I wake up and yawn and quickly get ready to fetch Katniss. I arrive at the same time as Portia but I guess we're still made at each other so we ignore each other's gaze.

I go over to Katniss' door and simply go in. We both knew that she and Peeta would be in there together. They rouse and understand that it's time for them to go. Peeta gives Katniss a kiss, whispers something to her and then leaves with Portia.

Katniss has to stay behind with me. All the tributes have to enter the arena separately.

We begin to make our way to the roof of the trainer center when Katniss speaks up.

"I didn't say good-bye to Portia"

"I'll tell her" I say in a way so I cover up the recent feelings I've had towards her lately.

We make it to the roof where the hover craft is waiting. We grab on to the ladder where we are frozen in place while we are brought up into the hovercraft. As soon as we're inside, a doctor comes over and injects Katniss with the tracker.

We sit around and wait until we reach the arena. I try to force her to eat and drink as much water as possible. Eventually I get her to drink some water after a long time of convincing.

Eventually we get to the launch room at the arena. She took a quick shower and then I helped her braid her hair. We open up the package with the tribute outfit inside. It's a fitted blue jumpsuit, made of a very sheer material with the zipper in the front, a 6 inch wide padded belt covered in shiny purple plastic and a pair of nylon shoes with rubber soles.

"What do you think?" She asks.

I pick up the jumpsuit to look at it more closely. I frown as I rub the material between my fingers.

"I don't know. It will offer little in the way of protection from cold or water."

"Sun?" She asks.

"Possibly. If it's been treated." I help her get into her outfit. "Oh, I almost forgot this. I take out the mockingjay pin from my pocket and place it on her jumpsuit.

"My dress was fantastic last night." She says. I can tell that she's worried for me.

"I thought you might like it" I say with a small smile.

We sit down in silence and wait until the speakers say that it's time for launch. We walk over to the launch pad were Katniss step on. I zip up her jumpsuit securely.

"Remember, girl on fire, I'm betting on you." I say as I kiss her on the forehead. I step back as I watch the glass cylinder separate me from her. I wait for her to be raised into the arena but she never does.

Katniss looks at me, confused. I simply shrug as I have no idea what's going on either. Suddenly I hear the slam of a door slam open behind me. Three peacekeepers come charging out at me. I look at Katniss' terrified expression as the two guards pin me down while the other is on top of me. I can't see Katniss anymore. The one on top starts whacking me with a rod. I begin to feel lightheaded. Eventually he gives me that one fatal hit right in the temple. That's when I blacked out. Now it was up to my mockingjay to keep the candle burning.

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