This is a Christmas present for Jade from tumblr. You are the Amaimon to my Shiemi, dear! 3 Merry Christmas!

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I apologise for the shortness, but it is a drabble.

One day, though- (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻


He looks at the contrast between the colour of her eyes and the soft blonde of her hair as if it is the most natural thing in the world. And to him, it is. Her eyes, so green and kind bring him back to this broken place, where human struggle to win against evil without realising that the good is leaving them. For anyone else it would be painful to watch this eternal battle which seems to have no real outcome, only feeding further the illusion of one, but Amaimon cares more about running his fingers through blonde locks while he wonders if Shiemi wears perfume on her hair, too; since he knows for a fact that the feminine curve of her neck smells like lilies.

The girl seems to be oblivious to his internal battle and when she gives the young demon that look, Amaimon suddenly has the urge to find all the candy in the world and give it to her as a present. It's more than embarrassing, since he is a demon and demons don't do all this… romance stuff. If they were in Hell, they wouldn't be quietly sitting in her garden and admiring flowers while holding hands, but this is Earth and sometimes the young man has a hard time remembering this.

How was he supposed to know that getting a look at a girl's bra is inappropriate?

Really, now.

"Did something happen?"

And now that he thinks about it, it is mostly Shiemi's fault. She should be aware of at least some of his customs, just like he agreed to only hold her hand when the girl's mother isn't looking – there is something about that woman that makes his father look like a puppy. A big, ugly puppy, but one nonetheless. Amaimon sighs, wishing that he didn't have to ask every time he got to urge to kiss her, even though doing otherwise would probably result in him getting smacked.


He quickly squeezes her small hand, knowing that short answers make her feel uneasy. Just like he predicted, Shiemi frowns slightly at him and hesitantly lays her head on his shoulder. It's something he has seen before, on bench parks and in ridiculous, sugar-coated films, but it still makes his stomach twist in a rather pleasant way.

It's her fault for being too cute. Especially now that she is looking up at him like he is her whole world – Amaimon never knew that humans could say so much just with their eyes.

So the young man lets his lips quirk into a small smirk and leans in, locking their lips together, his hand in her soft hair. Shiemi makes a small noise of surprise and the warmth on her cheeks reaches his, but Amaimon doesn't stop and gives a gentle nip to her bottom lip. The smell of lilies makes his nose wrinkle, but the sweet fragrance is something that he has grown rather fond of. Just like he is fond of the girl in his arms.

Who is honestly too cute and trusting for her own good.