The next morning Michael woke up and on instant reached out for his brother. After realizing that he wasn't there he threw the covers over his head and let out a low moan. He missed his brother more than anything but he feared that if he got back with him things would be the same and he didn't want that. He sat up and pulled the covers off of him, got up and went down stairs. When he got to the kitchen he stopped dead in his tracks. Lincolin was standing at the stoves wearing sweat pants and no shirt. Michael looked at his big broad shoulders and couldn't help the moan that slipped from his mouth.

Lincoln heard and turned around. "Morning." He said taking in the sight of his brother who was just in boxers.

"Morning." Michael walked over to his brother. "What are you doing here?"

"Fixing breakfast what does it look like I'm doing." Lincoln said.

"Well one I meant at the house and two you never cook so why are you now?" Michael asked.

Lincoln "I'm off work today and I thought you might want a hot meal before you left for work. I figured that you'd be tired of that same old fruity pebbles that you always eat."

"There is nothing wrong with fruity pebbles. You should try them sometimes." Michael said.

Lincolin chuckled "Yeah I'm more of the captain crunch type."

Michael smiled. "Yeah I know." He looked up at his brother who was looking back at him. "Thank you Lincoln."

Lincoln nodded "You're welcome." They stared at each other, the food completely forgotten. Lincoln sighed and looked back to the food. "Can't let the food burn." He said chuckling.

Michael looked down "Yeah." He pushed off the counter and headed for the stairs. "I'm going tom go get dressed."

"Okay." Lincoln said not looking back.

When Michael got to his room he covered his face with his hands. He wanted so much to kiss his brother and hold him. Putting it out of hid mind he got his clothes out and started to get dressed. Ten minutes later he was making his way back down stairs. His plate was already set on the table so he sat down. "Wow you really went all out didn't you?"

Lincoln smiled "Only the best for you." he quickly regretted it when he got a strange face expression from his brother. "Sorry."

Michael smiled "Don't worry about it." He sighed "So what are you going to do here at the house?"

Lincoln shrugged "I don't know I got some work to look over so I'll probably do that." He looked up at his brother. "How is work going for you?"

Michael looked away from his brother. "It's going good I'm in line for management so that's good."

"I hope you get it." Lincoln said.

They sat and ate in silent for a while until Michael cleared his throat. "Well thank you for the meal but I have to go before I'm late." He put his dish in the sink and walked over to his brother. "I'll see you later."

Lincoln looked up and smiled. "Yeah have a good day at work."

Michael walked out of the kitchen. Missing the touch of his brother's lips and he desperately wanted to kiss him again.

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