HA! I'm alive! So, this is actually something I wrote like a year or two ago, back when I was a bit depressed. I think this came to life either around the time my friend died, or the one year anniversary of his death. Anyways, I found it recently and a new story began forming in the apocalyptic world that is my brain. Yes, it's depressing. I know, but just bear with me for a couple of chapters, and it will have a happy ending...I hope. So, Read, review and I will see you guys in about a week.

Last Breath

My life is flashing before my eyes.

I see the bloody blade in my hand,

The blood running down my neck and chest.

My life is slowly draining out of my body.

Alone in this white room, I lay dying.

Slowly, and painfully, I leave this cruel world.

Somehow I managed to survive up to this day.

My life was in complete disarray, until

I strayed from society and all I thought was wrong.

I tried following my heart, yet

I found an empty box where it should have been.

Now, I finally know the reason why

I felt I was lying to you, every time I said,

"I love you."

I had no heart, therefore I could not love.

I thought love was a fake emotion, and I knew

I was an empty shell of a man.

As I lay here, taking my last breathes of life,

I begin to believe I am doing the world a favor.

I start believing the world would be a better place, when I'm gone.

Though, the last thing I see before I lose consciousness is

You crying and repeatedly saying,

"I love you."

Sadly, I cannot hear your voice anymore.

Closing my eyes, I let the darkness close around me, and

As I take my last breath,

I have enough strength to mouth back,

"I love you, too."

Now I am certain Love is not a lie, and

I really do have a heart.

T^T So sad! i don't feel bad for writing this. Why? I felt so much better afterwords, so there. Stick THAT in your juice box and suck it. XP Don't forget to review.