New Beginnings.

Hi, I'm Emily, and this is my new fanfiction. The fiction follows the life of Dr Isabella Jordan in the Holby City E.D. I apologise in advance for the typo's and the grammatical errors that I will most probably make. It is not essential to watch Casualty from Series 22 onwards, but it does help to vaguely know the plotline. I have written a large amount of this fanfiction already, but not in chronological order (typical me). Updates should be reasonably regular, but there are bit's I am struggling to write. Any feedback/reviews are gladly revived, I love to improve but I can't do that without constructive criticism.

This chapter is set in the Casualty S22 E1/2 to give you a rough idea of the timing.

Dr Isabella Jordan walked up to the big double doors of Holby City Emergency department purposefully and took a deep breath. You can do this Bells. She made a quick mental check that she had everything. Her battered holdall was still held by her side, her hair was still contained in it's loose plait and her hands were definitely still shaking. She was nervous, something that it pained her to admit. She'd spent so long trying to be brave and pretend that nothing was wrong that she had forgotten who she really was inside. She checked her pockets for the three packets of pills she knew she was going to find. Reassurance. She frowned, it was her first job in a proper hospital, she'd done a bit of locum work but it wasn't the same as having to see the same people everyday. She was an ex-army doctor, the army had been her home for 5 years and it had been her only comfort. What the hell am I thinking? She took a final deep breath and clenched her shaking hands. She made her way to the reception, "Hi, I'm Dr Isabella Jordan, I'm starting work here today."

"Oh, hi, I'm Noel, the receptionist here. Are you the new Trust Doctor, or an F2?"

"Trust Doctor."

"Okay, then you'll want to speak to Harry Harper, I assume you've met him- ah Harry, it's Dr Jordan here."

Harry nodded, he seemed to be distracted. "Of course, we've met." Bella shook his extended hand.

Harry stepped back, "I'm afraid we're very busy today, but then I guess you would like to get stuck in? We've got two F2's starting today, Charlie will give you a tour. Sorry, I've got to go?" And then Harry hurried off. The receptionist shrugged in apology and directed her to the staffroom. She quickly changed into her scrubs leaving a long sleeved top underneath. The senior charge nurse, Charlie, gave her a tour, along with the two F2's. Ruth seemed like a bit of a cow, Toby seemed nicer but didn't seem to know one end of a stethoscope from the other. She got to work in cubicles. And this was where Bella was at her happiest. Every patient was a new puzzle for her to solve. A drunken homeless guy, a trampoline injury, a women with chest pains, two lads who'd been in a fight needing stitches, a girl with chicken pox later and she was reporting to Tess the ward sister.

"Cubicles 4, 5 and 8 need discharging, 3 needs a cast, 2 needs a referral to your Cardiac ward, Darwin is it? And Cubical 10 needs a hostel for a night or two."

Tess smiled. "You work quickly. Notes?"

Bella handed Tess the notes, just as the doors opened and two paramedics pushed a teenage girl on a trolley in. "Okay, this is Ellie, she's 14, found on Green Park way, possible assault. Trauma to the head, stomach and possible broken radius and defence wounds."

Bella motioned to trolley, "Can I take this?"

Tess shrugged and announced to the rest of the team. "Okay then, Dr Jordan is going to take this one."

Bella shouted over her shoulder. "Please call me Bella, guys, Dr Jordan sounds really too official."

With the bomb exploding, the rest of the shift was completely manic, but she did get to know the team that she would be working for. She thought she managed to impress the ward sister, Tess, with the speed at which she got through patients and she didn't think that anyone thought she was a nutter. Maybe a job wouldn't be so scary after all.