Jericho Fanfiction

Part one - Cargo

Friday Morning

Major Back had hardly been out of his office for almost a week now, Jake and the Rangers were doing a pretty good job of keeping order in Jericho, not leaving much for the soldiers to do. So when reports of a cargo of contraband on its way to Jericho came in, the Major jumped at the chance of doing something other than the tedious and wearisome paperwork that had so far occupied the rest of his week.

"I want fifteen men prepped and ready in five minutes." He ordered the desk sergeant as he bustled past desks filled with files and more paperwork and headed out in search of Sheriff Green.

He found the Sheriff in Main Street heading for Dale's store and called out.

"Sheriff." He said curtly.

Beck was a good few feet behind Jake when he called but his strong strides soon made quick work of the distance as Jake turned to see who had called him.

"Major, Is there a problem? You look in a hurry."

"There's a shipment of stolen cargo heading this way."

"I'll get the Rangers." Jake made to go but was stopped by a firm hand on his arm.

"No. I need you to stay here Jake, to keep an eye out for any runners from Newbern looking for trouble."

Jake seamed a little put out by the Majors apparent loss of faith in him, but agreed, realizing that he was right. There had been about a dozen thugs from Newbern in this week alone.

"Okay. Good luck Major."

Major Beck headed back to the station to brief his men and head out.

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