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Xander comes into Sunnydale High depressed. Not just because it's school but because of Halloween or to be more precise the number 99. That's how many people died in the carnage of Halloween and Xander knows he's responsible for 3 of them before Willow or whatever that scary vamp chick was that found him. Woman, Children, Men it didn't matter no one was safe. Hell someone blew the mayor's head off with a shotgun. Xander still can't believe someone could be so cruel. The mayor was like the Ward Cleaver of Sunnydale who would want him dead? Xander goes into Sunnydale Library and sees the scoobies still going through the casualties list. Willow working on the computer and Buffy going through newspapers. Xander is amazed Buffy is even here with everything she went through this last week. She broke up with Angel that almost had Xander doing cartwheels and then her old friend from Hemery Ford showed up and was found dead a couple days later with a broken neck and puncture wounds all over. Buffy got his medical records and it ends up he was dying of a brain tumor. He was going to sell her out for immortality. As far as Xander is concerned the creep had it coming. At least Buffy didn't have to stake him.

Buffy was looking through the paper and came to a stop. "Damn, Giles I got another one."

Giles is seriously regretting not killing Ethan for this stunt. If he ever sees him again he will kill him. "Who?"

Buffy holds up the page. "Harmony, a vampire got her."

Willow is glad she wasn't holding onto anything she would have shattered it with her new strength. "Are you sure it was a vampire?"

"Puncture wounds in the neck Will kind of a lazy guess but I'm going with Vampire." Buffy quipped not knowing what she said was destroying her friend.

Willow's face instantly fell far beyond the usual. She got up she needs to see Angel right now.

"Will where are you going?" Xander asked.

Willow kept going and muttered. "I left the oven on in my house."

The three watched in confusion as Willow bolted from the library.

Xander was the first to speak. "So is anyone else wondering what that was about? That was like a Clark Kent excuse. I'm wondering if Willow can jump tall buildings in a single bound."

Buffy smiled. "Come on Xander that is ridiculous." Though looking back on it Willow has been acting different from Halloween they all have. Buffy would not be surprised at it. Xander became quite the expert swordsman thanks to Halloween and Giles is having a sword flown in specifically for him that is three times as thick and long as a normal sword. Willow herself has become quite proficient with a katana and hand to hand it's made patrolling much easier. Buffy's powerful upgrade from Halloween, She now knows all there is to know about proper etiquette. Why didn't she dress like Sarah Conner?

Giles turned to the two. "I doubt Willow is a super hero. Shouldn't you two get ready for class?"

Xander and Buffy looked at the clock and saw the time. They both ran for their lockers in a dash. Xander was in his locker getting his books ready for the day when he heard a familiar voice from inside his shirt. "Seriously man when was the last time you took a shower." Xander rolled his eyes as Puck came out.

"Yesterday after gym class remember?" Xander replied.

"Yeah, well you need another one. You haven't smelled this bad since your Black Swordsman days." Puck quipped.

"Hey, I don't smell like I've been rolling around in demon remains. Besides there isn't exactly a manual for how to make a shower in a crypt." Xander joked.

"You could always go back ho-" Puck instantly stopped talking but it was too late he was getting flicked for that he knows it.

Xander just nodded no. "I'm happier at the crypt Puck. Besides they don't exactly make a Hallmark card for 'I'm sorry I smashed your head into a whiskey bottle because you took a swing at me dad'."

Puck calmed down thankful Xander has so much more patience now than he did as Guts. "You know I wouldn't complain about the BO if you didn't stick me there every time you talked to your friends."

Xander rolled his eyes. "We've been through this Puck. They'll likely be able to see you with all the demons they fight."

Puck shrugged. "And what about that is so wrong? You told me the story about the dummy and I figure your friends would be glad to have a healer on their side."

Xander shoulder slump knowing Puck's right. "It's just it will finally make it true. That I was Guts am Guts you know what I mean right. Also your big mouth around Buffy is always a threat."

Puck nodded and glared at him for that last part. "Unless I became a chaos mage seeing me won't bring back her memories of her old life. I won't even talk about it I promise. Besides I'd be more concerned about your other friend."

Xander instantly grabbed the elf with his right hand and shook him in a panic. "What's wrong with Willow?"

After Puck regained his equilibrium he just shrugged. "I don't know. But whatever it is she's terrified and depressed."

Xander just looked at him. "Great now I have to find her."

"Don't you have class to go to?" Puck asked.

"Yeah but its Ms. Calender's so I can blow that off saying its official scooby business and even if I couldn't I'd still blow it off she's my best friend."

"You might not want to tell that to the little bald man coming your way." The elf replied.

Xander looks over and rolls his eyes seeing Principal Snyder coming his way. Deal with Snyder's newest assault now and find Willow after he vows.

Buffy gets her books and sees Snyder giving his daily round of trying to rile up Xander. She looks at Xander and sees the scar on his nose. The scar she gave him, well the scar that useless bimbo Joan gave him. She apologized and Xander accepted and said he didn't even blame her and actually found it funny and fitting in a way. She looks at her friend hoping he endures Snyder's newest round of mental assault since Snyder failed to get him kicked out on carjacking because the whole town is convinced a gas leak caused Halloween. Buffy looks closer at Xander and sees he's fighting a smile maybe even a laugh. Ok what is that about? Almost to answer her thought something came out from Xander and looked at Snyder right in the eyes two inches from his face. Buffy was now laughing watching the NC 17 tinkerbell mooning Snyder right to his face and occasionally turning around and flipping him off.

One of the other students turned around trying to see what Buffy was laughing at when he saw it was Snyder yelling at Xander he just shrugged. "Summers, Harris getting yelled at isn't that funny."

"It's not Snyder it's the" Buffy realizes he can't see the fairy thing. "Yeah you're right it's not." Buffy quickly walks away wondering what's going on. There's a fairy of all things in Sunnydale. She is apparently the only one who can see it. No wait Xander can see it too or he wouldn't be fighting the urge to laugh. She needs to sit him down and find out what he knows…with other people especially Willow. Or she can wait a month or six until she figures out what to do about Xander and her, damn Halloween.

After the argument with Snyder, Xander skipped class and started looking for Willow. Being a tracker would be nice right now. He should have dressed up as Wolverine for Halloween. Before long he found her at the last place he ever wanted to find her at Angel's apartment cradled in the vampire's arms. Alright calm down and catch your breath Harris you can't yell at Will for doing something Buff was doing not 2 weeks ago. He then sees Willow finally calming down she was crying. He watched Angel leave an comeback with two cups. Both were taking drinks from plastic cups with red liquid making it obvious what it was. Angel was dead.

"Puck tell me you're ready for a fight." Xander said angrily.

Puck was channeling his friend's anger with how much he put out it almost made him sick. "Yeah I'm always ready for a fight when I'm traveling with you. Beats watching the giant hole with the bag of bones."

Xander looked at Puck and saw he was serious. "Giant hole huh. Once I'm in a better mood I'm going to ask about that."

Xander kicked open the door surprising Angel and Willow. Angel glared at him for that. "Gee come right i-"

Angel was cut off and Willow was taken back when Xander didn't say a word and just punched him in the face. Angel already in a bad mood from losing Buffy to this idiot responded right back going to punch him in the face but Xander got his hands up to block. When he did Angel sweeped the legs out from under him knocking him to the floor. Angel grabbed him by the shirt and when he did something flew out of Xander and a flash blinded Angel. Xander recovered and grabbed the blinded Angel and threw him through a little wooden table. Xander picked up a makeshift stake from the table splinters and was tackled by Willow before he could get to Angel and she held both of his hands down while straddling him. Puck sensed no murderous intent in her so he left her be.

"Xander just calm down." Willow pleaded.

"You're not Willow I saw you drink blood." Xander shouted angrily trying to get an arm free to stake her.

Willow was hurt by that but it makes sense Giles taught them that vampires weren't their friends but the thing that killed them. Xander had to stake Jessie because of that. "Xander just watch."

Xander stopped resisting and just watched as he was told to. Willow breathed deep trying to get the strength to do this. She never wanted Buffy or Xander to find out. Willow's eyes turned red and her fangs came out. Xander was taken back by this he didn't know what to think. He figured deadboy sired her to get back at Buffy for dumping him.

"But how, everything went back to normal. Giles broke the spell we won." Xander said trying to get a grip on the situation.

Willow got up seeing Xander had calmed down somewhat and they both sat down on the couch. "You and Buffy went back to normal. Maybe because I dressed up as something other than human I got the side effects."

Xander points out the flaw in her theory. "If that was true we'd have a whole lot of mini monsters out on the street. So you and Angel are?"

"Adopted sire and childe he's helping me deal with the cravings and the guilt." Willow said in full out puppy dog look.

Xander was afraid to ask but as long as she didn't kill an innocent kid because she was someone's butt monkey for 3 years he has her beat. "What happened?"

Tears were starting in Willow's eyes. "I killed Harmony. I bit her and I thought I stopped myself in time but I must have severed an artery because they found her drained of blood anyway."

Xander listened and wondered if that was even possible to bleed out like that from two little punctures. If Willow said she stopped herself he'll believe her. She's not a killer. She can't be. Xander gets up and kicks Angel until he recovers. "Get a blanket we're going to the morgue deadboy."

"Can you please stop calling me that?" Angel pleaded.

The three arrived at the morgue and Willow walked over to Harmony's slab and opened it. The three looked the body over and saw the bite marks were bigger than Willow's bite. Angel picked up a scent he recognized.

Willow looked over and asked Angel. "So was it me?"

Angel nodded his head no. "I almost wish it was. This is someone far worse. And if she knows about Halloween she'll want Willow's head on a platter."

Xander glared at Angel for being cryptic right now. "Well come on deadboy don't keep us in suspense we need a name."


Up Next: Buffy and Giles' reaction to Willow's change.