Mentionings&Credits:this is a songfic for Michael Bublé's "Fever" and well, I used some elements of one of my favorite TV-shows for the writing style. Also, this is a birthday gift for True Despair.

Warning: boyxboy couples, twin confusion and a hot teacher snogging with students. Along with some mistakes because this is totally un-beta-ed.

Pairings: Syao/Yuui/Syao? Syao/Saku/Syao?

PART I: Yuui gets the fever

Never know how much I love you,
never know how much I care.
When you put your arms around me
I get a fever that's so hard to bear.

Yuui D. Fluorite was 26 years, 11 days and 1 day old when he taught a couple of interested students how to make a delicate little Christmas cake. It was his first year as a teacher – not just at the Horitsuba Private School but in general. Before the man had been a son, a twin brother and the chef of his own little restaurant in Italy; and to fulfill the pedagogic aspect of his new profession, he tried to use the opportunity to get to know his students a little better.

What he didn't expect then, was that getting to know people better lead inevitably to wanting to know particular people particularly better.

Now Yuui D. Fluorite was 27 years, 11 months and 15 days old and the pie maker of last year had become this year's cookie maker, as he was busy with the preparation for both the academy's Christmas party and his own little birthday party. So, he had a lot to do; Yuui and his dear (and slightly mad) twin Fai had agreed to invite only their closest friends for their birthday – which meant that half of the classes A, B and C of the Horitsuba Middle School would be there, including several members of the staff. So, he chose to use the oven of the Home Economics room which was larger than the one he had in the apartment he shared with his brother.

It was afternoon; the majority of the students had already run off to their clubs, and Fai had dragged his sweetheart and neighbor, the always grumpy gym teacher of the school, to go for a party decoration shopping hunt with him. Thus, Yuui didn't expect to be disturbed.

He had already shoved the second batch of cookies into the oven as a shiver ran down his spine and he had to place both hands on the counter to steady himself when he was hit by just another wave of dizziness; the third of the day. Tiny pearls of sweat were forming on the blonde's forehead and he breathed deeply, wiping them away.

"Phew, guess I should drink more", he muttered to himself, blaming it on his low blood pressure and the temperature of the room that was raised by the heat the oven was emerging. Unfortunately the man forgot to consider that he had had trouble to focus his thoughts all morning, which – along with dizziness and heat-flushed cheeks – spoke of another affliction messing with his condition:

He had a fever.

Now, had Yuui known, he would have walked home right away, because he belonged to a small group of people whose emotional state heated up with their body temperature. Which was to say that whenever he was getting a fever, the poor guy was craving for body contact. It made him cuddly at best, but…

Well. Let's focus for a minute on the fact that there was a knock and a voice from behind the door that called out: "Yuui-sensei? Are you in there?"

"Huh? Yes, yes. Enter", the teacher yelled back and went over to the cupboard to fetch a glass to fill at the faucet. He was moving rather slowly without noticing it; he felt like being wrapped in cotton candy – the sweet scent of cookies was lingering in the thick air whose weight was heavy on his shoulders.

'Hey, wait. Air shouldn't weight a thing, right?' Yuui thought as he gulped down an entire glass of water, just to refill it immediately.

"Hey, Yuui-sensei, Yuuko-sensei sent me to give you some documents. Organizational stuff for the Christmas party, I guess. I'll just leave the stack, here, okay?"

The man in question turned around (and the room kept on spinning slightly even after he stopped moving) to see one of the Li twins waving at him.

"Oh, it's you." Yuui whispered, his face lighting up as the boy put the documents on a table and walked over.

"Are you baking cookies?" Syaoran asked, wearing a friendly smile in return.

"Uh-huh. Want one?"

The teenager laughed and waved off, placing one hand on his stomach and said: "No, thank you. I'm still full from dinner but I'm sure they're delicious."

"Well, things that were made with love usually are." Yuui replied with a dreamy expression. Syaoran frowned, thinking that comment was a little bit weird; especially since the brunet found himself center of that gentle stare. "S-sure." He admitted, hesitantly. "Yuui-sensei, are you sure, you're alright? You look a bit pale, I would say."

"You don't have to call me sensei, when it's just us, remember?"

"Erm..." In fact, Syaoran couldn't remember spending that much time alone with his fair haired teacher, nor calling the other by his first name.

"And to answer your question; I'm fine but I appreciate your concern. It's just-" the man wiped another stream of sweat from his forehead and then wiggled out of his sweater, revealing a light blue shirt that stuck damply to his torso. Yuui would have liked to get rid of this piece of clothing as well, feeling uncomfortable because it was soaked with sweat (had he really been sweating that much?) but that would have left him bare chested in front of...

The chef's cheeks turned bright red at the prospect and his already fast beating heart started to race. Yuui fanned himself – as if that could erase the blush! - and murmured: "It's just so damn hot in here, I can hardly breathe."

'Oh god, and you're not helping.' Yuui added in his thoughts. 'You're so cute when you nibble on your lip like that. Did someone ever tell you that? Did I?'

Of course it wasn't Syaoran who was to blame for the love and the longing of his poor teacher. It wasn't his fault that by now the cookie dough in the oven had reached just the right temperature to release the sweet scent of vanilla as Yuui always used a little bit of vanillin enriched sugar in addition to the normal one and there was this thing about vanillin; it was an aromatic carbon hydrate compound whose structure was akin to human pheromones. Basically, it triggered the pleasure zone of your brain, leaving you happy and maybe even a little turned on. For Yuui it was an explosive mixture: already suffering from his fever rush and sexed up by the scent of love in the air, every bit of reason and sensibility was suffocated in his poor brain.

Of course, Yuui was a decent man and he would never ever let passion control his body... unless he was facing a person he had strong emotions for. With his eyes telling him that he was staring at one of the Li twins and with a brain incapable to evaluate the visual input, he had to rely on the reaction of his body to know which twin. Since Yuui felt that his heart was going to explode – the battle of the cold virus and the immune system usually caused exhaustion, which, in turn, caused a raised heartbeat – he had no reason to believe the boy with him was the wrong boy.

Syaoran, however, innocent and unaware little puppy that he was, had missed all the signs. All he knew was that it wasn't that warm in the home economics room and that something about the way his teacher looked at him wasn't quite right. But, as usual, he was too polite to ask. So the boy just muttered agreement and stared at his feet; there was nothing left to do or say but his intuition told Syaoran that leaving Yuui-sensei alone was a bad idea as long as he had no clue what caused his teacher's odd behavior. "So, if there's anything I can do for you…"

"You could take your shirt off."

… And the boy's face went blank.

His mind came up with an explanation a few seconds later but still, a creepy chill started to spread underneath the brunet's skin. "I- um, you mean because it's warm?"

"Hot." Yuui stated.

"Yeah, well, I don't feel so hot and I'm not wearing anything underneath that shirt, so that's probably not a good idea." It felt wrong and inappropriate in so many ways to talk about it and with a teacher to boot.

Concerns that the blond didn't seem to share as he approached the younger one, one hand always brushing lightly against the kitchen counter in case he lost balance. In fact, Yuui was burning internally and the only thing he cared about right now was resting his forehead on his boyfriend's skin to cool down. His stupid head started to throb (and how he hated it when it did that) and a little bit of comfort would be a perfect cure… the soothing voice of a loved one, whispering in his ear. And he wanted to hug Syaoron for being such a good and patient boy, wanted to make up for all the times he had denied his significant other the snuggling that the boy had demanded for, just because Yuui was… well, he was an idiot. An overly careful idiot who had a problem with intimacy.

But not today. He had no idea why but he was feeling sneaky and brave and they were all alone, so he had nothing to lose even if he would make a fool of himself.

Syaoran however… had missed his chance to run away and peered now nervously up as Yuui's shadow loomed over him.

"I like you", Yuui said. Though what he actually had wanted to say was 'I love you. You're the best thing that ever happened to me, gosh, you're so cute and smart and you drive me nuts sometimes but that's okay because I love-love-love you and I've never loved you more than I love you now, I think I would probably die for you, or kill for you, anyone, anything, just one word, one word from you, I'm yours, yours alone.'

In that case the reply might have been something entirely else than the clueless "Why, thank you, I like you too, Yuui-sensei" (along with an irritated frown).

The blond leaned in closer. And closer.

Syaoran gulped. When someone else is close enough for you to notice that his skin is indeed flawless… when you can feel his warm breath on your skin… when you get the feeling that your insides coil together and are pulled down by an entire new kind of gravity while your lips glue together… then you realize that close is already too close, up to the point of no return.


There are no words for the amount of devotion, love and pure need that were expressed by Yuui's low whispering and the look in his eyes; still it was impossible to escape them. Syaoran froze on the spot, like a cat hit by the flashlights of an approaching car, making the accident inevitable. The hairs on his back stood up and he wanted to scream, to protest that he was not…

'Oh no. Nii-san!'

The what the hell had happened to Yuui-sensei terror that nailed the poor boy to the spot was accompanied by the panic that he had to get out of this somehow, to warn his brother because the blond mad man that looked like their HE teacher was actually after Syaoron, so…

The thought of train stopped dead as soon as Yuui's lips met the boy's. Syaoran's body stiffened immediately.

'God, what is he doing? Shit-shit-shit, help, what the- HOLY SHIT, IS THAT HIS TONGUE?'

It couldn't get worse, could it? Worse than this, worse than the warm slender fingers caressing his neck in such a loving manner while the other hand crept sneakily to the rim of his shirt.

"You should really get rid of that shirt, my dear." Gentle, slightly amused, but persistent.

The brunet wanted to cry. When had the world become such a cruel place that you would get molested by the nicest and most innocent person you've ever met?

Help should come in the form of a shiny metal cookie box that flew across the room, just to hit Yuui's head hard. Very hard. Indeed, hard enough to throw the tall man off balance and send him to the ground with his arms flailing in a way that was almost comical.

Only the owner of said box - a boy who had entered unnoticed because his brother had left the door open - looked anything but amused.

"Nii-san?", Syaoran asked shyly - he had regained speech as soon as Yuui's hypnotic stare had lost grip of him, but, as Syaoron's glance met him, he wished he hadn't said anything.

Trembling. The older Li-twin was trembling, too agitated to move; he just sent glares to the blond teacher and his brother as if could not yet decide who was meant to be the aim of his anger. Syaoran had never seen his brother so pissed, nor had he ever been the one to receive this anger. Why


'Oh, hell no! An explanation! I need an explanation, quick!' Syaoran tried to urge his brain. He knew that Syaoron was so very protective; that he had never hesitated to stand up against bullies and jerks of all sorts back then when they had still lived in Hong Kong – two little nerdy boys with Asian-European features in a school that was dominated by some 'pureblood' Chinese upper-class boys… they had depended on each other. But surely, his older twin wouldn't get as far as picking a fight with a teacher, right? Right?

"Th-there's something wrong with him!" He squeaked, "I don't know what but he's been acting totally weird and he's so hot – no, wait – I – I mean his skin is hot…" Somehow, it just didn't want to sound right and as his words were betraying him, Syaoran's face turned bright red.

The hot man in question groaned, pressing his palms against his forehead while his features twisted into a mask of pain. His eyelids fluttered, the blue color of his irises had a glassy shine. He let them wander over the two boys, seeing but not quite noticing them.

"Syaoron-kun?" A whisper, a subtle plea for help and a statement of utter confusion all at once. Yuui's glance flickered from Syaoran to Syaoron, and then back again. "Two... why are there two of you?"

"See?" Syaoran hissed panicky. "I told you!"

His older, yet (due to the latest pubertal burst of growth) slightly smaller brother gave no response, nor did the sour expression vanish from his face. He clicked his tongue before he used it to shape the next words with care: "Hot, you said?"

"I – I really meant temperature-wise."

"Are you a clone? A doppelgänger?[1]" the teacher asked dreamily, with the curiousness of a kid. And when Syaoron slowly approached him, he drew his legs closer to his body. The boy crouched down.

"He's pale. And he's sweating." Syaoron observed. The observation led to an assumption, which grew into a theory, which needed more facts to be confirmed. His hand reached out for the blond, but Yuui flinched at the movement and shifted away from the other.

"Don't touch me. Please. I have nothing that you could want, so just leave me alone!"

"I'm not a clone. I'm a twin."

"You're not a twin; I'm a twin. We can't both be twins!" Yuui exclaimed agitated, but dead serious.

Syaoron wanted to grab his boyfriend by his shoulders and shake some sense into the lean man, just as much as he wanted to yell at the other for kissing his brother. And the only thing that kept the teen from doing something inappropriately harsh was the nagging concern that Yuui's current mental state was not the after-effect of being hit by a metal box (one could already see a little bump growing on his forehead) or the consumption of space cookies, but caused by a serious illness. Therefore, he ignored the babble and made a second attempt to touch Yuui. Only this time, he merely offered his hand and tried to persuade the other to take it.

"Fine. Whatever. You have to get on your feet, okay. Otherwise-" Syaoron scanned the room. "Otherwise your cookies will burn. You have to turn off the oven."

"Oh. That would be a shame." His fingers closed around the smaller ones of the teen, whose eyes widened at the contact.

"Syaoran, get Seishirou-san."

But the younger twin seemed indecisive. On one hand, leaving his brother alone with a molesting and possibly insane teacher was not what a sensible person would do; on the other hand Syaoron hadn't asked him to search for the school nurse – he had ordered to do so. "Do you know what's wrong with him?" He asked as low as possible.

"He's feverish. I think he's in a delirium." As if to prove the boy's point, Yuui asked shyly, if Syaoron could be his teddy bear. Syaoron promised with a pained, regretful smile (there was nothing he wanted more than being cuddled, with Yuui wrapped around him in the world's tightest embrace but now was not the time for selfish hopes), gave his boyfriend's hand a last reassuring squeeze, before he jumped to his feet and grabbed a nearby dishtowel. He soaked it with cold water from the sink, wrung it out and started to fold it until it fitted perfectly into his palm.

When Syaoron turned, Syaoran still stood there, staring at their teacher like he had never seen a man before. "Hey! The nursery?"

The younger only did as much as blink. "Yeah, I know. Can't you go searching for Seishirou-san and I stay with Yuui-sensei? Because that guy-"

"Syaoran..." Syaoron cut him off and – while kneeling next to their disoriented teacher – pierced his sibling with an icy glare. "You're my brother and I love you, but I swear to god; if you don't start running out of this room like your life is depending on it, I will never speak one f-"

[Syaoron used the f-word, causing his brother to flinch and get into action, finally!]

"-word to you again."

He hadn't quite finished the sentence when his brother ran off and with a content grumble; he turned his attention back to his sick darling teacher, who had started to hum. Yuui-sensei had just entered Wonderland, so it seemed. And as the cold wet cloth touched his forehead, he smiled and informed Syaoron proudly: "You know; I have a boyfriend, who looks just as cute as you."

The boy had never felt so much like crying, like he did that very moment. Being seen and still remain unnoticed was nothing new for him; still... he had hoped – no, Syaoron Li was not a boy that hoped, when he should know better – he had believed that Yuui was different. Special.

He swallowed the lump in his throat... and smiled back. There was nothing genuine about it as its only purpose was not to disturb the blond's unstable mood.

"Lucky you."

[1] If there's something I hate then it's an English grammar program telling me how to write a German word correctly. Is 'doppelganger' just the American version? Because in a Jasper Fforde novel I've seen the word written properly with an 'ä', just like I used it.

A/N: Just somewhere near the end of the chapter I was creeped out by my own story… I do feel sorry for Syaoran but I feel even sorrier for Yuui and Syaoron.