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-The New Generation of Heroes-

XxAvengers: Assemble!xX

"Kids!" Tony shouted. "Come on, we have to get ready to go!"

"What do you want us to do, Tony?" James asked as they all walked up to the older man, their parents right behind them.

"Azari, Pym," the dark-haired male addressed, "Can the both of you get the droid started up?"

"On it!" Pym chirped, as he started to the robot they'd come in. Azari saluted Tony before following the younger boy.

"Pym!" the brown-eyed man remembered. "Don't mess with the controls this time!"

The young boy froze as he rubbed the back of his head and gave a sheepish smile to the man who'd raised him.

Raising a brow, Henry turned to his teammate with his wife. "'Mess with the controls'?" he asked. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Your son's got a lot more of you in him than you'd think, Henry," Tony chuckled. "But if you want, you and Janet can go over to keep an eye on him."

Janet and Henry shared a glance before they both followed after their son, with T'Challa right behind them.

"Torunn, James," the dark-brown haired man turned to them. "Can you go and see if there's anything left inside Bruce's cave that we can use as supplies?"

Nodding, the two went inside the now vacant cave with their respective parent following behind.

"Francis," Tony said, facing the pale-haired boy, "I need you to keep an eye out for any danger. Ultron may be gone for now, but there's no telling just what could come at us because of that."

The boy only gave a nod in consent before starting to climb up the canyon wall.

"What're you gonna do then, Stark?" Clint asked.

"Me?" Tony smirked. "I'm going to go over to our ride and see if I can't get Henry's help to whip up a few weapons for all of us." His face sobered. "The kids have their powers or at least something to fight with. And so far, they've been doing all of the fighting. Because we didn't have the gear we're used to, we couldn't do a thing. It's time we did our fair share instead of leaving it to the kids."

Clint looked at his comrade for a moment "You've changed, Stark," he said finally, "But you did good. With the kids, I mean."

"Sometimes it's necessary to change," Tony replied. "I had four kids to raise and try to give them the parental figure I thought they'd never have."

Nodding, the blonde-haired male turned to follow his son as Tony walked to the droid that was now hovering slightly off the ground.


"What's wrong, Janet?" Henry asked, seeing the slightly depressed expression his wife wore as they watched their child.

"Tony," she sighed.

"What about him?" the dark-haired man raised an eye brow in confusion.

"I know this sounds a little pathetic," she replied, "But I just realized that Tony knows more about our child, all of the children, than we, their parents, do."

"And you feel left out," her husband finished her thought.

Janet only nodded.

"Janet," T'Challa stepped up to the auburn haired woman, "It is all right to feel this way. Even I feel like this with my Azari. But you must understand that to them, we were dead for over a decade. So it is natural that they look for a parental figure to guide them. Tony was there with them all those years, so you cannot fault him for knowing the children as he does."

"I know," Janet sighed again as they all resumed watching their children.

Henry only put an arm around her should in comfort.

"Hey! Wait a second!" Janet's head snapped up, a miffed expression painted on her face.

"What?" Henry asked, stupified. He could have sworn that she was depressed just a few seconds ago. What was with women and emotions?

He looked over at T'Challa to see him wearing a similarly baffled look.

"In Tony's story they called me a Pixie!" the auburn-haired woman shouted. "I am waaaay cuter than some pixie! Besides, I'm The Wasp! Not The Pixie!"


"It's almost scary," Steve said quietly, watching as James leapt around the cave, looking for anything that could be useful. "They've grown up so much and we haven't been there to see it."

"Indeed," Thor agreed. "I had heard every prayer and message Torunn had uttered to me. There was never a day when I had never missed my little warrior. My only regret to leaving her here was that I would not be able to watch her as she grew. I would only be able to hear anything she sent to me."

"I shouldn't resent Tony for being there for James," the cerulean-eyed male spoke, "and I don't. But he knows more about James, heck all of the children, and was there for them when we weren't."

"Thou hadst no reason to feel guilty," Thor said soothingly, "Ultron had captured thou and our comrades. Thou had no choice. I, however, have much to feel guilty of."

"What would you feel guilty about?" Steve asked, perplexed. "Is this about leaving Torunn here?"

"Yes," the god nodded. "I left Torunn here to teach a lesson my own father, Odin trie so hard to teach me. Leaving her here was not a simple task. Sif and I wanted so much to keep our daughter with us. But we knew that her lesson needed to be learned. And the quicker the better."

"You never regretted leaving her?" The cerulean-eyed asked.

"As I have stated," Thor answered, "it was not a simple task, leaving Torunn here. There have been many a time over the last decade that Sif and I had wanted to go back and bring her home. But the more I had heard from my daughter, the more I realized that she was happier here with her family on Earth than she could have been in Asgard."

Steve could only sigh. "After Natasha died, I've always tried to keep James with me. I was too afraid to lose him like I did her. I promised that I would always be there for him!"

"Everything will get better with time, my friend," the thunder god placed a hand on his former comrade's shoulder. "Everything will be fine."


"It is time that I return to Asgard," Thor announced. "I had originally come to see Torunn, but seeing thy faces again brings joy and warmth to my heart."

The adults all grinned at the god.

"It was great seeing you, too, Thor," Janet smiled.

He lifted his hammer into the sky, but lowered it and turned to Francis. "Stay away from my daughter if thou knowst what is good for thy safety. But hurt her and thy life is forfeit." And with that, the god held his hammer up once again and disappeared with a crack of thunder and flash of lightning.

The group just stared at the spot where Thor had stood.

"Kid," Clint blinked, "What'd you do to make the big guy mad?"

"Uh..." the pale-haired boy uttered, avoiding his father's eyes. "Nothing," he said quickly.

James just smirked as the pale-haired boy's father just looked at him, knowing he was lying.

Steve raised his eyebrow at his son, silently asking him if he knew something. To which the boy shook his head and kept smirking.

"We need to get going," Tony looked up at the sky, which was beginning to turn a fiery red-orange with streaks of pink and violet.

"Then," Pym spoke up, "can I fly the ship? Please?"

"No!" James, Azari and Torunn shouted before any of the adults could say anything.

"Sorry, Pym," James smiled apologetically, "But we all remember the last time you flew and just earlier today. I don't think any of us want to relive that."

The younger boy just pouted before smiling as his older 'siblings' ruffled his hair.

The adults looked on with amused, but happy eyes at their children.

"Solar Power Cells: Recharged," Vision's head spoke, before turning to face the children. "As I was saying, the Savage Land is quite lovely and I—Oh my. Have I missed something?"

Everyone just laughed at Vision's question as Tony raised an eyebrow at the android's head.

"Man!" Pym sat on the ground as he processed the day's events. "It's been a long day!"

"And it's not over, short stuff," Hawkeye reached over and picked the younger boy up by the scruff of his neck. "There's about 10,000 robots in Ultra-City that need arrows in their heads."

The rest of the children grinned at the pale-haired boy's words.

"So," Tony spoke, "Are you up for some Avenging?"

James winked at his father as he raised his shield, the rest of his 'siblings' right behind him. "Avengers: Assemble!"

I bid you adieu, one last time.