When You Think You Know a Man

They were partners, best friends and for this reason Youko knew everything about Kuronue there was to know. Or at least that was what he thought until he met her…Kuronue's Twin.

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Chapter One

She ran through the forest darkened by the night her bare feet making not a single sound as they padded on the muddy forest floors. Dark brown imprints in the mud briefly told of her quick run through the area before they were filled with heavy drops of rain that fell from above. Said rain coated her body reducing her long midnight locks into damp pieces of stringy black yarn and her clothing into indecent flimsy cloths that stuck to her form with both water and mud. Ignoring this she simply looked forward her eyes the color of chocolate unable to see through the heavy rain produced mist forcing her to run blindly in unfamiliar territory yet she didn't care. The thoughts of possible dangers to herself that her actions could bring did not register in her head as she kept on with her fast pace her feet beginning to slide uncontrollably on the muddy grounds as the rain soaked the land more and more. It was getting increasingly harder to run. Her feet coated with mud were cold and torn from the sharp rocks in the slick mud she ran across while her legs were nearly on fire from having kept her fast pace up for so long.

Also as if that wasn't enough it was getting extremely hard to breath. Between her fast pants and the nonstop rain that seems keen on entering her lungs it felt as if her throat itself was starting to close. She had to all but force the air in and out of her lungs yet it seemed to be nothing more than a waste when the lump hidden inside the pale flesh of her neck only seemed to grow as did her frustration. Finally though after what seemed to be an eternity of running she collapsed her knees sinking into the floors as she cursed. Cursed the damn human body that was too weak to carry on…too weak to weak to protect the ones she loved…too weak to protect the one she loved. Clenching her hands into small tight fist at her very own thoughts she growled. The sound was far too inhuman to belong to the miko she was believed to be yet it came from her very own lips rumbling loudly throughout the forest and mixing with the loud booming of thunder that sounded every few seconds roaring across the earth with the anger she felt. The very same anger that was betrayed by the tears of sadness and pain that fell from her reddened eyes. Taking a shaky breath that was soon overcome by a sob she bent over eyes closing yet tears still escaping as she tried to hide from the cruel world.

She wanted to forget. If only for a while she wanted to forget all that she knew. She wanted to forget all of which she was loss. The one who she had loss yet she couldn't. It was almost as if some heartless creator had forever bound the memory to her mind forcing her to recall every last heartbreaking detail of that day every time she closed her eyes. And with her eyes closed at that very moment was it that those details appeared.

Sesshomaru who became their temporarily ally was standing in the middle of a large group of mindless demons his whip formed of poison circling his form gracefully as it ripped apart the flesh of those foolish enough to near and in turn taking out thousands of the evil hanyou's army within a matter of minutes.

Kouga who had finally stuck to his promise to mate Ayame despite the feelings of 'love' he still held for her was fighting alongside the she-wolf cocky smirk still in place as he attacked bloody claws and fangs tearing into enemy flesh unmercifully and without grace like the wild and untamed animal he truly was where as Ayame though equally bloody fought with her new mates sword having quickly lost her own early in the battle when it had been ripped away from a wolf tainted with evil.

Sango was busy flying through the sky on Kirara's back both taking out any demons with the ability to fly while protection the fallen monk who too sat on Kirara though knocked out and sagged against Sango after having taken in one too many of Naraku's poisonous insects.

Inuyasha being the unthinking hanyou he was had simply been running across the battle field no plan of attack in mind other than to slash around with his sword pulling off the ever so famous wind scar here and there before continuing on a loud battle cry following him around where ever he went. A rather irritating way of fighting but undeniably useful as he managed to take out a good number of demons.

Then came her. Standing in the middle of the bloody battle going on she held strongly onto a long bow made of plain wood no arrows to be seen other than the ones magically formed from her very own ki. With just her power itself she took out an impressive amount of demons but her true focus was on the one who forced this battle onto their hands. Naraku. Not his 'children' that soon began battles against her friends once the army was gone but just Naraku the evil hanyou whose red eyes continued to bore into her brown orbs with both hatred and lust sending shivers of disgust down her spine. She hated that look. She had always hated it. From the very first meeting she held with the hanyou that neither he nor her friends knew about to this very moment of looking back through her memories that look always got her. Always filled her with anger and the want to go back further in time to where she had seen him at his most pitiful so that she could rip him apart before he even managed to grow into the hated being he was at the moment.

She could clearly remember wanting him dead that moment as he continued to gaze at her with those sickening red eyes yet she could barely remember having fulfilled her desires of ridding him from the world. All she could remember was holding her bow in front of her as she moved into a shooting stance out of habit one foot planting itself firmly on the ground before her while the other slid back. She could feel the wood of her bow pressing into her hand as her grip tightened as well as the slight pain of her bowstring digging into the open flesh of her fingers that had been broken by having over used them. Lastly she could feel the power flowing through her form as she readied herself to from another glowing arrow. She was ready that she knew. She was ready at that very moment to end the hanyou's life yet just as she began to let loose the string of her arrow a scream pierced through the tense air. That scream chilled her and without thought she turned eyes locking onto the one being she never wanted to see in battle.

Bright orange hair pulled from a green bow fell into the wide fear filled eyes of a young kit that stared at her with frighten emerald orbs. Small paw-like hands clenched the large tentacle around his neck while feet similar to his hands kicked around in a wild yet useless attempt of freedom. He was small and with the tight grip around his neck he wouldn't be able to get free yet he struggled eyes looking pleading at her as she ran towards him hands working faster than ever as she shot arrow after arrow at the demon only to have them be blocked by a barrier she couldn't seem to break through. Still though she tried to. She put everything she had into breaking that barrier down and just when she was about to drop the act she had taken on so long ago a small whimper sounded drawing her attention from breaking the barrier to the young kit. Brown locked onto dripping emeralds as the kit continued whimpering a small hand reaching out towards her as if everything could go away with a single touch.

"Mama…" the whisper haunted her, burning her ears with the pleading and fear it carried. "Mama…"

She could remember a feeling of dread taking over her at that moment as she closed her eyes ears taking in the final words of the child. As those final words were spoken they filled her head repeating over and over again inside her mind nearly drowning out the sound of someone's neck being snapped. After that moment though things became unclear as she felt her true power leak through her form flying across the battlefield without her notice as she continued focusing on those last words flying through her head.

"I love you…"

Heart clenching as the memory passed Kagome without moving from her pathetic form opened her eyes to reveal empty orbs that simply stared at the thick rainy mist surrounding her. That had happened only but a few hours ago. The battle had ended seconds after Shippo's life had when her powers were let loose of her control do to her raging emotions. Naraku had been purified beyond reincarnation taking all of his children minus Kagura and Kanna to hell with him and she had been knocked out by Sesshomaru to prevent her from killing off her friends and himself in her rage. Sango then brought her to the village on Kirara where she helped Kaede tend to what little wounds she had and watched over her until she awoke wanting to be the one to break the bad news to her although she already knew of course which was why she played sleeping beauty until Sango went out to check on the others giving her the chance to slip away in the once light rain taking her to where she was now. In the middle of an unknown forest surrounded by rain, mist, mud, and unwanted memories. What happened next though? Everyone gets to carry on their damn lives of course! Sango and Miroku would marry and have a village full of children, Inuyasha would most likely continue to sneak off to his dear Kikyou, and Kagura would finally get to fuck her demon lord, and so on and so on with the happy endings.

Everything would just be so fucking perfect.

Heaving a heavy sigh Kagome once again closed her eyes the memories halting for a while as her anger and pain dissolved making way for her exhaustion to finally hit. When it did everything she ignored came flowing back to her all at once forcing a groan from her lips as her head began pounding and her form began shaking. The rainy water which now felt like pelting ice was cold as it continued coating her stealing what little warmth she had left and leaving her with nothing but a icy numbness that she knew if not ridden of quickly could lead to hypothermia. Shakily moving to her feet Kagome blindly reached out for something to steady herself with and soon enough came in contact with what she guessed to be a lowered branch of a tree. Fighting the wave of dizziness that attempted to wash over her she quickly grasped the branch her knuckles turning white on already pale skin as she pulled herself up a bit cursing as her knees shook with the effort it took to keep standing. While she understood that having allowed herself to stay in the rain so long was dangerous to a normal being she hadn't fully realized that, that danger could affect her as well. She foolishly overestimated her own body limits and as her vision began to blur and shadows began creeping in from the corners of her eyes she found herself loosening her grip on the branch until she lost contact with it completely. As her body tumbled to the floor the last thing she could recall before she entered a dead faint was the sound of footsteps squishing towards her direction followed by the sight of a mans silent crouching down before her.


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