Author's Note

I won't deny that there were tears as I typed those last lines. However, it was time to end this story. "The Unsung Hero" is now complete.

That is not to say there aren't more stories to tell. After all, the Skywalkers are not known for having carefree or easy lives. There is a Jedi Order to rebuild, more planets to explore and a New Republic that is still forming.

There might be missing moments that will be shared and perhaps there will be another adventure or two in another story. Perhaps there will be another Ari and Luke story, or a story with Tiri and Ben. Perhaps with all of them.I am not certain what it will be, but I do not think this will be my last trip to the Star Wars galaxy. Yet, this specific story, Ari's, as the unsung hero, has reached the end.

It has been ten years to the day since I first posted the first chapter. I have changed a lot and things in my life have changed. Much like Ari, I have grown up in those years. So in a way, I have been able to grow alongside Ari.

And though I have always been a fan of the Star Wars movies and books, I was able to continue to immerse myself in a galaxy far, far away to get necessary information for the story and get new ideas for the story along the way. Truly, this story was supposed to end at the end of "A New Hope". However, that is only part of the whole story and I decided to continue to tell the entire story.

I wish I could thank everyone individually for all they have done. I would like to thank my friends who helped me post chapters when I was unable to, or who helped me overcome writer's block when I struggled about where to go from one point to the next. I can't thank you enough.

And of course, the readers. I can't tell you how much all of your reviews have meant to me. Whether they were in a review on a website, through an email or, through youtube (as one reader did). I think the helpful criticism has helped me become a better writer and your kind words that let me know how much you enjoyed the story mean the world to me. Thank you so much for coming along this journey with me and Ari, whether you started reading years ago or you have just come across this story.

Again, thank you to everyone. This journey would not have been the same without each and every one of you.

May the Force always be with you.