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Part 1

Two men stood at the top of Kagutsuchi's NOL branch in front of an obelisk surrounded by golden orange clouds. The taller man brushed a few strands of bright blond hair behind his golden mask, a sinister grin broadly appearing on his face. He lowered his hand over his dark purple dress shirt and placed it on the cauldron before him. The other man, clad in black pants, jacket, and trademark fedora on his head that covered his eyes, walked closer to his accomplice dragging an unconscious girl with him. A visor behind white locks of hair covered her eyes. From head to toe, battle scars torn her bright blue jumpsuit. The once shining armor on her limbs now cracked and smudged in dirt.

"Man, I do not like fighting those murakumo units, especially the ones that decide to be all self righteous at the last minute like this shit." Hazama said while dropping the pale skinned clone at his feet.

Not far off, the sound of feet running up stairs echoed in the sky.

"Boy, I sure hope this works. I mean, we've never gotten this far." He said with a hint of mischievousness in his otherwise concerned voice.

The man in purple paid him no mind as their enemies neared. "Terumi." He paused. "They are almost here. I'm hoping that you won't take your time in killing them." Relius said without looking behind him.

"Getting a little anxious huh?" Hazama dropped the unconscious murakumo and knelt down besides her staring at the stair way, his grin expanding each passing second. "I'll be quick, just lemme get in a few good laughs."

"The portal will take little time to open. You have until then."

"Heh heh, sure." Hazama's deranged smile reached its max, as a man in a blood red coat stood on the Alter, mismatched eyes turning the tension into lighting. "Heh, lemme guess. This is what you want?" Hazama said while squeezing Nu's ass.

Ragna's face contorted in anger. "You bastard! You're fucking dead!" Hazama said with Ragna before crackling into his insane laughter.

Behind Ragna stood Noel, Makoto, and Valkenhayn.

"Well ain't this predictable." Hazama said as he placed his fedora on Nu's head. His hair to jolted upwards revealing his true self and power over his grimore. "Come at me, you little shits!"

"Fuck you asshole! You are going to die today." Ragna spat while clutching his out stretched right arm.

Valkenhayn jerked his head at Ragna. "You inso-" Still the threads of vengeance ran deep in the man. Quickly he growled and placed his hand on Ragna's shoulder. "Madam Rachel told you to NOT attack Terumi! That is-"

As if on cue both Ragna and Terumi said "Restriction 666 released! Dimensional interface field deployed!"

In half a second Valkenhayn pushed Ragna back, transformed into a wolf and lunged towards Terumi. Relius snapped the fingers on his free hand and a hooked claw grabbed Valkenhayn by the throat and chucked him back at Noel & Makoto. Valkenhayn recovered mid air and darted back at the red marionette, head butting her.

"Engaging the Idea Engine!" Ragna shouted as he regained his balance.

"Code S.O.L!" Terumi yelled with him.

"Blazblue! Activate!" Darkness enshrouded Ragna as a ring of ancient runes circled around Terumi.

Ragna drew his sword and ran towards Terumi, dodging his ouroboros. Raising his right arm, another snake flew out of Terumi's jacket. The snake grabbed on to nothing and propelled him into the sky. Ragna dragged his sword on the ground, darkness covering it and he flew into the sky, just barely missing Terumi.

"Come on Raggs! Aim!" Terumi threw three knives hidden inside his jacket. Each one landed in Ragna's leg.

"Ragna!" Noel yelled and jerked her body to go help but Makoto stopped her.

"He's okay. Obviously since we're not following plan 'A' like we're supposed to, we need to get with destroying that thing." She said pointing to the cauldron. "But first we need to take out that guy." She said redirecting her finger to Relius.

Valkenhayn and Ignis' battle stood in between them and the cauldron. His leg morphed into a wolf's claw before he struck the doll in her stomach. Ignis leaned slightly but her head jerked backwards as he delivered a powerful uppercut. His feet transformed again as he turned his body and kicked her feet. She fell forward but floated in the air and struck her hand into the ground, barely catching Valkenhayn's arm. Without giving him the time to counterattack she grabbed his other arm and lifted him above her head. She grabbed his feet and raised him before forcibly slamming him back into the ground.

Before Ignis could lift him up again, Noel shot her in the chest. Ignis floated back and then tossed Valkenhayn by his feet into the air.

Her attention now on the two enemies running at her: Noel and Makoto.

Valkenhayn darted back towards Ignis in wolf form and grabbed onto the back of her head as he landed. He quickly let go of her and jumped out of the way. Ignis jetted herself up straight and into Makoto's rising uppercut. While in the air, Makoto used her as a platform for an extra jump. Noel followed her actions and was right behind her.

Clashing her two tonfa together to created an energy ball, Makoto yelled "Take this!"

She roared as she punched the ball, sending it soaring towards Relius. As the ball reached a few feet to him a clear barrier of hexagons formed and disintegrated it, leaving a flash of colors. "Son of a-!"

As Makoto landed Noel unloaded a storm of bullets to Relius' location. The barrier reformed and blocked them all. She flipped backwards in the sky, connecting Bolverk and transforming them into a crossbow with golden wings sticking out of each end.

"Nemesis Stabilizer!" She shouted as a giant arrow of light struck the field. The golden arrow stayed there for awhile before disappearing in the same flash of colors. Noel dropped to the ground and her eyes went wide in disbelief. "It didn't even make a scratch."

"No, of course not. A colonel of the NOL would have the ars to make a powerful barrier. We need an ars to dispel it." Makoto said as she glared at the backside of the infamous puppeteer.

Valkenhayn's voice hailed from the background as he dodged an over head swipe from Ignis. "Only the Azure has the power to enter into the barrier. That's why Ragna wasn't supposed to fight Terumi!" Ignis gripped Valkenhayn's hands and pushed back forcing him to arch his back.

"Yea I guess we're gonna have to salvage that plan. Let's go help Ragna." Makoto said pointing to the fight between Ragna and Terumi.

Terumi leaned back as Ragna swung his massive sword. "I'm gonna rip you to shreds!" Before Ragna could turn around to finish the attack Terumi kicked Ragna in the jaw, catapulting him into the air.

"Ya can't rip me up there Raggs." Terumi said playfully. He lifted his hand and an ouroboro flew out to Ragna. "Come'er and try it again." This time his evil nature was evident in his tone. The ouroboro caught Ragna by the neck and quickly retracted.

"Optic Barrel!"

Before Ragna landed, Terumi took a step forward and twirled around, effectively going under Noel's bullet, and altering ouroboro's course, sending Ragna crashing at the edge of the Altar. "Sorry Kusanagi, but no."

Makoto rushed towards Terumi with her arm brought back, but he quickly raised his arm sending a giant snake head of darkness from his jacket that sent her tumbling back a few feet on the ground.

"Terumi, it is time." Relius said with a wicked smile forming on his mouth. He dropped his hand from the cauldron and snapped his fingers. Ignis parried Valkenhayn's fist and threw him to the side, before being engulfed by a pink light and appearing by Relius.

A hole slowly opened on the cauldron where Relius's hand had been. The outer rim of the hole was white, while the inside was a bright blue.

"Hold on a sec! I've gotta a few parting words." Terumi said as he walked to the edge of the platform, an ouroboro hastily retracting with his fedora. "Don't worry, the boundary isn't going anywhere." He joked as he jerked his hand skyward and snapped his fingers. The floor around Noel & Makoto's feet glowed green and runes shot up circling them. "That'll keep you two from moving."

Coughing blood off the edge of the Altar, Ragna lifted himself with his hands onto his knees. "Well it's just you and me again, looks like your worthless friends can't even provide back up. Let alone follow a plan." Condescending and playfully, Terumi said as he walked towards him. Ragna turned his head and glared at Hazama who had placed his fedora back on his head. "Aww, you look just like a puppy. Who's so adorable, huh? Who's so adorable? I could just kick you off, that's how adorable you are."

Ragna stood up, the dark aura surrounding his body growing larger. "Don't you dare think we're done you son of a bitch!"

Hazama shrugged, raising his shoulders and lifting his hands. "Sorry Ragna, but you have to face it. You've lost." He extended both his arms. An ouroboro flew out of his left arm and grabbed on to the cauldron, while a shadowed snake head sprung at Ragna. "Pfft. We're gonna blow this world sky high! Kyahahahahaha!" Hazama said as he zipped away.

"Not if I can help it!" Ragna said as he raced to the cauldron.

"That's the kicker Rags! You can't! Hahaha-ack!" Hazama yelled as a bullet hit him in the back. He got up and looked for Noel. "Ya stupid bitch! Fucking drop dead!" Suddenly Makoto's left fist filled his vision before he was knocked back tumbling a few feet. He looked up and stared into the two barrels of Bolverk's.

The blast knocked his head to the ground and forced his body to shoot upwards. Noel landed behind him and spun her body on the floor. The kick sent Hazama spinning in the air.

"Type three." Noel whispered before catapulting Hazama into the sky with another kick.

Valkenhayn caught Hazama in the sky with his teeth and threw him in Ragna's direction, who jumped up and put blood scythe to his throat while dive bombing to the floor. "You don't have your life links anymore bitch!" Ragna said as he lifted his sword.

"Wait!" Makoto put her hand on Hazama's throat. "You need to disable the barrier around Relius. He's attempting to go into the Boundary!"

Ragna cursed under his breath then looked to Valkenhayn. "Keep him alive. I'm not done with him." With a grunt Ragna got up and ran to the barrier, hacking at it with his sword and azure.

Hazama smirked at the three figures around him and locked eyes with Valkenhayn. "You honestly think you can take me, old man?" His tone was more annoyed than it was filled with his usual taunt.

"No, I have no need to waste my time." Valkenhayn said.

"Of course, you couldn't even if that shitty bat told you to."

Valkenhayn tensed and Makoto took this moment to add pressure to his neck. "You know captain, I'd be best if you kept your words to yourself."

"Oh, and what are you gonna do, huh?" Hazama said, looking at her then to Noel.

"I'm not gonna listen to you!" Noel aimed a shark shaped torpedo to his head.

"'I'm not gonna listen to you. I'm just a little girl, Ragna come help me so I don't shit myself." Hazama mimicked her voice with his tongue out. Noel grew tense at his words and her face changed red. "We all know that's not gonna kill me! You're just a failure that's-gak!"

"That's enough out of you Terumi." Makoto squeezed his throat a delivered a powerful punch to his kidney.

Even though his Adams apple was being crushed he continued. "Why you all and lieutenant garbage ain't worth shit! Oh-gak."

Makoto delivered another punch and put a hand over his mouth. "Just shut up." She grumbled. A chill went down her spine as she felt his tongue brush across her hand. Subconsciously she jerked her arm back. Before her hand can turn into a fist, Hazama got a few words in.

"You're gonna transform into Kusanagi and show the world your pathet-gak!" Makoto's fist collided with his face. "Pathetic stubs for tits! Not even that pervert ninja would motorboat those! Kyahahahahahahaha!" With each word he said Noel's face became a shade darker.

"I hope this hurts you bastard!" Noel shouted as Makoto & Valkenhayn leaped back. The blast from the rocket propelled Hazama high into the sky. Noel took a step forward and shot several bullets upwards that floated in place in midair. She twirled on the ground shooting several bullets around her. The bullets stayed in place on the ground around her as she started shooting a bombardment of bullets at the floor that ricocheted off of it and into Hazama. Each bullet pushed him upwards a little more, twisting and turning his body with each hit, keeping him suspended in midair. Finally she brought the two parts of Bolverk together, forming her crossbow. Noel's eyes shined a bright blue as two giant wings of energy opened behind her. The wings shined of pure white before turning into eight murakumo blades. The blades darted up, each one stabbing Hazama. "I fucking hate you!" She screamed and shot a giant blue energy arrow at Hazama.

Noel took a step back as the blades disintegrated and his body fell limp through the sky landing with a thud. Her heavy breathing was cut off when Hazama's back puffed up and abruptly lowered with a cough. Valkenhayn picked up Hazama by his collar.

"H-how can he still be alive?" Noel's legs shook from exhaustion as she & Makoto stared at the man in disgust.

"Right now it doesn't matter." In front of Valkenhayn the air seemed to pull itself together before a portal opened. A few rose petals fell from it as Valkenhayn walked into the portal. "I will return shortly. I must place Terumi in the restraining ars inside the castle." He said as the portal disappeared.

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