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Hermione was totally beat when she dumped her bags in her hotel room. She had never really been a huge fan of travelling with portkey, they always made her feel out of sorts and awfully tired. But she couldn't make herself go to bed just yet, the night was still young and she needed a drink. Hermione unpacked her luggage with a flick of her wand, oh how she loved magic, and headed for the bathroom to freshen up. First on her list was a hot shower for her aching muscles. A long, foamy shower, yes, that was precisely what she needed, and her toothbrush. Where the heck did she put her toothbrush? After five minutes of searching and undoing the order she'd just made she found it.

Heading back to the bathroom Hermione turned the shower on and raised the temperature to almost scalding. She put on a dot of toothpaste and shoved the toothbrush in her mouth. Whilst lazily brushing her teeth she pulled of her shirt and jeans and jumped in the shower. With the warm water steadily pattering on her back and shoulders she immediately felt more relaxed. She continued to brush her teeth thoroughly, she was after all a child to two dentists, until they felt sparkling clean and put aside the toothbrush to continue her head-to-toe wash. This time it was the loofah that spread the foam around her and she stood there for about twenty minutes before she jumped out of the shower and twisted herself in one of the hotels big towels. She stood in front of the huge mirror and wiped some steam of it so that she could look properly at herself. Big, dark-honey coloured eyes stared back at her, neatly placed in her heart-shaped face that was framed by her slightly damp, massive mocha-curls. She made a face to her reflection before she went out to inspect the rest of her hotel room.


Hermione slowly walked down the few stairs that would lead her to the bar. She had put on a plain black dress with spaghetti straps that hugged her body in all the right places and ended just below mid thigh. Not because she wanted to show anybody something, but because she felt like it and because it was hot as hell! Her watch showed eight past ten in the evening and it was still about 26 degrees out, but then again she had after all ignored old slushy, rainy England and decided to take a long trip over Christmas to Puerto Rico, so she had only herself to blame.

She slid onto a bar chair with a bit of difficulty before ordering a scotch from the bartender. Her gaze steadily fixated on the golden-brown liquor as it was poured into her glass.

"Are you okay, Miss?" The bartender asked with genuine concern for the young lady sitting before him as he shoved the glass closer to her.

Hermione looked up into his dark blue eyes and swept the scotch in one sweep. He was middle-aged and kind looking and maybe she needed just to empty her overworking brain but she decided to tell him the truth.

"Yes and no." The bartender looked confused but didn't push and let her continue in her own pace. "I've chosen this yet I feel completely lost..." He poured her another drink and she took it happily.

"Why don't you start from the beginning, and maybe it will help you sort out those thoughts of yours Miss..."

"Granger. Hermione Granger." Hermione filled in. "And that's a very good advice Mr.." Now it was her turn to leave the end open for him to offer his name.

"Bill, only Bill please."

"Only if you call me Hermione. Only my enemies call me Granger..."

"Why would a pretty girl like you have enemies?" Bill asked looking puzzled.

"It's a long story" She sighed and drowned her second drink.

"Well, we have all night Hermione" Bill said in a sober tone and poured her yet another drink.

"I suppose so Bill" Hermione said tiredly, drowning her third scotch and started telling her story.