A/N: Sorry it's so short, I just wanted to get back into the swing of writing this pairing with a little drabble and try another one with them as an already-established couple.

Scott stormed into the bedroom, a scowl plastered over his face. Matt lowered the book from his face to raise an eyebrow at his angry boyfriend. "Something wrong?"

"I don't believe it!" Scott growled, jumping onto the bed and crawling over to lie down besides Matt.

The boy in question raised his left eyebrow to join his right. "I think that's saying is copyrighted to the BBC nowadays."


"You know, Richard Wilson? One Foot in the Grave . . . ?" Matt trailed off, seeing that Scott was in no mood for joking around. Sighing, he marked his place and leaned over to put his reading material on the bedside table before laying down side-on to the American boy as he stared up at the ceiling sullenly. Matt reached over and gently took his hand, rubbing his thumb over his knuckles. "Come on, what's wrong?"

Scott remained tense for several long moments, then relaxed without warning, his frown fading away to a more sorrowful expression. "It's just . . ." he hesitated, biting his lip.

Matt brought his hand up to brush over Scott's mouth, coaxing him to release his lip before he drew blood and leaving his hand idly caressing the other boy's cheekbone. "Just?" he prompted softly.

Scott groaned lowly, squeezing his eyes shut. "It's stupid." When Matt didn't answer him, he continued. "It's just bothering me that we're so . . . inactive. Why are we just lazing around playing soccer and having lessons?"

Matt almost smiled at the distaste his extremely clever but rebellious and stubborn lover said the last word with, but thought better of it. "I know, love, I know. I hate it too. But what can we do? We don't want to go rushing in, we need to think first; let them make the first move. After all, a single mistake could cost us – so much."

Matt couldn't bear to say it, instead choosing to wrap his arms around Scott and bury his face in his thick black hair. Scott didn't need to use his telepathy to know that his boyfriend was thinking of the worst possible thing that could happen to either of them. He rolled over and returned the English boy's embrace.

"I'm sorry, I know you feel it too, I just wanted to vent." Scott apologised softly, pressing his lips to Matt's exposed shoulder.

He felt Matt smile into his hair. "Vent away, love."