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Chapter 16

"Argit!" Gwen and Ben exclaimed at the same time interrupting knight.

"Who's Argit?" Benjamin asked wondering just how bad this person was.

"He's one of Kevin's friends from when he was still criminal." Ben explained sparing a glance at his double, turning back to the knight he continued. "I'm guessing he's using a big mole like alien that can move through the ground with ease?"

"That's right." the leader of the group confirmed. "But how do you know of the alien? I only got so far as explaining who was attacking us?" he posted his question with suspicion in his voice.

"Long story." Gwen replied dismissing him with a shake of her head. "Right now we need you to tell us where Argit and Andreas are now. The quicker we can get to them the quicker we can solve your little problem."

The leader of the group narrowed his eyes behind his helmet, taking note that she had called the 'beast' by its name.

'Are they all working together?' he thought as before speaking up.

"Well, are you going to tell us or what?" Gwen asked sounding a little impatient while raising an eyebrow.

"Right." the Knight said and gesture towards one of the men at his side, who promptly made his way into tank, before coming back with holo emitter.

Stopping beside his leader, he held the emitter in front of him and activated it. Showing a map the forever knight bases that had been hit outside of Bellwood, with an extra one that hadn't been hit yet.

"As you can see." The leader said as he pointed to the last location. "This is the only castle that hasn't been hit yet, because the vermin had decided to take for himself. While forcing us to do his bidding."

"That's not to far out from Bellwood," Ben said while studying the map. "It shouldn't takes to long to get there in my car."

"Right." Gwen agreed as she reached into the hidden pocket of her skirt and pulled out her plumber badge. "I'll call Kevin and have him meet us there. Maybe he can talk some sense into Argit so that we can send Andreas back home safely."

"Sounds like plan." Ben replied and turned towards his car, Gwen following behind him. "Once we return Andreas back home we can- "

"Um, Guys!" Benjamin called to get their attention. Once they turned to look at him, they saw he was pointing at the forever knights. "I know we all want to help the aliens get back home, but we can't just let these guys walk free."

"I don't see why not." Ben replied with shrug. "They didn't hurt anybody and they only attacked the groovy smoothie because they were threaten."

"I get that. But that doesn't mean we can just let them get away with that." Benjamin argued back, not liking how casual this alternate version of himself was being about letting them go.

"It'll be alright." Ben said with a roll of his eyes. "Look I get that you're used to doing things your own way. But this is our Bellwood and these guys aren't much of a threat, so just let go for now and lets go get Andreas."

Raising an eyebrow at the order that was given to him, Benjamin decided to follow along this time. But was already planning to do something about the forever knights, as his alternate didn't seem to see them as the threat they were.

With one final glance at the forever knights who hadn't moved from their position, Benjamin walked towards the car; prompting Ben and Gwen to do as well. As the later called Kevin and began to explain the situation and where they should meet him.

Once the three had gotten in the car and drove off, the leader of the groups of forever knights that attack the groovy smoothie. Pressed a button on the underside of his right gauntlet before speaking to his forearm.

"Sir Dagonet, I've done as you've instructed."

"Good job Sir Henry." a voice answered. "If everything goes as planned, will kill two birds with one stone. Now return to base, we have to prepare our attack."

"Yes sir!" Henry answered and nodded at the others, and as one they pressed a button along the side of their armors. Causing their bodies and the tank to shimmer with a pink light as they disappeared.

An hour later, the Tennyson trio had parked beside the road that was directly across the castle that Argit and Andres were currently occupying as they waited for Kevin. Leaning against the back of the car, Benjamin watched as every once in awhile a car pass by. As contemplated going on his own as Gwen and Ben, sitting on its hood of the car from the side, talked about school and any subject that would come to mind. While they waited for the fourth member of their team to arrive.

'This is taking to long.' Benjamin thought as Ben began to talk about his problems with Julie. 'I could have been there by now. Maybe even have already convinced Andres come with me if I had been on my own.'

"I don't get why she doesn't want to just help out." Ben said with a shake of his head. "I mean, saving people's lives and stopping crime from happening is a lot more important than Tennis practice."

"True." Gwen reluctantly agreed, with a tilt of her.

"But?" Ben asked sensing that it was coming.

"Julie isn't like we are." Gwen replied as she pushed of the hood. "We've been fighting aliens since were kids. Sure we took a break, but Julie has only been introduce to this world recently."

"So?" Ben responded with a careless shrug. "That doesn't mean that her practice is so important that when I ask her to come with me that she should just say no. Like you said we took a break from after we got back from our summer vacation but we're still willing to jump right in and save everyone."

"I don't think its exactly same." Gwen argued, trying hard to find an excuse for Julie wanting to live her life as she is instead of wanting to use ship to help them out.

"How isn't it the same?" Ben asked sounding exasperated, as that was something Julie said to him before.

"For one thing, grandpa Max was, is a plumber." Benjamin answered, talking for the first time since they arrived. "He didn't lead a normal life. So when the dangers of said life came back during that summer vacation. He didn't really have a choice but to involve us, especially since Vilgax was after the Omnitrix."

"And Julie became involved in this life when she decided to keep Ship." Ben said as he pushed off the hood and turned to his counterpart, who hadn't turned to him. "So what's your point?"

"My point is that Julie has led a normal life until recently." Benjamin responded as he pushed of the trunk and walked around the car to stare his counterpart down. "Unlike us during those days, she was probably needed to be careful and learn to use her the best of her knowledge whenever she went. Because she couldn't just use a magic spell or transform into an alien that could scare away any potential mugger or god forbid rapist."

"Well," Ben began seeing the truth in Benjamin's words, but he still felt that he needed to say something, that he shouldn't allow himself to lose this argument. "When I took of the Omnitrix I was as regular as she was and when I put it back on. Even if I didn't want to at first, I knew I had to use my powers to find grandpa Max and stop the Highbreed invasion."

"I can understand that." the older Tennyson trapped in a teenagers body replied. "But has Julies family ever been put in immediate danger? Do they you think that they would want Julie to risk her life everyday to save others? That her parents wouldn't try to keep her safe?"

The questions caught Ben off guard, as he remembered how his and Gwens parent had grounded them back when they first found out about them fighting aliens. How they tried to keep him and Gwen from even talking to each other so that they wouldn't go and out help others. To Ben that short time that they disapproved of his actions because they were trying to protect him felt as though they were overreacting.

'I mean, grandpa Max never overreacted as- ' he stopped that train of thought as he remembered who his grandfather had been and, how after everything with the Highbreed had been taken cared of.

Both his and Gwen's parents had asked to talk to grandpa Max in private and, while he never thought much of it until now. He started to see that after that talk, his grandpa had pulled away from them slightly, he didn't seem to spend as much time giving him as much advice as he had before. He let Ben, Gwen and Kevin try to handle things on their own.

'Did mom and dad tell him not to spend so much time around us?' he asked himself, hoping that it wasn't the case.

As Ben questioned himself, Gwen looked between the two, seeing something that she has been noticing more often lately.

'Ben is actually listening to someone.' she thought with some surprise. 'Sure this someone was technically him, but he was actually listening instead of doing whatever he thought was best.'

Seeing that Ben wasn't going to talk any time soon she focused her gaze on Benjamin, looking him in the eyes as best as she could. In his eyes, she could tell that he was waiting for Ben's answer and, if he didn't get an answer that he was satisfied with he wasn't going to back down.

'Why would he?' she thought thinking of all the times she let Ben get away with something he wanted. 'He's Ben as well, but he's much older and experienced. If Ben tries to fight him on something he feels he shouldn't back down from. Benjamin will just fight him back.'

Seeing as her cousin wasn't going to answer Benjamin any time soon. Gwen decided to speak up wanting to break the tension that was building between them.

"Alright that's enough." She stated as she moved between them and pushed them away from each other. "I don't think this is something we should be discussing at this time. Especially since Julie's decision is her own and we can't make it for her."

"It's not about making Julie's decision for her." Benjamin spoke up as he focused on her. "It's about not pressuring her into something she doesn't want to."

"How do you know she doesn't want to?" Ben asked his earlier thoughts about his grandpa forgotten for the moment. "Julie's talked about how she wants to help people, so what better way is there than using Ship to help us fight crime?"

"Ben I'm sure- "

"Maybe because the way she wants to help is by contributing to the world." Benjamin interrupted Gwen, while rolling his eyes. "I bet you didn't know she wants to introduce alien on Earth. That she want's to use the more advance technology not to fight but to help with the problems that are still plaguing the planet today."

"What? That's ridiculous!" Ben exclaimed, as he threw his head back and laughed at the thought. "Plumbers have rules against that sort of thing for a reason you know."

"I do know, or did you forget all the technology that was around and that aliens were living with humans when you came to my future?" Benjamin asked sounding as though he was talking to a little kid.

Seeing Ben narrow his eyes in anger, Gwen was about to interfere to make sure they didn't say anything that they couldn't take back. But was saved when a horn sounded from down the road, causing them all to look in that direction to see Kevin driving up on his camaro.

'Thank god.' She thought but she could see the look that Ben was sending his double, and knew that this wasn't over.

Parking his car behind Ben's, Kevin stepped out of the car and he immediately noticed the tension in the air. The biggest giveaways being the relieve looked on Gwen's face and the glare that Ben was shooting his, in Kevin's opinion, badly dressed double.

'Great.' he thought as he closed the door and walked up the to them putting on a cocky smirk. 'Looks like we're finally having trouble in paradise.'

"So who's ready to kick some forever knight ass?" he asked trying to change whatever subject they were talking about.

"I know I am!" Gwen spoke up, thankful that Kevin had decided not to ask. "The sooner we get to the castle the sooner I can get back home. I still have some homework that I need to finish."

"Yeah." Ben agreed sullenly. "The sooner the better."

Looking at Benjamin, all three were expecting him to agree, but instead the doppelganger reached for his ultimatrix and activated. Causing them to tense and start to get ready for a fight, but before Kevin could touch Ben's car, Gwen could activate her mana, or Ben activate his Ultimatrix, Benjamin transformed. With a flash of green light that moved throughout his body leaving him as nothing but a tiny bug like alien standing on the ground.

"I'll go on ahead and see if I can mess with any of their tech." Nanomech said and took off into the air making his way through the woods before they could respond.

Once he was gone, Kevin turned towards the two Tennyson's left and raised an eyebrow.

"Not now." Ben replied and stalked off into the woods, not wanting to let his double show him up.

"Let's just get going." Gwen replied as she walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "I'll explain everything on the way."

Shrugging, the half Osmosian allowed himself to get led into the woods after the two disgruntled teenagers.

'I just hope this doesn't become a regular thing.' he thought with some trepidation to what it could lead to.