"NO INUYASHA!" Kagome screamed as she bolted upright, tears streaming down her face as her eyes darted around the cave. Her heart felt as if it would cave in, her skin felt as if it was on fire, and she could barely breath, taking shallow, quick breaths.

"Kagome, I'm here; everything is alright," Inuyasha said, cupping her face gently to look her in the eye.

"Inuyasha, are you okay?" Kagome asked as she launched herself into his arms, still sobbing, her small frame shaking from the force of them.

"Yes Kagome, I'm perfectly fine," he said, laying on the fur pile and pulling her ontop of him. "Relax now, everything is okay." Inuyasha rubbed her back slowly; understanding the fear the fever could create in dreams.

"Oh Inuyasha I was so scared. Kikyo killed you! She tried to kill me first then she shot an arrow at you and she killed you and our pup," Kagome sobbed, her face buried in Inuyasha's chest.

'Pup?' Inuyasha thought, freezing when Kagome said the word. 'She dreamed we had a pup together.' Inuyasha's heart broke for Kagome, imagining the pain she felt at the thought of losing a child. Inuyasha's heart stung a bit too at the imaginary loss.

Kagome's sobs stopped suddenly, surprising Inuyasha. He felt like they could go on forever. "Inuyasha if you're really okay then that must mean our pup is okay too right? Where is he?" Kagome asked, her eyes full of desperate hope. 'The fever is still messing with her mind,' Inuyasha thought with a sigh.

"Kagome, we don't have a pup. It was just a dream you had from the fever. I didn't get hurt and we don't really have a pup," he said softly, wiping the tears from her cheeks. "I'm sorry Kagome." The look on Kagome's face was one of utter heartbreak and hurt Inuyasha more than when Sesshomaru burned a hole through his stomach with his acid.

"It was a dream?" Kagome said softly, tears streaming down her cheeks once again. 'Stupid Kagome,' she thought, 'how can you mourn for something you never had to lose.'

Inuyasha kissed Kagome's forehead softly, then braced his forehead against hers. The smell of her tears killed him inside. "For now the dream of our pup will have to remain a dream. But one day after we find all the jewel shards….and if you still want to stay with me…maybe we can have the pup you dreamed about," he said softly, trailing off as his cheeks felt on fire from blushing. "We could have a family together."

Kagome's heart skipped a beat, shocked by Inuyasha's words. "You would want to have a family with me?" she asked shyly.

"Of course I would Kagome, there's no one else I would rather be with. You're my world." They both blushed at Inuyasha's words, Kagome's tears finally stopping.

"I would love to have a family with you Inuyasha," she said softly, snuggling close to him. Inuyasha kissed the top of her head, wrapping his arms tight around her.

"Sleep a little more Kagome. Your fever is almost gone; you'll be okay in the morning," he said as he covered them with a fur pelt. Kagome nodded in agreement, burying her face in his neck.

"Inuyasha," Kagome said sleepily, her warm breath against Inuyasha's neck.

"Yes love?"

"You smell really nice," she replied, before drifting off to sleep. Inuyasha smiled, burying his face in her hair.

"You smell really nice too."

As the sun rose the next morning, Kagome was hesitant to wake up and move, enjoying the warmth all around her. As she opened her eyes, she smiled to see Inuyasha's face so close to her, his face completely relaxed. She tried to extract herself from his arms but they suddenly tightened around her, pulling her closer.

"Morning," Inuyasha said softly, his eyes barely opened.

"Good morning," Kagome replied, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear as she blushed.

"How do you feel?" he asked warily.

"I feel okay now, much better than I did before. Thank you for taking such good care of me."

"I will always take care of you," he said before kissing her quickly. "Come on, we have to meet up with the others at Kaede's village. They're probably wondering where we are." He pulled Kagome to her feet before handing her her clothes and turning away quickly. Kagome hurriedly dressed, sad that she had to give Inuyasha back his haori.

"Okay I'm ready," Kagome said as she picked up her backpack and handed him his haori. Inuyasha smiled as he put it on, the only scent he could smell was Kagome's from her wearing his haori so long. Inuyasha crouched down in front of her, allowing her to climb onto his back before taking off into the forest.

"So Kagome,"

"Yes Inuyasha?"

"Tell me what did our pup look like," Inuyasha asked, blushing slightly. He wondered whom the pup took after more, himself or Kagome.

"Well he looked a lot like you," Kagome replied as she began to describe every detail of their pup.