so… Warm? The inside of his belly felt like mush and he swears he thinks he's on the verge of crying. Amy and River looked at him worryingly.

"Sweetie, what's wrong?" She asked, moving towards him, but he just stared at the writing, reading it over and over again. He looked up at River and smiled, giggling like a fourteen year old with a crush, River just looked at him confusingly, and then he hugged her. Unexpected to River, she held onto his shirt for dear life, otherwise they would have fallen over. Once their balance was back to normal, River looked over his shoulder to look at her mother, who was also shocked. Once he let her go he bopped her on her nose.

"Doctor, why all the hugging and the... Happiness?" Amy asked smiling and laughing. He showed her the object, shoving it in her face.

"Look at it, look at it! It's really cool and magnificent and." Then he stopped. Amy's face had changed, she was crying. River ran over to her cradling her in her arms,

"Mother what's wrong?" She asked, looking at the Doctor as if he were the one to blame, he shrugged his shoulders, not knowing why she was crying.

"Don't worry. Happy tears, that's all. The message on the Tardis," she whimpered out, finding it hard to talk while she was still 'happy' crying.

"Oh," River cried, realising why she was so happy. She smiled at her mother and whispered in her ear, she whispered back into her ear, and then River was nearly on the verge of tears aswell. They both looked at each other and laughed.

"Will somebody please tell me what's going o-" But his sentence was cut off this time, with River hugging him instead. A little taken aback, he stroked her back absentmindedly, while Amy walked off into the kitchen. The Doctor was still hugging River- or River was hugging him to be precise, and he didn't know what to do. He just stood there awkwardly for a few seconds, and looked at his watch, not knowing how long she was going to hug him for.

"River do you mind telling me why all the woman in the house are crying?" He asked innocently, making River laugh in response. She pulled away from him and looked up at him in the face, covering his cheek with her hand.

"The thing- this," she spoke picking up the object and placing it in front of them. "Well I made that ages ago, back when I was still Mels. Back then I still needed to get Amy and Rory, I'm mean Mom and Dad, together," she started to explain. The Doctor caught on so far but was still a bit confused.

"So what I did was I made a TARDIS replica for Rory, so he could give it Amy, as a present, but really what they didn't know was that the object is a flesh feeder. Well I made it into a flesh feeder anyway. They give a message to the person holding the object, but the message would be from the person who touched it last. The message tells them what the person truly thinks of you. It is a bit cheesy I know, but father was so quiet, I had to do something, otherwise I wouldn't have existed," she rambled on.

"So you gave it to Rory, so as he would give it to Amy. Then Amy would have read the message," he stated, now understanding the plot. River smiled while nodding.

"Obviously, Amy kept it…" She whispered looking down at the object. Then that's when he realised,

"Oh! So-So-I-And-Her-and," he rambled, looking confusingly at the door and the object. River giggled,

"Yes, sweetie, and no I'm not going to say what the message said to Amy. You can probably guess."

The Doctor thought long and hard, so he gave her the Tardis object, meaning she would have received a personal message from him, but what did it say? He sighed, anxious to know what it said. So he grabbed the object from River, his first mistake, and read the message. This time it read: I love you. He looked at the messaged confused,

"River I wouldn't say that to Amy, I think it's broken." He moaned handing it back to her, she rolled her eyes and waited for him to catch on… There was a few seconds silence, 'looks like I'm going to have to help him a bit,' River acknowledged to herself.

"Well, what did it say?" She asked him. He straightened his bow tie, obviously feeling a bit awkward, and then scratched his cheek. He walked over to the sofa, trying to avoid the question, River rolled her eyes following him, making sure he was going to answer the question. He grunted very quietly, knowing he was going to have to answer her.

"Fine, fine!" He exclaimed, and then let out a deep breath. "Well, it said I love you," he said very quickly, quick enough it was barely audible, "but I don't understand, I would say that to Am- Oh." He gasped in realisation. Then he smiled.

"When I took it off you… You were the last one to touch it meaning.. That the umm.. Message.. Was," then he fake coughed. River snuggled up to him on the couch,

"For you," she finished off his sentence, kissing him on the cheek. He flushed red, smiling ever so slightly.

"Well.. Don't you want to know what it would say if I gave it you?" He asked curiously, surely she would be just that bit interested. Then she laughed,

"I don't need a flesh feeder to tell me what you think of me sweetie," she said undoubtfully, smiling up at him.

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