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Bella Swan and Alice Brandon have been best friends ever since they can remember. They are finally achieving their life long dream of opening their own bakery. But, what will happen when Bella gets admitted to hospital by her clumsy behaviour.

There may be some future lemons.

All the characters are human.

All the same pairings (more or less...)



'Wha…what's going on?' I replied, my voice barely above a whisper compared to this persons shouting.

As I slowly began to open my eyes, I was blinded by the bright light that was in my room. I quickly shut them again, only to be shouted at some more.


I made my second attempt to open my eyes, and did so rather successfully. There, standing at the end of my bed, was my best friend Alice Brandon.

'Alice, what the hell are you doing here? In my house? How did you get in?' I asked, pretty confused by the situation.

'Silly, I got in through the door. Anyway, you said you would be up and dressed by 8:30 a.m. Since it is now 9:30 a.m. I thought I would come and wake you up myself.' She said all this in her usual high pitched overly excited sing-song voice.

'Who let you in?' I needed answers; I was getting more and more confused.

'Your dad. I knocked on the door and he let me in. Pretty much the way everyone gets into houses. Except burglars. But, why would I burgle my friend's house? I mean, I could just pret-'

'Ok, Ali, I get the idea. You can shut up now.' She tended to do this a lot. She could keep talking forever, so I had to shut her up all the time.

'Ok. Well, I laid out some clothes for you today. They are comfy-chic. Since we are doing hard word they are comfortable, but still fashionable!' She gets way too excited about clothes…and comfy-chic? I will never fully understand this woman…

'Ok, ok, I'm up. I didn't realise this day would consist of so much work. If you would let me have a shower and get dressed, we can start.' I said, still not properly awake, so a cold shower would be just the right thing (and coffee…of course!).

'Alright-y! I will go make you and your dad some breakfast while you get ready!' She said as she skipped out of my bedroom, whistling a song. Alice was another thing to get you awake and lively in the mornings.

I grabbed the clothes Alice had put out and hopped into the shower. I made sure to turn it down, then got on with washing my hair with my favourite strawberry shampoo. Once out, I half dried my hair and put it in a ponytail to keep it away from my face.

Then, I put on my comfy-chic clothes and opened the door. Immediately, I was hit by the smell of freshly cooked waffles and coffee. I practically ran downstairs (tripping along the way, of course) and grabbed a big mug of coffee.

'Someone's more active now!' Alice winked at me.

'Well, since I smelt waffles, I just had to come check them out!' I said, both of us laughing at my love of food.

I will admit; there is nothing better than food. Everyone knows it. It's not as if I'm fat though. I eat and eat but I never put on any weight. I guess you could call me lucky.

I noticed my dad, Charlie, had also smelt waffles to which he was now eating like there was no tomorrow!

I quickly grabbed a plate, so that I could grab some before he ate them all. They were the most delicious waffles ever! I had mine with syrup and blueberries, and they sure were the best way to wake you up in the morning!

'Well, dad, me and Alice are probably going to get going now. We have a lot of packing to do today.' I said, giving him a hug and a kiss as we left.

'So, Ali, how are we going to transport all our stuff and the stuff we have bought to the bakery? I mean, even if we use my truck, we still aren't going to have enough room.' I said, getting kinda worried as I had only just thought about this now. Usually Alice was so prepared.

'Don't worry, I have it all sorted. When have you ever known me to be unorganised?' She asked, and I began to laugh. I couldn't actually believe I had doubted her.

'Ok mighty Alice, what form of transport shall we be using today then? I said, with a mock salute at the end. She began laughing.

'Ah, now, I am surprised you haven't noticed it.' She said, grinning and holding back a laugh.

'Notice wha- oh, right, that's kinda awkward!' I said, and we both started laughing at me.

Standing right in front of my house, was a huge lorry, that looked big enough to fit my house it.

'So, who's gonna drive this beast then?' I said, secretly hoping Alice would step forward. How the heck were you supposed to drive this thing?

'Don't worry, Bella, I can drive it. How do you think it got here? Fairies?' She mockingly asked.

We both jumped in to the cabin, and Alice set off.

Firstly, we went to our bakery, to check it out. We did this about once a day, because we were both so excited. This had been our dream ever since we were kids, to open our own bakery. Since now we were actually fulfilling that dream, we couldn't believe it.


'Come on, please! You know you want to go shopping with me! And it's only to Port Angeles; it's not as if I am dragging you to Seattle!' Alice whined to me.

So, I reluctantly agreed to go shopping with her. Since she was my best friend, she would always drag me shopping with her. I tried to protest as much as I could, but it never worked. I'm not even sure why I still tried.

Anyway, and hour later we were in Port Angeles. We looked around several clothes shops, with Alice buying us both (I tried to refuse, but she always insisted on buying me clothes, since her family was loaded) mountains of clothes in hundreds of shopping bags.

My feet were pretty worn out, and that was all I was thinking out.

'!' Alice screamed out, interrupting my thoughts. She had dropped all her shopping bags and was screaming and pointing.

'ALI!' I shouted to get her attention 'What the hells the matter? You nearly gave me a heart attack!' I wasn't lying.

'I'm sorry, Bells, but look!' She said, still squealing, but anything was better than screaming.

Then I saw what she was looking at. I had to hold back my own scream.

'Oh. My. God.' I breathed out.

'I know. This is it. It is perfect. Oh, Bells, we HAVE to get this!' I was surprised by how calm she had managed to be.

I instantly grabbed my cell from my pocket and called the realtors number.

'Hello, Jones Realtors, how may I help you?' The reception lady politely asked.

'Hello, my name is Bella Swan and I was wondering if I could speak to someone about a viewing?' I asked in my most professional tone of voice.

'Yes, now, which building is it that you would like to view?'

'It is 59 St Peabody Street in Port Angeles. I believe it is a bakery?' I half asked, half stated.

'Yes, it is, our realtor Jasper Whitlock will be round in approximately 20 minutes to give you a viewing. Is that ok?'

'Yes, that most definitely is. Thank you.' I said, as I was more than thankful we could view it now.

'You're welcome, have a good day, bye for now.'

'You too, bye.' I said, smiling at Alice.

'What did they said?' She asked, almost exploding with joy.

'They confirmed it was a bakery…and…WE CAN VIEW IT IN 20 MINUTES!' I said, screaming at the end of my sentence!

'Really! Oh, that's wonderful!' She was gleaming with joy.

'Yeah! They said a guy named Jasper Whitlock would be showing us round!' I don't know why I was giving her details, I just thought I should.

'Oh, I wonder if he's fit!' Alice squealed as we made our way over to the bench.

We spent the next 20 minutes sat discussing whether we thought Jasper would be cute, muscly, fit or ugly. Alice pretty much decided that if he was fit and cute she was going to flirt with him. I just laughed along not really believing she would!

We saw a car approach with the name 'Jones Realtors' written on the side, so we made our way towards it. We almost (well, I say almost, but Alice actually did) skipped with excitement to the car.

'Hello, I take it you are Bella Swan?' Jasper said, holding his hand out. He was kind of cute, I will admit. He was fairly tall, and had honey blonde curly hair. I saw the look in Alice's eye, and left him for her. Even if it wasn't for Alice, I'm not sure if I would have particularly flirted with him, seeing as he wasn't really my type.

I shook his hand back, and introduced him to Alice.

'Yes, I am Bella. This is my friend Alice Brandon, who will also be looking around the bakery with us.' I said, politely.

'Hello Alice, what a pleasure to meet you. And you too Bella. Should we go inside then?' I could immediately tell he was interested in Alice, and only acknowledged me to not be rude. Alice seemed to notice this as well.

'What a pleasure to meet you too.' Alice said in her sweetest voice.

I let out a soft chuckle, which earned me a punch in the arm. Despite her size, she can punch pretty hard.

After looking round the bakery for a while, I was even more certain this was perfect. It even had an apartment upstairs, with two bedrooms, so me and Alice could happily live in it. It was great seeing the bakery, and I think Jasper enjoyed it as well, seeing as him and Alice spent the entire time flirting.

I didn't mind though. I was more than happy for my friend.

'So, what do you girls think of the place then?' Jasper was quite a nice realtor. He didn't push us to buy the building, but then, we were pretty set on it already.

'I loved it; I loved how authentic it was!' Alice exclaimed, looking over to me to seek my opinion.

'I loved it too! It is the best one we have seen by a mile!' I truly meant it as well.

'Well, I have the paperwork with me right now. You can have some time alone to think, but, we could get some of the paperwork started if you would like.' Jasper politely offered.

Me and Alice looked at each other, then back to Jasper.

'I'm pretty sure we both love this place, so let's start the paperwork.' Alice squealed to Jasper.


'BELLA! OI! BELLS! EARTH TO BELLA! WE ARE HERE! REMEMBER?' Alice was yelling in my face.

'Oh, yeah, sorry, just, remembering when we first saw the bakery.' I said, making sure I wouldn't start reminiscing again.

'Oh, Bells. I should be the one reminiscing. I am the one who met my lovely boyfriend from it. Who, by the way, has offered to help us today!' She said, getting excited just by the sound of his name. They had been together 2 months, but they were completely inseparable. It was so sweet to watch.

We both got out of the huge lorry (which Alice had skilfully parked) and made our way towards our bakery. It still feels weird to think it's ours.

We unlocked the door and made our way inside. It was a lot cleaner and more organised from when we first saw it, but we still have a lot of work to be done.

We need to get all the tables, chairs, kitchen equipment, and other stuff inside. Then we need to organise everything. Then we need to get all the furniture for our apartment upstairs. Then we have to make sure everything is clean. Also, we have some painting to do as we didn't finish everything yesterday.

Man, we have a lot to do. But, Alice was happy as ever. She started skipping out the shop to the back of the truck.

'What are you doing?' I asked her, confused.

'Getting my stuff out, silly! I figured you would be late this morning, so I used the time to finish packing and loading it into the truck.' I should have known. This was typical Alice, all over.

I went over to help her with her boxes. I'm not sure what she put in those damn boxes, but they were flipping heavy!

After what seemed like forever we finally got all the boxes into our upstairs apartment. Although, some of them were kitchen stuff, we decided we would sort them out later, as most of the stuff was Alice's.

I was beginning to wonder how we would fit all of Alice's stuff in the apartment, let alone mine!

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