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The semi-monthly Rachel Berry sleepover was in full swing. It was currently around 6 in the evening and Rachel, Tina, Mercedes and Kurt were all in Rachel's room listening to music and discussing the latest New Directions gossip when there was a loud bang resonating from the front door.

"It looks like somebody's younger brother is home from boarding school for the weekend." Mercedes commented, and Rachel just groaned.

"I had hoped he wouldn't come home this weekend, but no. They had to have off on Monday and he didn't want to stay there for the three day weekend." The three others in the room knew that Rachel's disdain for her brother was only for show. She loved him, really she did. But she hated that he always seemed to come home on the weekends that she had sleepovers with her friends. Every weekend she had a sleepover, he would return home. It was like someone specifically told him she'd be having the girls (and Kurt) over, and she would need him there to annoy the four of them.

"I don't blame him, Rachel. I wouldn't want to be stuck at Dalton all weekend either." Tina pointed out. Kurt snorted.

"Yes, all those guys to stare at. What a nightmare!"

"Just because you enjoy lusting after straight men, doesn't mean Blaine does. Blaine has standards and morals." Suddenly there was a cough coming from the open door and all four of their heads swiveled to look at Blaine who was standing there looking somewhat awkward but still relaxed at the same time.

"I have what now?" He asked Rachel amusingly. "Hello ladies, Kurt."

"Hi Blaine." Tina and Mercedes harmonized together, while Kurt just smiled and nodded at the boy in the doorway.

"Hey bro."

"Now what were you saying?" Blaine walked into the room and plopped down on Rachel's bed. Luckily their parents had gotten each of them rather large beds, so all five of them could fit comfortably on it.

"Oh nothing. She was actually just disparaging my taste in men. Which is ironic really, as it's the same as hers." Kurt quipped, which made Rachel roll her eyes.

"How is Mr. Finn Fi Fo Fum, anyway? Treating my sister right, I hope?" Blaine directed his question to Kurt, instead of Rachel. Because if there was anyone who would know the dirty details hidden beneath Finn's mind it would be his brother.

"Yes Blaine." Rachel interrupted. "Finn has been the perfect gentlemen." She insisted and Blaine smiled, which soon turned into a frown the moment Kurt started to speak.

"If you count getting to 3rd Base with her on our living room couch as being gentlemanly." Blaine suddenly showed his 'I have dirt on Rachel' face and Rachel groaned, knowing what was coming.

"Kurt!" She yelled at her best friend, and slapped him with a pillow.

"Hey! You're getting some, I'm not. Deal with it!" She huffs and leans back against the headboard.

"Hmm… maybe I should go tell Dad about this."

"Do it, and die Anderson." Blaine and Rachel weren't biologically related. But their fathers loved each other. Hiram, Rachel's father had wanted a child so very much that he had acquired the use of a surrogate 17 years ago and raised Rachel by himself until she was 3 years old. Leroy on the other hand, had once been married to a woman who was Blaine's mother. However, it hadn't been all that successful of a marriage. Janice hadn't been ready to be a mother to Blaine and abandoned her son and her husband when Blaine was just a year old. It took 3 months before Hiram and Leroy found each other, and an additional year before they moved all four of them into one house as a family. They've been that way ever since. Rachel was still a Berry, and Blaine was still an Anderson, however both Hiram and Leroy adopted the other's biological child 5 years into their partnership. It was a match made in heaven. Hiram loved Blaine as if he was his own flesh and blood, and Leroy loved Rachel the same. As for Blaine and Rachel? They never knew any different.

"Oh alright. I'll keep your secret…for now." A pillow was thrown at his head and he just laughed. "I'm going to go kill zombies now. See you four later." He gets off the bed and leaves the room, but not before winking in Kurt's direction. It makes Kurt flush, but none of the girls even saw it. Mercedes and Tina had been too busy paying attention to Rachel and her fuming.

"He is so annoying!"

"I don't know. I always say Finn is annoying and you tell me I'm imagining it. Perhaps it's just a sibling thing." Rachel sighed.


"Anyway, I've got to use the bathroom. I'll be right back." Kurt made his way out of the hook-up room for Strawberry Shortcake and Holly Hobbie and walked down the hall. He moved towards the bathroom door, but instead of entering inside, he just closed it, making a loud slam. Loud enough for the girls to hear it, but not loud enough that Hiram or Leroy would wonder who was angry enough to be slamming doors from the kitchen. He then walk straight down the hall and grabbed the doorknob of a room with a giant "Do Not Disturb" sign on it.

Before he could even make his way into the room, he was pulled inside and pushed up against the back of the door. A hard body is pressing against him, and it feels wonderful. He hadn't experienced this in a long while, and he really missed it.

"I've missed you." Blaine muttered into Kurt's ear, as Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist, pulling the two of them even closer.

"Not nearly as much, as I've missed you." They kiss. It's not a tentative kiss where they are both learning each other's mouths and bodies. Nope, they've done this dance of tongues before. While Blaine's mouth was busy sucking on Kurt's tongue, his hands fell down to grasp onto the globes of Kurt's ass. Kurt's hands though, made his way up to Blaine's neck, to pull Blaine closer. It's as if they were trying to get as close as physically possible to one another.

After awhile, they pulled apart. Kurt leaned his forehead against Blaine's and they both smiled. They loved the weekends that Rachel would invite Kurt over for a sleepover, because it was the only chance the two of them could get any time together.

"When are we going to be able to tell everyone that we're together?" Blaine asked, as he stared longingly into Kurt's eyes. Sadly, Kurt looked away.

"After Sectionals, you know how Rachel is about the 'competition.' She barely stands your presence and you're her brother." Blaine sighed. He knew this; he just wished they could forget about Rachel's misguided obsession with winning, so they could be outwardly happy instead of just secretly so.

"But how will we know if we don't tell her?" Blaine asks coyly, leaning in for another kiss, to which Kurt quickly returns.

"After they announce the winner at Sectionals," Blaine pouts, which just makes Kurt, laugh. "I will go up to you and kiss you right on the mouth, in front of everyone regardless of who wins, the moment the results are announced. Once it's announced, we won't have to deal with 'dating' the competition. We'll be free to just be us."

"I'm sick of waiting. I want to be able to see you more often than once or twice a month." Blaine broke away from Kurt and kicked a desk. Kurt knew this bothered him, them keeping it a secret. It hurt Kurt too. But Kurt couldn't chance Rachel's ire when she finds out Kurt's dating the competition. Blaine is only home two weekends a month, plus holidays. Kurt has to see her every day.

"Soon." Kurt walks away from the door for the first time since he entered the room, and puts his hands around Blaine's neck, pulling him into an embrace. Blaine wraps his arms around Kurt's torso and nuzzles his head into the side of Kurt's neck. They stand that way for a few moments.

He really doesn't want to bring the girls up, but Kurt knows that he's already been gone for over 5 minutes. "They're gonna start getting suspicious." He says lamely, and Blaine sighs.

"Go. I'll see you at dinner. You're gonna come see me again before bed though, right?" Blaine asks hopefully.

"You bet your sweet ass I will." Kurt says, before delivering one final kiss, and leaving the room the same way he entered it.