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When I woke up the next morning, I was met with three things.

A pounding headache.

Two notes beside my bed.

And no recollection of the night before.

I opened the draw of my bedside table, and quickly took a tablet with my glass of water to calm my head. Then, I looked at the first note, from Alice.

Hey Bella!
Don't worry about working today; you were hammered last night, as your headache can probably tell you.
Love, Alice xxx

I smiled at the thought, but still decided to go to work, at least for a couple of hours, today. Then I looked at the second note.

I left before you woke up, because I thought it would be best. You drank a lot last night, so I'm not sure what your memories of last night are, but we need to talk. I'm working today, so how about I come round at 8? Text me if there's a problem with that.

No kisses. No 'I love you's'. What in the hell did I do last night?

I saw my dress in a heap in the floor, along with my panties. I looked under the cover and found myself naked.

Quickly, I had a shower and got dressed, before going downstairs to talk to Alice. Luckily, there were not many customers around, as I needed to talk to her. Urgently.

"Hey hun, how are you feeling?" Alice asked. I took a big gulp of my coffee before replying.

"Like shit. What the hell did I do last night to earn this note from Edward?" I asked, thrusting the note forward for Alice to read.

"You don't remember anything?" Alice asked.

"I did something really bad, didn't I?" I asked, and Alice nodded. She then filled me in on Rose and Emmett getting engaged, me telling Edward I didn't want to ever get married, and then getting insanely drunk and calling Edward a 'big bad meanie'.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT! And now he's left me that note, and he's probably going to break up with me. And I don't even know what happened when I came home, but I woke up naked, and…shit!" I may have overused the word shit, but things really were shit.

"When I came home with Jasper, you were lying in bed, and Edward didn't look too happy." Alice commented.

For the rest of the day, I tried to focus on the customers, but inside I was trying desperately to think of ways to make things between Edward and I better. I could tell him I was lying about my views on marriage, but I was a rubbish liar. Damn it.

We close up the shop at 6, and I was a bundle of nerves. As soon as I got upstairs, I changed into sweatpants, and began eating ice-cream. I eat when I'm nervous.

"It'll be fine, honey. I promise you." Alice said, while making some pasta for dinner.

"How did you know I was nervous?" I ask Alice.

"You hate vanilla ice-cream, and when you're nervous you'll eat anything." Alice explained. I didn't even realise I was eating vanilla ice-cream, so I quickly put it back in the freezer. Then, I went to my room and read a book, another thing I do when I'm nervous.

Alice called out for dinner, and I ate a bit, but it was now 7:30 and I felt like I was going to vomit if I ate anymore. I quickly went back to my room, and put on my calming music, Debussy.

"Bella! Edward's here!" Alice called out. "I'm going to Jasper's, to give you two some time together. Call me if you need anything!" I nod, and walk over and open the door. My heart beats wildly at the sight, while my brain wants me to look away to save some hurt when he breaks up with me. Edward seems to be having the same inner turmoil.

"Come in." I say, waving my hand in the general direction of the apartment. "Want a drink?" I ask as he sits down on the sofa.

"I'm good, thanks." Instantly, the atmosphere becomes awkward between us. I hover round by the kitchen, wanting an alcoholic drink, but knowing it will make my headache worse. Instead, I settle for water, and take another aspirin with it. "How's your head?" Edward asks, breaking the silence but not the awkwardness between us.

"It's bearable." I settle for saying. Slowly, I walk over to the living room area, and sit on the armchair as opposed to sitting next to Edward. He sighs and runs a hand through his beautiful, messy bronze hair. He gets up and, for a moment, I think he's going to leave, but instead he starts pacing around my living room.

"We clearly don't want the same things." Edward begins, saying what we both knew we had to talk about.

"You're wrong." I tell him. His head snaps up to look at me, eyes questioning.

"What? You've changed your views over night?" He asks incredulously.

"No. Just because I'm against marriage, it doesn't mean I'm afraid of commitment." I've been thinking about this all day.

"Then, if you're happy with commitment, why not marriage?" Edward asks, almost mocking my views, which just makes me angry.

"My parents were committed to each other! They were high school sweethearts! It was the marriage that drove them apart. They'd been together for years before!" I'm practically shouting at him.

"But we're not your parents! It's not like I've knocked you up or anything." Edward protests.

"And we're not your parents, either!" I retort.

"Maybe it was the marriage that pushed your parents apart; maybe it was having a child so young." Edward says.

"You're saying I'm the reason they split up? If that's so, why didn't your parents split up? Oh, because everything about them, and you, is perfect. Well, let me tell you, Edward, not everything in life is perfect, and I sure as hell am not!" I shout at him.

"I never said it was you, I said it was the pressure! Not the baby, the pressure." Edward says, not shouting like I am.

"Us fighting about this is pointless. We're both too stubborn." I somehow manage to calm down.

"You're right." Edward agrees, before sitting down. I, too, sit down. I hadn't even realise I had stood up to begin with.

"If you're going to break up with me, just do it. There's no point in us fighting, we need to remain civil after our break-up, since we have to same group of friends. I mean, we've been going out for like, a day, it's not as if much will change." I look away when I say this, my brain wins out. My heart, however, still hurts, and makes me look at him one last time, to remember his perfect face.

"Is that what you want?" Edward asks me quietly.

"It's easier this way. You want marriage, I don't. After a few years, you'd get bored of me just being your girlfriend. You need someone who shares your views." I explain, and feel my eyes well up, but I don't let the tears fall just yet. When he goes, however, that will be a different story.

"I don't want to break up with you. I love you too much." Edward says.

"I know, I love you too." I tell him. He gets up and walks over to me, kneeling in front of me.

"Then why do we have to break up. If neither of us wants to and we both still love each other." Edward has tears streaming down his face, and that triggers my own tears. Hesitantly, Edward stands up, and leans over to me. He kisses me, with my brain screaming in protest about the hurt it will endure later. This kiss is quite wet, though, both of us with tears going down our faces. We break apart, both reluctant.

"I'm not leaving you." Edward says.

"But-" Edward stops me by placing his hand over my lips.

"I don't care about marriage enough to leave you over it. I love you more than anything in this world, only an idiot would break up with you." Edward tells me. More tears run down my face. "Don't cry, beautiful, I'm so sorry." Edward says.

"Happy tears." I murmur. Just then, the front door opens, and Alice comes in. She looks over to Edward and I, both of us with tears all over our faces, and my face in Edward's hands.

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, what did I tell you?" Alice demands.

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