Tale's Truth

By: Wilona Riva

Disclaimer: I grew up with these stories and don't own them in any way.

Another one of my transferred stories. These are fairy tales as you've never read them before.

Snow White: Queen's Men

"Your mirror has pewter for brains," the huntsman told the queen.

"I don't tell the blasted thing what to say!" Madge, Queen of Envyie, retorted. "Besides, have you heard them play lately? They're awful."

"And Snow sings like a lark. How'd you find out about that audition anyway?" the huntsman asked.

"Do you think I spend all day primping in front of my enchanted glass?" the queen replied.

The huntsman smirked. "So where do you want me to take her?"

"To Deep Woods," came the queen's remark.

"Madge, that's a gothic hangout! Next, you'll be asking me to cut her heart out so you can eat it," the huntsman protested.

"I'm not that jealous of the girl's beauty," Madge shot back. Seven Dwarfs is the perfect band for her to join."

"Snow will make you wear red hot iron shoes at her wedding and dance until you die for this," the huntsman reminded her of Snow's promise to the queen last night.

"I don't expect any less from her," Queen Madge replied, picking up her enchanted mirror from the night table. Her carmine lips curled cruelly at the edges. "Unless you really do want to cut out her heart for me?"

"I'll take her to Deep Woods tonight," the huntsman sighed.

"Good," Madge replied, admiring her new peacock earrings.