disclaimer: I do not own the country bears [as much as I wish I did] but I do own the characters that were not in the movie [with exceptions to Jade and Ray Falco, who belong to my friend. I have permission to use them]

Summary: Set in the KotS timeline, but in an alternate universe. The Bears and friends are finally able to celebrate a Christmas together, but of course, trouble is on the horizon. When an accidental fire almost destroys the Hall, Beary and Jewel set out on a mission to get a new tree [they're old one being destroyed in the fire]. However, neither of them know about the blizzard that's on the way...

A Country Bear's Christmas

"B-B-Beary, w-we h-h-have…t-to t-t-turn b-ba-back!" Jewel yelled, her voice being carried away by the fierce, biting wind that tangled her fur.

Beary tightly clutched her paw, afraid to let go in case Jewel became lost in the freak blizzard. He knew that she wanted to go home, but how was he going to tell her that they were lost?

The snow continued to fall at a rapid pace, sticking to their fur and clumping it together. The snow was as high as their knees, and was still falling. It had started falling only about an hour ago, but the amount that had been dumped on them was ridiculous. It had never snowed this much before! The two twelve-year-olds' unprotected paws and feet were practically numb at this point.

A sudden pull at his arm jerked him backwards. Beary turned and found Jewel had collapsed. "Jewel!" he cried, immediately lifting her out of the snow. He could feel her shaking in his arms, and knew that with her thin fur, she would succumb to frostbite or hypothermia faster than he would. "Shh…" he whispered, caressing her cheek, trying to soften her whimpers.

He looked around, knowing that they had to find shelter as soon as possible.

How had it come to this?

As he trudged through the snow, not able to see where he was going, he thought back to what had happened only hours before…

Well, there's the beginning! short, I know, but... .;;

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