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For those of you who thinks that being carried in a guy's arms is all beautiful, romantic, and lovely, you're wrong.

Especially when you can hear the sounds of a real-life modern warfare going on in the distance, wind's blowing in your face and up your dress, your 'friends' supposedly dead brother is alive and well, said 'friend' is running while crying his eyes out, and you have a pounding headache while wondering where your semi-normal life went.

I really wished we had never went into that weapons shop, or at the very least, a creeper didn't try to drug Ino and Sakura and I didn't pull out a gun and shoot him.

Once we got to the hotel (where our class was to be staying), and me showering and putting on normal clothes, Itachi decided to gather us all in the lounge of the hotel.

Sasuke was sitting beside Basil, who was to my right. At my left was Neji, Lee, and then Kin (and with her went Dosu and Zaku).

Fran opened his mouth to say something (probably sarcastic), but a flying book that somehow lodged itself into the wall near his head stopped him. Everyone shivered (well, Hibari's eyes got a little more wide, and Xanxus shuddered slightly) from the death glare coming from Itachi.

He sighed, then looked at us with an expression of regret. "As much as this will be a shock to you, you're all part of the mafia now. Yes, I am Uchiha Itachi, and yes, I've been alive all this time Sasuke. Do any of you have any questions? And I won't answer idiotic ones."

I raised my hand. "I have a few. Do you know Reborn? Who else knew about this? Why did Sasuke and Basil rescue me?"

Karin raised a brow. "Yeah, I have one. What does she mean about Sasuke and Basil rescuing her?"

Haru shouted, "Is the mafia like the godfather movies?"

Sasuke looked up at his brother with slightly teary eyes. "Why...why didn't you tell me you were alive? Why fake your death? Do you even know how it felt to live life like that? I was alone, Itachi. I-" His voice broke, and he proceeded to curl into a ball. Sakura and Naruto, in a fit of concern, ran over to him, attempting to get his crying under control. I looked down, unable to see the usually composed Uchiha in tears.

Itachi seemed to agree, as he closed his eyes, and for a second, an expression of anguish came upon him. I nearly felt horrible, until I thought about him lying about his death to Sasuke for 5 years now. I felt someone grab my hand and squeeze it. Looking up, I saw that it wasn't Lee like I thought it would be, but Basil instead.

"Please don't cry, Tenten-dono." He whispered. I blinked, just now feeling the tears. I shuddered. This whole day had started so well, and now, here I was, more terrified than I had ever been in my life.

I felt myself being pulled into a large hug, mostly by Lee and Neji. I sniffled, trying hard not to cry.

"It is okay to cry Tenten," Neji murmured. Lee nodded, his eyes teary as well. "They told us something happened to you, and we were very worried."

"Tenten." Itachi's voice brought us out of our hug, though Neji and Lee remained beside me. "To answer your questions, as well as Karin's, I do know Reborn. We've collaborated many times in our field of work. Your teachers knew, as well as your school, among others. My otouto and Basil were assigned due to having enough stealth to retrieve you." He turned to where Karin was sitting, impatently waiting for her answer. "Tenten was selected to be a decoy for a serial rapist. He attempted to kidnap her, it failed, she was rescued."

I felt a disturbance in the air, and turned towards Temari, who was sitting in her chair with an indiscribable air around her. I noticed what was secured in her left hand, and paled. She was holding her giant metal fan, and I hoped that no one would piss her off.

Levi, who was sitting behind her, seemed to be in a perverted mood, as he noticed the slit in Temari's blue skirt. Apparently, he was attempting to move it up to see her panties. Big mistake.

Not only did Temari notice, but Hibari saw it as well. Before he could rush at the idiot with his tonfas, Temari swug her fan, and proceeded to club Levi in the head with it. Squalo was busy laughing his arse off, and Hibari seemed to have a sadistic smirk at seeing Levi shrink in pain and fear of the blonde.

I shivered. They were not good for my health.


Back in my room (which was shared with Ino, Temari and Hinata), I sighed, and hugged my kunai plushie to my chest. Hopefully things won't be this bad tomorrow, but I had a feeling it wouldn't be like that. I heard a knock at the door, and I (along with the other three occupants of the room) looked up. Walking over to the door, i opened it, only to see Basil.

"Art thou busy? If so, I can come back later." I shook my head. Turning back to my friends, I said, "I'll be back later, okay?" Stepping out, I almost missed the smirk that Ino sent me, and I made a mental note to get her back at a later date.

"What's up Basil?" I asked. He turned away from me, his expression almost unreadable. "I'm sorry I didn't come earlier enough to save thee." Turning back, I could see the regret in his cinnamon-colored eyes. I gave a small smile. "But that's the thing. I couldn't be mad, because either way, you still saved me. If not for you, who knows what would have happened?"

However, I could tell that both of us were thinking the same thing: if he hadn't saved me, I could've been raped and killed, just like that.

He pulled me into a hug, and then murmured. "I promise thee, I'll never let that happen again." I sighing in defeat, I wrapped my arms around him as well. "Then I'll have to make sure I can become strong enough to keep that from occuring too."

A thump made both of us jump, and break apart. Looking over towards the corner of the hall, we saw Temari casually leaning against the wall, not caring if she was caught. Tayuya, Sakura, Ino, Hinata, and Hanabi were piled on the floor, attempting to get free. A thought then occured to me. "Where's Kin?"


I was currently sitting in my room, gazing out the window. It didn't take long to absorb the new info, but I still felt overwhelmed.

I didn't feel like going with the others to spy on Tenten and Basil, no matter how funny it'd be. I just wanted to lose myself in thoughts of Mukuro.

He probably knew I drew the picture. And he didn't want me. After all, I was a jealous girl, and I hated how Chrome seemed to be the only girl with his attention. Of course, I didn't hate her, considering the fact that she was nothing but kind to me, but I was still envious.

I opened the window, allowing a nice breeze to blow my hair back, which wasn't tied into it's low ponytail, but loose. It was a clear night, I mused, and the moon was full and white.

"Kufufufu. Staring at the sky, aren't we?"

I jumped, and quickly turned, throwing some senbon at the intruder. Or, at least I would've if he hadn't moved.

"That's not a very good way to treat someone who walked here just to greet you." I felt my face light up slightly in embarassment. Rokudo Mukuro had somehow gotten into my room, and the door was locked.

He walked toawrds me, and knelt down. "What's wrong? Afraid?" He teased. I narrowed my eyes. "What do you want?" That was another reason why I wasn't the best girlfriend around. I was cold-hearted. Yeah, I was nice to my friends, but that's because we were close. As a matter of fact, Dosu and I were so close, he was one of the few to know that I liked Mukuro in the first place.

He simply smirked at me and said, "I know about your feelings for me. It was obvious from the start. The longing looks, the lovely blush, and the sketches you wanted no one to see." I glared at him, though I was sure it was ruined by my blush.

Turning away I muttered, "Why don't you just laugh and go away already?" I felt myself being pulled back, and my hair was brushed aside by smooth, cold fingers. "Because I want you for myself," he breathed. I blushed brighter as his lips caressed my ear lightly. I turned to him, my own obsidian eyes meeting with his heterochomatic ones. I moved forward with slight hesitation, before meeting him halfway in a kiss. I sighed into it, feeling relaxed as I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, and his fingers lightly threaded my hair.

Pulling back, I gave a small grin as a gave me a smile back.

Maybe sometimes, things could work out; even for a girl like me.


Sakura slowly pushed the door open to her shared room, making sure not to disturb anyone.

Peeking in, she grinned as she saw Kin sketching with her hair down, and the male who had her in his arms. She slowly closed the door, and proceeded to run down the hall where her older sister and friends were.

It was gossip time, and Sakura had struck gold. However, her phone vibrated, and she stopped in her tracks to read the text.

To: Sakura

From: Kin

Haruno Sakura,

If you happen to tell anyone what you saw without mine or Kin's permission, I'll be forced to tell Hanabi about who exactly told her cousin about seeing the Bovino child. I'm pretty sure they along with that Yamanaka girl would love to know that.

- Rokudo Mukuro

Sakura blinked twice in shock. Then blushed.

"That bastard..."


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And yes, Hanabi's going out with Lambo.