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A man in a purple cloak with a yellow mask brighter than his hair entered into our house with another much skinnier man dressed in a black suit. "Which is why we can't afford to deviate from-" the man in purple stopped and stared at me sitting on my mother's lap on the sofa in the middle of the living room. His mouth fell slightly open. I rose my head from her swollen tummy to smile back at him. He might have thought of scaring us as the phantom of the opera, but messed up when he saw us here first. Besides I knew too many features about the man to not know who he is. The sharp turn of his jawbones, the way his nose pointed, his long fingers, the way he likes to shape his hair into a mess when he's not going anywhere important. I've known him for all nine years of my life. Hopping down to the floor, I ran towards him.

"Poppa!" I yelled as I threw my arms around his waist and buried my face in his stomach.

He slowly stroked my jaw length hair with his right hand while he kept his left on the outside doorknob. The other guy quietly slid into the house. "Ada?" He paused. I knew my father, and I knew that he paused for dramatic effect. He is always a theatre man that's never out of character. He slowly continued, "What are you doing here?" I heard my mother groan and turned to look at her.

My mother struggled to get up while clutching her stomach. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the other man hang his hat on the coat rack, revealing his oddly green hair, and quickly walk to her. "Here," He said as he grabbed onto the underside of her arm and placed a hand on her back. "Let me help you with that. I'm stronger than I look." He lifted her to her feet and took a step back and nodded at her thanks. She then turned her head and frowned at my father. I looked up at my father also. He stared back at my mother.

Without looking at me he placed his hand on my shoulder and gently pushed. "Ada." He did that pause again. "Be a dear and make some tea for your mother and I."

I nodded at him even though he still didn't look down at me. Both my parents were unmoving statues staring at each other. Mother looked upset, but Father he, he looked impassive. Like his wife was a stranger he could care less about. I walked around the sofa and made my way into the kitchen. Squatting to grab a pot from the lower cabinets, I noticed how quiet the living room was. I know that none of them have left, because I would've heard the door closing and there is a creak in the floor in the hallways that lead to the bedrooms. I turned the water on low and watched it fill to pot, determined to do what I was told but also hear what was about to be said. They never got into fights, not really. Ever since Mother got pregnant, it seemed that she would make fights about the things that were never a problem before. Their fights were one-sided and loud. Well she was loud. But she only fought with Father. When I would make an accident, she would scold me before, but now she just ignores it and tries to help me clean it up. The house was still silent and the pot was almost full.

I lifted the pot with two hands out of the sink and moved to the stove until someone sighed behind me. I jumped and spilt most of the tea water in the voices direction. I turned around and saw the man in black slouching in a chair at the kitchen table. "This is a little awkward, isn't it?" He calmly said. How long has he been there? I didn't hear him move the chair, or even his feet clacking against the kitchen tiles. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. Although I hardly think that's the reason for look you're giving me." I hadn't even realized I was scowling at him till he said something. He smiled at my shocked expression. "You know, when you're father lead me here, I thought it would've been deserted, not a nice house such as this."

"This is one of the houses father owns." I frowned again.

"Ah, I see." His small smile still in perfect position under his eyes. Come to think of it. I don't remember his eyes opening, so how did he know I scowled at him? Who is this guy? "Oh!" He slightly jumped. "Where are my manners? I completely forgot to introduce myself." He straightened his back and placed his hands on top of his legs. "My name is Hazama. I'm a colleague of your fathers." He extended his hand out to shake mine. I took it and he gently moved our hands up and down.

"Ada." He didn't give his last name so why should I? He let go of my hand and looked at me with closed eyes, which is really annoying. "Um, if you don't mind me asking. Why don't you open your eyes?"

His smile turned into a frown. "What do you mean? My eyes are open."

"But," maybe he was born like that. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you."

"None taken." He returned his calm smile and stood up from his seat. "Ada. Would you be a dear and get me a towel. When you spilt that water, some got the bottom of my legs." I inhaled sharply and moved my hand to cover my mouth. I'd completely forgotten about the tea.

"I'm so sorry!" I rapidly apologized. My face started heating from the embarrassment.

"It's quite alright." His voice was reassuring but it didn't stop my cheeks from being pink. "But uh, the towel would be nice."

"Sorry, right." I rushed out of the kitchen back into the living room and stopped at the sofa. My parents weren't there. I looked around the room and it was if they weren't in the room to begin with. Even the door was closed. The silence became suffocating, the only thing I heard was Hazama readjusting his chair. To my left was the hallway that leads to the bedrooms and the closet we keep our towels in. I grabbed two towels, one for Hazama and another for all the water I spilt. Walking back into the living room I saw another door way. "Of course, all of our houses have basements!" I tried to keep my voice to a whisper.

"Did you say something?" Hazama asked from the kitchen. With towels in hand I walked into the kitchen.

"Yes, I was just talking to myself though." I placed his towel on the table where he was sitting. Hazama nodded while standing in front of the sink and turned on the water.

"Thank you. I'm just refilling your pot while we wait. Oh and don't worry about the floor. I uh, just cleaned it up while you were out."

"Oh… um thank you." That was randomly nice of him. But I need to find my parents. "If you'll excuse me."

"Hey, do you wanna hear a secret, Ada?"

"Um, can this wait?" Like any kid my age I wanted to hear secrets, but I really wanted to find my parents.

"Actually, I'd uh, like to get this one off my chest." He turned off the water and looked at me. His soft smile replaced with a concerned frown. I know that he isn't going to let me go unless I yell at him, and a small part of me wanted to. Mother taught me my manners however, and they told me to mind my elders. He took the pot to the stove and turned on the front burner. "It's about your parents." What could he know about my parents? He said that he was a colleague of fathers but what did he know about my mother.

"Okay, sure." His frown flipped again as he placed his hand on his head and leaned against the counter.

"Well, I guess it's nothing serious really." He chuckled. "So you can calm down a bit. But you have to promise me that we keep this 'hush hush' okay?" I nodded. "What would you say if I told you that you're going to have two brothers?"

"Like twins? I was hoping for a baby sister but twin brothers would be nice."

"Not exactly. See your-" He cut himself off and stared behind me. I turned around to see father glaring at Hazama.

His frown turned into a smile as he looked at me. His mask still hiding his eyes, but I could tell from the sweetness in his voice that something bad had happened between him and his wife. "Ada, darling, what has Hazama been telling you."

I beamed up at him. "He told me that I was going to have two brothers."

He frowned and looked at Hazama. He made a low hum, before looking back at me and smiling. "You can't believe everything people say, Ada."

Hazama lifted himself off the counter and walked to the living room. "Oh, but it's true. It'll be a little surprise for your mother." He paused at the doorway and turned his head sideways. "Don't forget to keep it 'hush hush' this time m'kay." He said through his smile.

Father followed him through the door. "Ada." He called to me. "Help your mother up the stairs."

An endless sea of white and three empty chairs were the only other things that occupied the plane that a girl dressed in black stood.

A stern man's voice echoed through the room. "Rachel Alucard, we have not been on this subject for over 1756789923456789412345-"

"Ha ha, by the look on your face you know what we are going to say." A second, slightly calmer guy's voice chuckled. The girl nodded.

"Then that means you know that we know what you're going to say also." The stern voice returned. "So then I fail to see to see any logic of you being here."

Rachel scoffed as she stared forward. "A pity you machines cannot see what it is you are doing by allowing Relius Clover do as he pleases."

"Incorrect." A third bland female voice said. "We have seen the unexpected phenomena appear around Relius Clover 76 hours ago and have acknowledged it as a causality to be observed. Noted as a possibility of the Continuum Shift."

"This isn't a possibility. Relius has-"

"Yes, we know." The stern voice called out. The room fell into silence as the tension threatened to replace the air.

The calm voice sighed. "It doesn't seem like we are going to come to any agreement on this miss Alucard. I suggest we put this predicament to a vote."

"Hardly." Rachel spat. "It's obvious that you three intend on leaving Relius be."

The stern voice suddenly boomed in anger. "Then there is nothing more to be done. Do not forget your place, Rachel Alucard."

Rachel's lips twitched downward for a second. "Very well. I shall take my leave." Slowly she faded out of Takamagahara.

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