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So, this is a new series of drabbles that I'm working on. It will basically be James asking Lily out. I will be sticking to canon as much as I possibly can.

It's rated T just to be safe, because I can't guarantee that later stories will all be K.

We know that James liked Lily throughout most of his time at Hogwarts. We don't know exactly when he starts liking her, so I'm going to assume he starts liking her near the end of second year and first asks her out at the end of second year. The Marauders will all be present. I'm going to assume the incident where Snape almost gets killed by Remus as a werewolf takes place third year. I'm going to assume that James and Sirius become animagi near the end of fourth year and help Peter over the summer between fourth and fifth year. These drabbles will not be in chronological order, though I will try to let you know around when each drabble takes place.

This takes place on the last day of second year and is in Remus' POV. [:

As a whole, I would go so far as to say that our second year was a really good year. I was sitting on my bed in the second year boys' dorm, watching my three best friends attempt to pack all their things. It was ten o'clock and the train was leaving tomorrow morning. As usual, they had left everything until the last minute, so the conversation in the room was very similar to the following.

"Has anyone seen my shoe?"

"I saw it under the pack of fireworks."

"But the fireworks went off two minutes ago!"


"Oh, calm down Sirius, it's just a spider."

Then there is usually an explosion, followed by someone turning around and saying something along the lines of "Well, I found that pack of Exploding Snap." or "I knew we'd set a trap on one of these things." Then everyone laughs at the person afflicted. Then all of this repeats in some form.

This has been going on for several hours.

All this time, I'd been attempting to read, which is rather difficult when you live with the Marauders. It also doesn't help that I am a Marauder, meaning that I occasionally have to send a spell at one of the things my friends is packing, thus sparking one of the reactions mentioned earlier.

Finally, James stood up and announced: "I'm hungry."

"Congratulations, mate." Sirius replied.

"Let's go down to the kitchens."

"As much as I want to," squeaked Peter, "I'm only halfway done packing."

James turned to Sirius. "Kitchens, Sirius? We can talk the house elves into giving us some butterbeer."

Sirius seemed to contemplate that, but eventually said, "Nah, can't. I only just found my shoe. I still have to find the other one. Well, the other one and the rest of my stuff."

I dreaded what was coming next. James turned to me. He started to open his mouth when I said, "No, I'm trying to read this, thank you. Besides, someone needs to make sure these two don't blow up our entire room. I'm sure you are capable of sneaking down to the kitchens on your own. You've got the cloak, anyway."

"See, I am capable of sneaking down on my own, but it's very difficult to carry all that stuff back up without making a lot of noise. That's why I need your help, Remus." James looked over at Sirius. "By the way, we need a nickname for Remus. You're Siri-pie," Sirius grimaced at the nickname. "Peter's Petey. Now we just need one for Remus." He turned back to me. "Please? You're a Marauder. Let's maraud!"

I rolled my eyes.

"Pretty please, Remus? Otherwise I might end up inscribing all of our names into the hourglasses and getting us all detentions for a month next year…"

Sirius' eyes brightened at that and he lunged for a notebook that he had to write down prank ideas in. It seemed to be the only one of his possessions he could keep track of. He was still searching for all of his other possessions.

I sighed. James knew that he had me cornered. I didn't mind the occasional detention, but I liked to start the school year with a clean slate. I sat there, still looking down at my book for a moment, trying to think of a way out of it. Meanwhile, James and Sirius just stared at me. Peter was focused on packing. After a minute of silence on my end, I looked up, sighed again, and closed my book. James and Sirius started cheering. James immediately went to grab his invisibility cloak as I put my book aside and stood up. Sirius immediately started giving me instructions.

"Now, Remus, you have to make sure to ask for Twinkie, she's the one that knows all my favorite foods. Tell her Sirius sent you. Also, please work on the butterbeer. It's very important that we get butterbeer. I don't think you realize how important it is! We NEED butterbeer."

"Fine, I'll let James get it. He cares about it more than I do."

Sirius thought that over. "Good plan. Ooh, also, ask if they have cakes. I like their cakes." At that, Sirius' face grew dreamy and he stopped talking. I rolled my eyes (I seem to be doing that a lot today) and walked over to where James was standing with the invisibility cloak, getting similar instructions from Peter, except that Peter said 'please' a lot more and seemed very impressed by the fact that we were sneaking out, as if he hadn't ever snuck out with us before. I stood next to James, doing my best to look annoyed at the fact that he was making me go with him. James turned to me and grinned brightly.

"Ready?" I shook my head. James stepped a bit closer to me and then threw the invisibility cloak around the two of us.

"DON'T FORGET THE BUTTERBEER." Sirius called out to us.

"Yeah, yeah." I replied.

We walked the few steps towards the door, opened it slowly, and walked out, leaving it open behind us. The common room was empty, thankfully (it was after curfew, so we didn't want a prefect to see us sneaking out). We opened the door and walked out the portrait way, ignoring the Fat Lady's squeals. The walk to the kitchen was mostly uneventful.

We arrived in the kitchen and were swarmed by house elves as soon as we took the invisibility cloak off. James immediately went in search of butterbeer. I turned to the closest house elf.

"Hi." I said.

"Hello, mister." the house elf replied.

"I was just wondering if I could possibly get some snacks to take back with me. Well, if it's not a problem that is. We're just packing and we got hungry."

"Of course, sir! Missy will get you your snacks right away sir!"

She was about to turn away when I remembered what Sirius had told me. "Oh, Missy?"

"Yes, sir?"

"One of my friends told me to ask an elf named Twinkie about the snacks that he likes. Is she here, do you know?"

Missy squeaked. "Oh yes, sir, Missy knows Twinkie. Twinkie is Missy's friend. Missy will gets her right away, sir!"

I stood there watching as the house elves bustled about getting us food. Finally, a house elf with a pink towel came up to me.

"Missy told Twinkie that sir was looking for her. How can Twinkie help sir?"

I bent over so that I could look her in the eyes. "Hi, Twinkie. Call me Remus, ok? My friend Sirius told me that he knows you."

Twinkie smiled, "Oh yes, I knows Master Sirius well! Does Master Sirius wants food, sir Remus?"

"Yeah, Sirius told me that you are really good at making his favorite snacks. Could you possibly get me something to take up to him?"

"Oh yes, sir Remus, Twinkie will get on that." And with that, Twinkie scurried away as well. I stood there, looking around, watching all the house elves scurrying around. After a few minutes, James came back with the invisibility cloak over his arm and carrying a few open bottles of butterbeer.

"I could only find these that were already open. I don't mind though, they're mostly full. You still waiting for the food?"

"Yeah, but it looks like it's coming now." James turned to look in the direction that I was looking in. Coming our way were three trays of food, seemingly floating amongst the many heads.

Once the trays reached us, we found them to be full of food that looked really yummy. However, I wasn't sure how we were going to take all of it back upstairs, so I asked one of the house elves for bags or something that I could use to carry it up with me, which the house elves readily provided. James and I packed everything up, thanked the house elves (who all seemed delighted), and threw the invisibility cloak over ourselves.

The walk back up was mostly uneventful, though I had to stop James from kicking Filch's cat multiple times. ("No, James, you can't do that, even if she can't see you. Be quiet, James, she'll hear us! No, James, I don't care how happy it will make everyone, she'll go get Filch and since we have food it'll take us too long to get away. James! No! You'll spill all your butterbeer! Stop whining.")

Finally, we got back to Gryffindor tower. James briefly poked his head out of the invisibility cloak in order to give the password and we walked in. I had been hoping that the common room would be empty, as it was late at night and everyone would have time to hang out with their friends on the train tomorrow, but it wasn't. There was a prefect sitting in the corner, reading, and three of the second year girls were sitting in the chairs near the fire, talking. I could clearly see Lily Evans and Mary McDonald. I couldn't completely make out who the third person was, but it sounded like Marlene McKinnon. Trying to walk as quietly as I could, I kept moving. However, James didn't follow my lead. He stood there as if frozen to the spot, watching them. I noticed it just in time, because, if I had kept going, the invisibility cloak would have been pulled off of one of us.

I tried nudging James to get him to move, but it didn't work.

"Come on, James." I whispered as quietly as I could. "We have to go." I glanced over at the prefect to make sure she hadn't heard us. It seemed that she hadn't. While I was trying to get James to move, without dropping my food or spilling the butterbeer he was carrying, she got up and went up to her dormitory, making me a little less worried about being quiet. In fact, I would have just taken the invisibility cloak off if it wasn't for the fact that I didn't really want to freak out the girls and I was sure that James wouldn't want them to know about his cloak. I was on the verge of giving up on James and just waiting it out when he suddenly started moving again. However, it wasn't in the direction of the boys' dormitories.

Out of nowhere, James suddenly threw the cloak off, dropped everything, and ran forward towards the girls. Mary screamed when she saw him appear out of nowhere, causing Lily and Marlene to turn towards James. He kept going until he was standing near them and then attempted to lean casually against the couch.

"Hey Evans, will you go out with me?"

Everything was quiet for a little while and then Lily started laughing. The other girls soon joined her.

"What? What's so funny?" James asked.

Marlene managed to calm down long enough to answer him. "You're… you're covered in butterbeer, Potter!" She burst out in even more laughter.

I could barely contain my own laughter. I had to put the bags of food I was carrying down so that I could stop myself from toppling over. James was still standing there, watching as the girls all laughed at him. Finally, I decided to spare him the embarrassment, took off the invisibility cloak, and walked over to him. The girls barely noticed me, still trying to contain their own laughter.

"Come on James, now that you've spilled all of our butterbeer, let's head up to the dorm so that Sirius can get the whole killing you thing over with."

James gulped. "He really did want that butterbeer, didn't he?" I nodded. "Ok, we'll go deal with him. Hold on a second though." He turned back to the girls. Marlene was still laughing, but Mary and Lily had managed to calm themselves down enough to talk.

"So, Evans, what do you say?"

Lily's face turned serious. "Not in your wildest dreams, Potter."

"Then, how about my regular dreams?"

Lily looked annoyed at that. "You think that after what you did to Sev the other day I would go out with you? He didn't do anything to you and you dyed him pink. He's still not completely back to his normal color. Good joke, Potter." she chuckled humorlessly.

"Well, Snivellus deserved it. He was in my way."

"Get lost, Potter." Lily turned back to Mary and Marlene and rolled her eyes. James seemed frozen in place once again, so I decided to move him. Since I didn't have all the stuff in my arms this time, I managed to half-drag him over to our stuff. Once we reached the food, he managed to come to his senses enough to walk on his own, so I picked all our stuff up and we walked up to our dormitory. Right before we reached our room, James turned back to look at the girls and then looked down at his butterbeer-soaked clothes.

"Well, that was a good laugh, now wasn't it?"

"Whatever makes you feel better. Now, you're going first and you're going to explain to Sirius why exactly he won't be getting any butterbeer."

With one last look at the girls, who were still sitting by the fire, talking and laughing, he faced me and sighed.

"Once I'm dead, give Peter my secret stash of candy and give my mother and father the cloak and my love. You can have all my books. It was nice knowing you, Remy."

I grimaced at the nickname and followed him inside. Neither of us noticed the three girls looking up at us.

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