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Harry struggled against Draco's sweat soaked button up, his hands clawing for escape. But Draco wouldn't relent; his snake like tongue finally broke the seal of Harry's tight lips. The full force of his passion hit Harry like a brick in the face, and Harry's knees turned to jelly.

Draco shoved Harry into the rough wood behind him before he had time to slide to the ground. Harry let out a soft groan of what Malfoy assumed was pleasure. His pants didn't lie. Their mouths ate at each other like this was the only thing in the world.

Draco grabbed at Harry's thighs and lifted him from the ground. Harry's legs instinctively wrapped around his waist. The Slytherin began to wriggle against the bulge in the boy's pants and found encouragement in Harry's groaning. Sweat began to form on Draco's brow and his hands dug into the muscled flesh of Harry's leg as he sped up his grinding. Harry broke from the kiss and pleaded into his ear, "Please." Malfoy did not know if this was a plead to stop or to go further. He took the latter option.

As Draco hungrily started on Harry's mouth again, he spun them around and fell to the ground on his knees. He roughtly dropped the Gryffindor on his back to be free to pin down his arms. Draco coaxed moans from Harry as he trailed a path down Harry's neck with his teeth. These noises pushed Draco over the edge, he couldn't take it any longer.

Buttons flew from Harry's shirt as Draco eagerly ripped it from its owner. Harry lay in a pleasured daze while Draco attacked Harry's chest with his mouth. Harry couldn't help but arch his back as Draco sucked one of his nipples into his mouth. His hot tongue danced over the soft flesh and Draco glanced up to find Harry's eyes staring helplessly into the now darkened sky with pleasure. He moved further down Harry's belly to his eventual goal.

Draco nuzzled Harry's soft belly when he came to the hem of the pants. Harry shivered as the hot breath passed over his happy trail. Draco felt hands entwine themselves in his hair and gently push him down to face what he had been waiting a life time for. His hands teasingly rubbed the boy's pants and slid along the path of the zipper. Harry's hands tightened in Draco's blonde hair as his legs squeezed around Draco's body.

A smirk crept up Draco's features as he slowly undid the button. His mouth almost watered in anticipation as he heard the soft "zwoop"of the zipper. Hands roughly tore Harry's bottoms off to complete the most glorious sight Draco had ever seen.

Harry lay panting and sweaty on the forest floor, his pale body framed by the dark litterings of the trees. His nakedness was only disrupted by the forgotten shirt that was only half shoved from his shoulders.

It was all Draco could do to restrain from pouncing on him; instead he slowly bent down to his prize. His hands gripped the boy's sides as he trailed his wet tongue up Harry's shaft. He could feel Harry's entire body seize up then practically melt into the forest floor. The more Harry reacted, the more pleasure Draco found in sucking his enemy's dick. He was in complete and utter control.

Finally, he opened his lips wide and slid Harry's entire cock down his throat. Draco tuned out everything but the feel of Harry's smooth flesh in his mouth and the occasional, "Oh God, Draco. Please, more."from Harry as he worked his head up and down. When he felt Harry begin to shudder against his tongue, he stopped. He would not have Harry coming so quickly. He flicked his tongue across Harry's head and lapped at the sides a few more times just to hear Harry beg for it.

"Draco, don't stop. Please, please."

Malfoy smirked and stood up from among the leaves, "It's my turn, now."

Harry's eyes were like saucers on his face as Draco discarded his belt and unclasped his pants. His dick was already pushing through his boxers when he reached in and revealed it. Harry crawled nervously towards his massive cock. Draco used all of his will power not to fall over as Harry wrapped his cool hand around Draco's throbbing mass. Draco grabbed fistfuls of Harry's hair as his moist mouth engulfed Draco's manhood.

Harry dove head first into his new found talent. And Draco did well to boost his ego by moaning and groaning in all the appropriate places. Draco felt himself coming close to release, but he didn't want it this way, no matter how satisfying it would feel to cum all over that sweet face of his. Draco slipped his dick out from between Harry's lips, much to Harry's surprise.

"Get on all fours," Draco ordered, "and take off that bloody shirt."

Harry hesitated, "But Draco, I don't think-"

Draco cut his sentence short by pulling him to his feet by his hair and shoving his tongue down Harry's throat. He felt Harry collapse against his chest and whimper into his mouth. "I know you fucking want it. Don't try to stop me now." he said as he nibbled the length of Harry's ear.

A thick grunt of acceptance was all Harry could manage before throwing away his destroyed shirt and falling obediently to all fours. Draco followed suit and fell to his knees over his lover's back.

"This is going to hurt," Draco whispered harshly, "Suck it up, cause I'm going to ride you."

As Draco began to push into Harry, he wrapped a hand through jet black hair for leverage. After many minutes of Harry whimpering and Draco moving as gently as possible, Harry was finally open and willing.

Harry began to moan in pleasure again and that was Draco's cue to pick up the pace. Draco's dick glided in and out of Harry in a crescendo of movements, all bringing heightened noises from Harry. Soon Draco was pounding Harry for all he was worth and practically screaming in pleasure everytime he slammed against Harry's ass. Draco folded himself over Harry and left scratches down his back as he fucked him with out relent.

Soon the perfect rhythm began to fade and all that was left was frantic grunts and groans in a whirlwind of thrusts. Draco felt Harry begin to tense and quiver around his dick and he was determined to make sure the boy went first. He used his hand to stroke Harry to his climax.

Harry screamed out Draco's name over and over again as he shot his load over the debris of the forest and into Draco's hand. Harry's final spasm was so hard it sent Draco over the edge. He shoved himself as deep into Harry as he could and yelled for all of Hogwarts to hear.

The boys lay in a tangle of limbs and bodily fluids for awhile, just breathing and shivering from the aftershocks of the orgasm. Finally Draco voiced the question they were both thinking.

"What am I going to tell Pansy?"

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