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Groaning as he started to come to Benjamin Tennyson, better known as Ben 10,000; move his left had up to his face. Upon making contact with his face, he opened his eyes in hurry to look at the omnitrix on his arm, what he saw made him pause, instead of the familiar black, white and grey device with a gauntlet like look. He saw a green device with a black trim that was similar to the omnitrix right down to the the plumbers symbol on top.

'What's going on?' he thought as he took a good look at himself, that he was smaller; younger was the first thing that he noticed, 'I haven't been this young for over fourteen years!' sitting up he looked at round at his old room in his parents house, it was littered with clothes and memorabilia from the sumo slammers series that he used to adore as kid, 'This is just getting weird! Think Tennyson? What was the last thing you remember?' he thought as the days events passed through his head.

'I had gotten call about random time jumps happening around Bellwood so I came to check it out. Once I got there I track the disturbance coming from the abandoned Soledad military base.' He revisited his memories 'Once there I called Gwendolyn and and Grandpa told them about the disturbance, when I made my way inside I found some creature that was stuck in a constant state of flux being attacked by the Cronos, he was looking to harness it's time energy to increase his own powers.' he thought as he pick out a pair of cargo pants and a white and black goalies shirt from his closet and got dress.

'After a brief fight our time rays ended up locked in the middle when that creature got in between them and then nothing.' Finished as he put on a pair of socks and a set of black boots. Getting up from the bed he headed to the bathroom to brush his teeth, as he was brushing he went over what could have happened.

Time travel was definitely the first on his list, but that didn't explained what happened to the omnitrix; he could have been captured and place in some sort of virtual reality to try and get him to reveal something, 'The again non of my enemies would make such a mistake that they would completely forget how the omnitrix looks.' he thought as he brushed his teeth looking down at the device on his arm, 'All functions appear the same so this could have been made by Azmuth.'

Hearing steps coming up the stairs Ben turned around just in time to see Kevin E. Levin walked around the corner, "Hey Tennyson! I'm surprise to see you up so early, and here I was looking forward to using this water balloon to wake you." he greeted as though this was normal.

'Kevin!' Benjamin Tennyson thought as his tooth brush fell from his mouth and he reached for the strange device.