Light and Shadow Day and Night

A Black and White Fanfiction

A/N This is my first Black and White Fanfiction. It takes place during Black and White 2 but there will be references to Black and White. I haven't played Creature Isle or the expansion pack to B & W 2 and I never managed to complete the first game, though I think I did beat Lethys (It was a while ago) so I won't be able to reference the other game/expansion pack and the later levels of B & W will be based upon descriptions in walkthroughs.

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Bold Text: Thoughts and mental communication

Italics: Dreams/Memories

Bold and Italics: Overly Dramatic Emphasis

Chapter One

A God Awakens

Once I was known by many names. Once beings smaller, weaker than I called me Lord and God and He Who Watches. I ruled over them and guided them…

But their faith in me waned.

Time passed and I grew weaker. Once I would have been able to destroy a human with a mere thought, turn mountains to sand and summon forth flames from the sky to scour the land clean of all life.

But as their faith dwindled I faded. Soon I was weaker than a newborn spirit. Unable to channel my will into the world. I watched as my existence turned to history and then to myth and then I became all but forgotten.

My Creature, the symbol of my power, the physical manifestation of my will, sickened and grew old…

My last memory before the Sleep overtook me was of my poor Isira begging me to stay awake… I could feel her fading with me… As I lost consciousness I saw her fall and I could feel the life ebb from her… The Last Creature of the Gods of Eden died as her God died…

It has been an eternity. I dreamed and yet I did not dream. I could feel time pass. I could feel the presence of The Others as they tended to the slumbering sparks of infant Gods.

I waited. In that realm beyond the Universes I slumbered for an unending age and I waited. My dreams became restless. Cries and shouts filled my inner vision. I saw a mighty city burn and fall, its inhabitants slaughtered. I watched as again and again a vast horde of howling warriors conquered and raped and pillaged across whole Lands. I saw other races bow before them and accept their mastery…

All but one.

It was then that I knew. These were MY people. The descendants of those who had worshipped me as God and I was filled with the pride of a parent who watches his child grow to greatness; my people. Without me they had grown powerful, rich, I could see their great, shining cities, unrivalled in the entire world for their beauty and magnificence. I saw their wealth and strength of arms…

And I saw the greed and envy of others and I saw a shadow fall upon those glistening cities…

The other races, cowed and subservient to their new masters, brought my people to the attention of their conquerors. In their secret councils I heard them beguiling their lords with tales of the riches of my people and then of their power and how they threatened the dominance of their masters…

And so the shadow of the Aztecs fell upon the Greeks. I saw great armies clash on golden plains that became quagmires of blood and mud; I saw the wounded fall to be crushed underfoot or to drown in the noxious miasma beneath their feet. I saw the Aztecs attack the Geek cities as one by one the great walls fell and the mighty bastions crumbled.

I cried out with my people at the slaughter, I felt rage, sorrow, grief, emotions that I had not felt in countless ages, in such intensity that I could feel the concern and fear of The Others and the stirring of my fellow unborn deities.

It was then, as my dreams became tinged with the red of flame and blood, that I heard a voice cut through the roar of the flames and the armies descending upon my people. It was a woman and I could hear the fear, the sorrow, the desperation in her voice, "Hear us! Hear my prayer! Help! Help us please! We pray for a God! We cry out to you O Great One! Help us!"

A Pure Prayer. The one thing that can give birth to a new God.

Or awaken one who sleeps…

Consciousness burst forth upon me and I rose up from my place and great and terrible was my countenance and The Others quailed before my fury, I have been summoned. No longer shall I bide here whilst my people suffer. Open the way now Guardians. I am awakened.

I poured the full force of my will into those thoughts and sent them rippling across the ether. It was the force of a God. If I had been within one of the Mortal Universes whole worlds would have trembled and my voice would have rang from the furthest star. Despite the lack of physical reality to enhance my words with sufficient splendour, the sheer power of my will cowed the entities that existed before the Gods, who tended them as they slept and prevented them from entering the Mortal Universes without the summons of a Pure Prayer.

The Others opened the way and before me was spread Reality. I could see the infinite black orbs of the Mortal Universes suspended in the infinity of the ether. I could feel the pull of the prayer and I willed myself to follow its call. With the prayer ringing throughout my entire being I sped through the ether towards the Universe that I knew held the world of Eden, circling its parent star in one of its smaller galaxies.

Like a comet or a flaming arrow I pierced the inky blackness of the Universe's edge, easily sliding though the barrier between the Physical and Metaphysical; reality and Reality. I let the prayer pull me as I sped through the vast void between galaxies; I passed through supernovae and skirted blackholes. I brushed the atmospheres of several worlds, feeling the life that flourished upon them but knowing that these worlds had no need of a God. Once I was accosted by a minor Godling as I passed over his domain. Barely slowing I teleported him sixty light-years corewards into an exploding star. Whilst not fatal to a God, the experience would certainly leave him huddled over himself in a ball for the next six centuries in some dark corner of his Temple.

Soon I spotted the star around which Eden spun. I slowed so that I would not overshoot it and edged around the gravity-wells of the other planets, slingshotting around the sun so that I was on a direct course for the planet.

As I hit the atmosphere I felt a rush of euphoria. I was home! Despite the circumstances of my rebirth I exulted and revelled in the feeling of being back on this beautiful world. As I sped over the landscape I studied it with interest; a few of the minor islands had vanished and I noted that several of the tribes that had existed on my last sojourn here had vanished entirely. I shrugged off the feeling of sadness. There were still plenty of Humans on Eden. In fact there were actually more than when I was last here.

I slowed as I reached a land mostly inhabited by Egyptians. Despite the urgency of my summons I knew that I was out of practise with my godly skills and I had no wish to embarrass myself in front of my soon-to-be followers. After all how much good would I be against the Aztecs if I couldn't even toss a stone at a platoon or three?

I had slowed to a stop before a path leading to a small peninsular, the entrance flanked by two totem statues. For several seconds I simply hovered there, a large ball of light, vaguely wondering where my consciences where.

As if on cue a kindly looking sage-like old man sitting upon a cloud and a vaguely repulsive looking fat demon popped up over what would have been my shoulders if I were human, before either of them had a chance to speak I radiated my feelings of joy and pleasure to them, Ah! It is a pleasure to see you two again! It appears that I am once again needed.

"Greetings Leader!" Good, or as I liked to call him, Sage, enthused, "It does indeed. However before we go and reveal ourselves to the Greeks, I suggest that we reacquaint ourselves with Eden and find a Creature."

Evil, or Sin as I prefer, nodded, "Yeah Boss, let's go get a big monster that can crush things we don't like!"

Sage let out a long-suffering sigh, "You know I'd hoped the centuries would have made you less… Vulgar."

Sin shrugged, "Why? I'm Evil. I like burning, slashing, smiting, and wanton destruction. You're the boring one."

Before either of them could start to argue, as they usually did, I sped up the path towards a copse of trees, drawn by the presence of Divinity. Both Sage and Sin followed in my wake, bickering incessantly. I ignored them and stopped in front of a small gathering of Creatures, I frowned or I would have if I'd have been able to, Creatures? Here? I thought the last of the Creatures had fled to Creature Isle.

"Actually Leader, they have. However these individuals felt you awaken and were sent by the Creature Elders so that you would choose your own Creature from amongst them." Sage said, hovering to my right.

Elders? I didn't know the Creatures had their own society! I exclaimed in some surprise.

Sin replied before Sage could, "It has been a long time Boss. The Creatures had to band together in order to survive without the Gods. After you fell into the Sleep the Humans began to fear the Creatures that remained and began killing them. So the few that hadn't already gone to the Isle went there to hide. The Creatures cast miracles around the Isle in order to hide it from Humans, so many Creatures in one place without a God to guide them became very dangerous and fighting was common. The older and larger creatures formed a council with a member from each Creature Race."

I stayed silent for a few moments as I absorbed this information, Hm, interesting… But it doesn't matter right now. I need to choose a Creature.

I turned my sight upon the Creatures gathered before me; an Ape, a Lion, a Cow, and a Wolf. I noticed movement at the fringe of the trees and noticed two glittering pairs of eyes a few moments later a Tiger Creature appeared from within the trees. It stared at me warily.

I felt a pang of sadness as old memories resurfaced. I remembered a similar experience countless ages ago on another land. Facing a similar congregation of Creatures as a newborn God. I had only to glance at the group before and I had instantly known which one I would choose… My Isira… I felt my grief well up within me. She had been such a big part of me, as much as my Consciences were. She had been my Avatar, they had called her Isira the Fierce, Isira the Hand of the Mighty One, She Who Guides and Protects.

How could I replace her? She had been a part of my soul, the very essence of my being. It had been her death that had finally sent me into the Sleep. But she was gone. I had a duty as a God to find a new Creature, one that was strong and wise, one that would aid me in saving the Greeks and destroying the Aztecs.

I pushed aside a tumult of memories and emotions and gritted my metaphorical teeth. I would choose. No matter my feelings. She would want me to… I turned my attention back to the Creatures. They had sensed my emotions and had become agitated and restless. I allowed my consciousness to envelope each one in turn, drowning their anxiety in an aura of calm and reassurance. I would be unable to choose if a fight broke out.

As I touch the mind of each one I gauged their personalities, examined their memories, and generally tested them for their suitability to be my creature. As I touched the mind of the wolf I felt a jolt run though me. Its mind felt just like…

Isira? I asked tentatively, a wild hope flaring within me

The Wolf looked up at me, No Lord, my name is Elessia of the Line of Isalir of the Shining Claws.

The newborn hope died and the Wolf felt my crushing grief and sadness and whined, Master, I feel your pain. Who was your Creature?

She was Isira her most common title was Isira the Moonsinger, I replied, my thoughts darkened by that stupid, impossible wish.

The Wolf nodded to herself, I have heard tales of the Moonsinger and her God. She was a great and mighty Creature. She is the one who slew the Creature of Nemesis and the Destroyer of the Black Temple. Her deeds are sung to the Moon every full-moonrise by all the Wolves. She has taken her place amongst the Great Ancestors of the Wolves. I am proud to count her amongst my lineage.

I stared at the wolf in shock; You are a descendant of Isira? Impossible! She never had children!

The Wolf looked totally surprised, Did you not know? She had a mate before she was chosen to be your Creature. She had several pups, all of whom became great Creatures. She never told you?

I simply stared at the Wolf- at Elessia. How could I have not known? How could she not have told me? The Partner of my Mind and Heart a mother and I did not know?

Elessia had noticed my disturbed state and her thoughts were gentle and comforting, She probably did not think it important. After all she was your Creature now. Her life before then was insignificant and unimportant compared to that bond. Do not be angry with her or think that she loved you any less my Lord. It is the way of Creatures.

It was only then that I noticed that the other creatures had crept away, leaving me alone with Elessia. I suddenly realised that I had made my choice without realising it. I turned my gaze back upon Elessia, Yes, you are right. Come now Elessia. You are My Creature now and forever. Partner of My Heart and Instrument of My Will. You are My Avatar and the Manifestation of My Divine Power.

Elessia's eyes widened and she bowed before me, I am honoured Great Lord. I shall strive to match the example of my exalted predecessor and act as she would have acted so that when my deeds are recounted her own shall be also and shall be revered all the more!

Well-said Elessia. I said approvingly, Now then, shall we go out into this Land so that I may reacquaint myself with my Divinity?

Elessia inclined her head in agreement and together we made our way back to the main island.

As soon as I arrived at the mountain that dominated the centre of the landmass I felt a stirring within me, concentrating upon that feeling I head the voice of a male crying out in frustration and desperation. My first prayer. "My life is in ruins! A huge boulder has rolled onto my lovely garden and it's too big and heavy to move! If ever a man needed a God, I'm him! Please help me Mighty One!"

I focused my will upon the prayer and I materialised before the offending stone. I stared at it. That was a very impressive piece of rock. It dwarfed the man and the hut he dwelled in. Elessia loped towards me, but stopped out of sight of the mortal. I don't think a giant wolf would have brightened his day much.

Sage and Sin materialised at my sides and began to expound their views on the topic of the supplicant's dilemma. Sage's view was pretty obvious, "Move the boulder for him Leader, it would make him so happy and you would gain a follower."

Sin was also his typical destructive self. "How dare he ask US to move a boulder for him! I say we teach him a lesson! We'll move that boulder all right! Smash his house with it, then squish that impudent mortal!" He growled ferociously. He seemed genuinely offended that I was being asked to move a large rock.

I contemplated what I would do. This minor prayer was my first step towards either Good or Evil. Should I help the people of Eden, even those not of my people or should I destroy all who stand before me and dare to ask for my divine attention in order to solve their petty problems?

I remembered my past life. I had been a 'Good' God. I had aided all those who sought it, protected those who worshipped me and provided succour to those who did not in the hopes of turning them to my cause. Some times I had grown wrathful and had called down divine fury upon offending villages, but that had been during stressful times… Like when Lethys had kidnapped my Isira, when her anguished howls had filled my mind with rage and pain and my vision had been clouded by a lust for vengeance and the blood of Lethys and all who worshipped him.

But despite my general benevolence, providing food and water to those who had none, healingthe sick and injured and promoted peace and trade throughout my Lands… The people had turned from me. They had rejected my love in favour of scorn and lethargy. They reaped my bounties and grew arrogant on their prosperity. They abused my love and gave me nothing but grief and pain.

Because of them I had sickened and become enfeebled. Because of them my power had withered and my Temple had fallen into ruin. Because of them my Isira, the one whom I had loved most of all who had been such a huge part of my existence, had perished. They had killed her. THEY had ripped my heart from me and threw it in my face. Now I had the chance to punish them for their arrogance and their cruelty.

Both my consciences felt my shift in mood. Sage's face clouded with concern and worry whilst Sin rubbed his clawed hands together with glee and a cruel smile spread across his demonic face. It was then that I felt Elessia touch my mind gently and her thoughts suffuse my own, Would she want you to do this? She asked silently, Would Isira cry out for blood and vengeance upon the thousand-times grandchild of those who wronged you? The questions hit me like hammer blows, triggering the memory of when I had finally freed Isira from Lethys' clutches and crushed that pathetic excuse for a Divinity.

She had looked over the carnage of my divine rampage; the burning villages, the ruined temple, the craters were entire settlements had once been, the red-tinged sky and the dark, spike-studded Temple that stood brooding over my town radiating malevolence in palpable waves. Isira had scolded me and chastised me for days on end, constantly shaming me every time I dared venture into her presence. Even though I was a God I quailed before her fury and the burning shame within my own heart. I had done all I could to appease her and to rebuild the Land shattered by my anger. It had taken several months but eventually I had rebuilt what I had destroyed, healed those I had maimed and earned her forgiveness. Never again did I allow my emotions to blind me to my actions.

I realised that Elessia was right. Isira would have been ashamed to see me like this. I would not allow my pain to change me. It wouldn't be easy to forgive the mortals; despite the fact that millennia had passed in Eden thanks to the Sleep the memories were as fresh as if they had only occurred the day before. Perhaps I would never completely forgive them, but neither would I punish them for the wrongs of their ancestors.

I turned my attention to the boulder and with a flexing of my will I picked it up with my mind and hurled it across the island and into the sea. The stunned mortal stared at his garden for several seconds; to him the rock had simply hurled itself aside of its own will, but he soon recovered and jumped up into the air shouting in joy and praising whatever God had moved the stone. Sage sat upon his cloud beaming, his face filled with relief whilst Sin was grumbling sourly, shooting dirty looks at both the mortal and my Good Conscience.

Elessia came out of the trees where she had hidden and bowed before me, You truly are the God of Isira.

I allowed her to feel my gratitude, Thank you Elessia. Your wise counsel prevented me from becoming something I would have eternally regretted. You truly are a worthy successor to Isira. I could feel her pride and pleasure at the compliment as she inclined her head in acknowledgement.

Over the next two hours I answered the prayers of a group of lost Nomads and had found two Egyptians fretting over a blocked waterfall. Despite being at a loss in figuring out why exactly it was a disaster I helped them out anyway and was pleased by their relief and happiness. At least it was a good chance to practice throwing large boulders, a skill that would come in handy when I finally met with the Aztecs on the field of battle.

Finally I was ready to make my grand entrance in the Geek capital. I knew that it was their last major settlement still free of Aztec rule and I knew that soon they would mount an assault, but I hoped that I would arrive in time to aid in the city's defence. I was confident that with my aid the Greek Capital would hold. It would become a bastion of my power from which I could strike against the Aztec Empire. Thus it was with anticipation and self-assurance that I opened myself to the Pure Prayer again and let it guide me towards the mighty Geek City of Athera…

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