Sorry, for the delay guys... . If you don't see an update for more than a week, don't hesitate to send me a PM, I probably just ran off the road (and forgot to update the story/get started on the new chapter) which is what happened.

Anyways, within a few days or a week, the first chapter will be replaced and everyone should re-read it. A) Its better and far more informative and B) It'll work better for the story. Then about a few days after that I'll work on chapter 2, it will be replaced, but nothing will be deleted just another page or two will be added.

Also, in about 2 or 3 weeks, a new story will be added thanks to the ever awesome Cuz-Snarry's-Awesome, she had a prompt on her userpage that she has given me permission to use. So excited that I'm going to give you guys the prompt, just so you have an idea what its about.

Once again, if you want to send me a PM to ask any questions, give a suggestion or just chat, don't hesitate I don't bite, and your PM is probably the most interaction I'll get from someone I don't And on that, final note, this chapter will be deleted and replaced with the real chapter when I get it done.