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Severus and Lily glanced at each other. They were sipping cool drinks and feeling rather pleased.

The corners of his mouth curled upwards a little as curiosity tingled.

'So, I am curious Lily, I would very much like to know, where is he, me, the other part of my soul? I guess yours is with, ah... Potter, but where am I?'

Lily looked over his shoulder.

'Turn around Severus.'

Flicking his head he turned and was startled to see a tall black clad figure silently gliding across the grass towards them. They both rose to their feet.

Severus Senior halted abruptly a few yards away. He spoke in the deep voice Severus remembered owning not long ago. A portrait of cool composure the tall figure bowed slightly before greeting them politely,





Snape Senoirs eyes glittered,

'Getting along nicely I see.'

Lily blushed.

Both Severuses smirked.

In a tone of mild disinterest Severus Senior clipped,

'You will have been wondering of my whereabouts. Well, I can inform you that I have been somewhat intriguingly occupied, you see... I have been attending to the soul of another, ah, unexpected refugee in this apparent haven of unrequited love.'

Lily furtively glanced at Severus Junior, did he know? From his look of annoyed bewilderment the answer was no. Nudging him she whispered,

'I told you that you had missed some moments Sev.'

Focusing on a particle of air Severus Junior stared straight ahead.

To avoid his younger self further unnecessary embarrassment, the Potions Master Senior swiftly continued,

'It seems I had unwittingly, but quite gratifyingly for a man of my age, attracted the heart of a certain young Witch.'

'Really?' Severus remarked rather pleased.

'Ah,...Really. You see when I died a part of her did too, it appears that rather, ah, liking me she had been watching closely and had for a while surmised my role. She returned to my body after seeing some...things... in the pensieve and was...upset. However, she will be well attended, by myself, until it is time for her to join me fully. Besides, I have spoken with the Lawyer and we came to an, ah, agreement that that event will be not be for a little while yet, you see, she deserves a good life, and I have made sure that she receives one.'

Intimately aware of his own subtle arts of persuasion and golden loophole nifflering Severus Junior did not doubt this. The Potion Masters exchanged a knowing smirk.

'You spoke with the Lawyer, already?' Lily was aghast.

'Indeed, it didn't take long for me to, ah, check this place out. I have learnt some very interesting things.' He concluded mildly. He relaxed his shoulders and raising an eyebrow surveyed the air around him.

The breeze grumbled.

Snape Junior was rather impressed with himself.

Severus Senior continued,

'After a little, shall we say...negotiation the Lawyer felt...inclined to introduce me to the Accountants...'

'What, the who?' Lily was gaping now

Severus Senior continued acidly,

' the Lawyer keeps the Laws holding firm the accountants are the aspects of Ancient magic that check the balance of the power, and I discovered that someone in that dreary department had, using their terminology, been cooking the books and judging from the size of the resultant imbalance, quite extensively. It would seem that in every realm, extant or otherwise, there will always be a noisome element that can just not leave well alone. Suffice it to say that I am now in a position to investigate the matter, and to... implement... any, ah, necessary changes in administration.' He glared at the thin air. From the corner of one eye he sharply glanced at his younger counterpart,

'These matters should keep me occupied until Ms Granger arrives.'

Granger! The corner of his mouth surreptitiously curled. So he had not misinterpreted the look he received from her in that last lesson. He mused, who would have predicted that he, Severus Snape, the Wizarding worlds Unpopular No 1, would have ended up with both of the cleverest witches of their respective ages. From the smug look on his face Severus concluded that Snape Senior strongly concurred.

Lily smiled.

'Well Severus, please keep us informed of matters as they unfold, if you would.' Lily looked at the figure of the older Potions Master. She had never personally met this powerful, striking elegant man, only watched him from afar. A warm little shiver caused the hair on her nape to prickle. This guy really was quite...something. She looked at the young man to her side and felt very impressed at how he had turned out.

'Certainly.' With a curt nod the older Wizard made motion to go, but paused and sliding his eyes between them, glared,

'Be...happy.' He shyly hissed. Turning smartly on his heel the Potions Master glided away.

After a pause of mutual astonishment Severus and Lily turned to each other,

'Death is indeed full of surprises, Sev.'

'So it would seem.'

Severus Snape bowed his head and offered his arm to Lily Evans,

'Shall we go and investigate further?'

She took her Gentlemans arm.

They started walking.


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