The Donors/Jounin Class

"It'll have no side-effects," said Orochimaru, the head scientist of Ninja University. "All you do is," he lifted up a porn magazine. "Flip through this for a while. Then you," He held up a container. "Fill this up as much as you can. Then once you bring it, my assistant Kabuto will take some of your blood and DNA sample," he motioned to a tray of medical instruments. "And that's it. Nothing else you need to do."

"And how much extra credit do we get?" Kakashi asked with his nose still in his Icha-Icha Paradise book.

Orochimaru frowned at him but answered, "You get ten points extra on your end of the year presentation and drop your two lowest grades."

"Hell yeah!" Some of the students shouted. "I'm in!"

"But," said Orochimaru warningly. "That's only if your semen and DNA samples are used in the experiment. If they are rejected, then no extra credit. So, that's it, ta-ta for now. You can sign up in the main office."

Kakashi pounced on Asuma as they left the Jounin Level classroom. "Let's do it Suma-Numa," he teased him. "It'll be fun."

Asuma's lip curled up, at both the sickening nickname and the idea. "I'm not masturbating into a cup for no one. Even if my girlfriend asked me I wouldn't. Some things just aren't right."

Kakashi rolled his one visible eye. "Ah, Asuma don't be boring! You know you're not doing too well in class, will giving up a little semen match passing this class with an easy A? If you want to keep your Jounin certification, you need to do something quick. Just think of Kurenai or maybe have her be the one to get you hard, let loose into the cup and then you're done. It won't kill you."

"I'm with Asuma actually," said Iruka who had been at their side. "That's too embarrassing."

Kakashi's one eye narrowed on him. "Iruka, don't talk as if you ever even had an erection before. You told me yourself you don't have a sex drive, so rather it being embarrassing, its impossible for you."

Iruka was very pricked by that. Impossible for me to have an erection and orgasm? I'm just as much as a man as anyone else, its just there's no one around here that turns me on. I'll show him! Iruka lifted his chin at Kakashi. "I'll do it," he said firmly. "And I'll give three liters of healthy active semen." With that he stalked away.

Kakashi grinned beneath his mask and looked at a shocked Asuma. "Well? Want to help me counterattack Iruka?"

"No one even has three liters of semen in their body at one time," muttered Asuma but he also had his pride and didn't like the idea of skinny sexless Iruka doing the test over him. "But I'm in too."

The Donors/Chunnin Class

"…and that's all you have to do," said Orochimaru, ending his explanation of his newest experiment to his science class, the Chunnin Level. "You can sign your name in the main office."

After class ended, several Chunnins started up a conversation as they walked away.

"Of course I'm doing it!" Kankuro spoke loudly. "I have awesome sperm, I'll win this experiment easily."

Gaara let out a soft long-suffering sigh. "Kankuro, its a science experiment, there's no winning and losing. And whether the experiment is an success or not has many different factors that just the semen that's used, such as how the semen is used, if it is the right semen and even just the exact variables and-" He stopped talking as he realized everyone around were pretending to have fallen asleep on him. "Whatever," he muttered, crossing his arms.

"I'll do it too," said Sasuke after the conversation began up again. "I'll admit it'll be hard to get a boner just by looking at a magazine, I need Naruto to do some Sexy Jutsu or something, that would help a whole lot."

Gaara's brows went up. "You want to see Naruto as a naked girl to get you aroused?"

Sasuke gave him a set look. "Naruto has learned how to make any type of woman, he doesn't turn himself into a girl anymore, unless he's purposely being perverted."

Kankuro smirked. "When he makes a sexy naked woman and you two are alone, so what happens then?"

Sasuke pretended he didn't hear and said, "I'll see if anyone else wants to do it, it should be interesting."

The Surrogates/Chunnin Class

"Its possible there might be some pain as the pseudo-womb is formed," explained Orochimaru. "However there will be no lasting side-effects and seeing as this is just a very early test, there's no pregnancy, its just forming a womb which will dissolve soon after, saying its created at all."

"And what's the catch again?" Kiba looked doubtful. "What's in this for us?"

Orochimaru smiled. "Twenty-five points on your end of the semester presentation and your three lowest grades are dropped."

"HELL YEAH! I'M IN!" There was a roar of a response.

Orochimaru told them where they could sign up for the experiment and class was ended.

"No way," said Neji as Naruto turned to him and he turned his back on Kiba who was walking up. "I'm not being injected with some foreign substance that could possibly give me a womb. I'm a man and having a womb is an abomination."

Naruto rolled his eyes. "You are too technical Neji and not enough elastic. Just think, we can pass science with an one hundred and ten if we do this."

"I can make an one hundred and ten on my own, I don't need to become some guinea pig." Neji spoke plainly and there was an air of finality to his tone.

"Hey!" It was Sasuke walking up. "Did you hear," he asked.

"We heard," said the other three.

"And I'm not doing it," said Neji stoutly.

"Agreed," grumbled Shikamaru who was standing there. He looked bored as heck.

"Well we are!" Naruto announced while putting his arm around Kiba's neck and hugging him to his side. "We want to get wombs." He also grabbed Shikamaru and held him on his other side with his other arm. Shikamaru growled a denial but didn't care to force Naruto's arm off him, he was too tired.

Sasuke stared, shocked. "W-what? Who said anything about wombs?"

Neji stared next. "You just asked us if we heard. Weren't you talking about Orochimaru's experiment?"

"Well, yeah," said Sasuke, still looking a little confused. "But he told us all we had to do was give him a sample of our semen and some DNA. What's this about wombs?"

Kiba answered. "He said we'll just take some drug that will attempt to grow us a womb but he said there was no lasting-side effect and we won't get pregnant. Neji's acting like a noob because he says a man having a womb is an abomination. He's probably afraid of the pain too."

Sasuke smirked even as Neji denied the claim. "What's this? Neji afraid?"

Neji glowered as Naruto and Kiba snickered, Shikamaru was chuckling too. Then Lee showed up and put his arm Neji's waist. "I am not participating in the experiment as well," he announced and gave Neji a brotherly smile. "It seems Neji and I both agree that there are some factors that Mother Nature should not be defied in."

Sasuke smirked even wider at Neji. "So there you have it then," he said. "Neji and Lee won't do it, too afraid. Come you three, let's go sign up." He turned to walk away, but Neji couldn't handle being lumped in with Lee as if they were equals and being told he was afraid twice.

He excused himself from Lee's grip and joined up with the other four. He didn't speak but the angle of his chin told the story. Naruto was dragging Shikamaru up with him who didn't stop him. It was too troublesome.