This sucks, I know. Bear with me, I wrote it in about 6 minutes. I just felt like adding something to the painfully small library of lolishota fics.

"Please don't do this" Cynthia bawled as she tightened her death-grip around his neck. "Don't you love me? Haven't I been good enough for you?"

Steven had to suppress a sigh of irritation at this. "I love you Cynthia, I really do." His hands rubbed her back affectionately. "If you loved me, you wouldn't leave me", she replied immediately. This time the sigh left his mouth. "I'm not leaving you Cynthia, this is just for a few days. Try to understand". A note of exasperation entered his otherwise consoling voice, and Steven found himself more than a little bewildered.

In the 2 years that he had dated Cynthia, never once had he elicited a response like this from her. As head of the Sinnoh branch of the Devon Corporation, fortnight long business trips to Hoenn were a frequent occurrence for him. And since he was afraid to death of his father's typical I-want-grandchildren demeanour scaring Cynthia away, he never bought her along. Cynthia's normal response to his departure was something along the lines of a brief goodbye hug or a kiss, if there were not too many people at the airport. What was definitely not normal was crying her eyes out in front of a bewildered crowd.

In truth, Cynthia's typical stoic nature left him pretty frustrated. She was, by character, held together and calm in all matters, her emotions no different, something he'd always admired in her. He knew she loved him, well enough, but sometimes he longed for her to be a bit more expressive of her sentiments. Holding her while she cried on his shoulder had been somewhat of a fantasy for him. Yet of all the times he'd imagined it, he'd never pictured it like this. Despite the large group of people staring at them, killing Cynthia's reputation as Sinnoh's indomitable champion, Steven decide that now was a good as a time as ever to carry out his many machismo-ridden fantasies. Tightening his arm around her waist, he pulled one hand into her hair, stroking it with his palm, the long golden waterfall warm to his touch. He bought his mouth down to her years, whispering the many all-purpose reassurances he'd prepared over the years. Thankfully or not, he couldn't decide, her hysterical sobbing had been reduced to quiet whimpering, though her arms remained obstinately around his shoulders.

"Steven?" Cynthia mumbled incoherently into his chest. Steven temporarily snapped out of his hypnotized glance to stare into her stormy gray eyes, rendered red and puffy by her unrelenting crying. "There's something I've been meaning to tell you. I... I didn't know how you would react, and it's been tearing me up inside..."

"Cynthia..."he quietly butted in. "Whatever it is, I won't get mad I promise", although it pained him to think that she thought anything in the world could make him mad at her. Yet even as these words left his mouth, Steven knew well enough what she was about to tell him. It was painfully easy, recognizing the cliché.

"I'm pregnant". There was an awkward pause broken only by the crowd's strident applause, which had somehow heard her. Steven suppressed a chuckle, pulling her into a hug, and planted a kiss on her forehead.

"Ummm... I guess I can't hide you from my dad anymore, can I?"

So yeah, there it is. My ridiculously cliché excuse for a oneshot. Actually I don't care if it sucks, just drop a review. It heightens my sense of achievement.