Chapter 1-Ru

Yay! I'm finally posting a black butler fiction. To be honest I've written on before but yeah it's not finished and it's going nowhere fast haha but this one won't be like that hopefully. Anyway without further ado ONWARD TO THE BATTLE FIELD!

"Pluto! Bad boy! Come back!" Finnian shouted after Pluto, who had run off. Yup it was an ordinary day at Phantomhive mansion. Pluto misbehaving chasing cats and ruining the garden, this time however he had left the grounds. He ran off chasing after some cat that ran by the gates, transforming into his giant dog state.

"Finnian get a handle on that dog before Sebastian does!" Bardroy shouted also running after Pluto hoping to catch him before Sebastian, as he always seemed to do things much better than them. Pluto had now veered off course from the cat chasing and was now just running through the streets of London.

"Pluto! Down boy!" Finnian shouted, suddenly there was a crash. Finnian and Bardroy ran faster to see what Pluto had ruined. They found him sitting with someone under his paw.

"Oh no! He killed someone's kid!" Bardroy shouted, his cigarette dropping from his mouth.

"Huh? I'm not dead silly." The kid said, "Come on boy, up-up."

Pluto raised his paw and the kid jumped up. The kid a looked boyish in features with short purple-ish blue hair peeking out from a bandana, shorts and a regular shirt, a little older than Ciel perhaps 15 years of age.

"So what's his name?" The kid asked, patting Pluto's paw. The kid spoke with an accent.

"Pluto, uhm you're not from London are you?" Finnian asked. The kid shook his head.

"Nah, I'm from a America, Ru's the name." the kid said. "Seems you need help with your furry friend here? I'm a dog trainer yaknow, I can help ya."

"That would be great." Finnian shouted happily Ru smiled, Pluto barked.

"Master Ciel should be glad to have a dog trainer for Pluto." Bardroy said scratching the back his head.


"What is this?" Ciel asked upon seeing Ru. Ru grinned.

"Master Ciel this is Ru he's a dog trainer." Bardroy said introducing Ru.

"Nice to meet cha, say you're a small one, like a little Yorkie." Ru said sweetly comparing heights. Ciel narrowed his eyes.

"You're Dog ran into me when I was in town. Your Pluto is an interesting ol' thing." Ru continued.

"What exactly do you expect me to do with this Ru?" Ciel asked, Ru tilted his head.

"Well, I offered to train him, would that be alright?" Ru asked, Ciel gave Ru a look.

"I already have a dog trainer, my butler is just fine training him his self." He huffed, Ru thought for a minute then got to eye level with the young Phantomhive.

"Well your dog did run me over today, I'd say you owe me a bit yes?" Ru said in a dark tone, a sweet smile still on his face. Ciel raised an eyebrow, Bardroy and Finnian looked shocked at the kid for a minute.

"All I'm asking is to train your dog, I love dogs and I'm really good at it. by the time I get done your Pluto will be a well behaved and well-mannered canine companion." Ru said, smiling down at Ciel. He sighed.

"Fine, but don't expect me to pay you for this." He huffed, Ru grinned.

"All I ask is to train your dog and have access to whatever is in your kitchen." He said. Ciel rolled his eyes.

"Whatever." He said, Ru grabbed him by his hands. He looked up and Ru wide eyed.

"Oh thank you Little Yorkie, you won't regret it." he said then ran off to find Pluto. Ru smiled happily running into Sebastian. Ru fell to the ground.

"Ow, so sorry." He said then looked up to see who he ran into Ru blushed when he was the dark haired butler looking down at him, "I-I didn't see where I was going."

"Quite alright." He said, Ru jumped up.

"I'm Ru by the way. The new dog trainer." He said extending his hand. He had girlish hands that Sebastian couldn't help to notice, but shook his hand regardless.

"I'm Sebastian butler to master Phantomhive." He said his tone sounding prestigious and well mannered. Ru cocked an eyebrow.

"Has anyone ever told you, you sound arrogant?" he asked, Sebastian's eye twitched but he kept his well natured smile.

"No, I don't believe I've ever heard that." He said.

"No? well ya do might wanna change that." Ru said sweetly letting go of Sebastian's hand and placing them behind his back. Ru bent forward. "You also seem a bit devilish." He said with a wink. Then ran off to the door to go outside.

"That child…" Sebastian said out loud thinking to himself, there was something very different about his human.

Yup that's the first chapter, hope ya liked it. as you can probably already tell Ru is a bit odd for a kid that looks like he's a peasant boy. Wonder what that's about? Guess we'll find out huh? Ja-ne oh and please review!