High School and Aliens

Chapter 1: Alien in the bathtub

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Summary: Instead of landing in the bathtub of Rito Yuuki, Lala ends up landing in the bathtub of everyone's favorite blond, immortal shinobi, Naruto Uzumaki. How would life at Sainan High go if our all powerful immortal ninja was attending high school there as a part of his cover? How would it change with Lala by his side?

XChapter StartX

Yuuki Rito watched as his secret, or not-so-secret crush, depending on who you were, walk past him in the hallway at his school.

Like most people Rito was a fairly normal high school student, with no real unusual or unique features. He was sixteen years old and stood at about one-hundred and sixty-four centimeters. He was neither skinny nor fat and didn't look all that athletic. His eyes were a slight golden brown and he was wearing the standard green pants and tie with a white undershirt and light tan blazer combo of the school he went to. The only feature about him that could be considered unique was his messy orange hair, an unusual color no matter where you were.

'Todays the day!' he thought to himself in determination. There was a fire in his eyes that were only present on days like this. Day in which he decided to confess to the girl he loved. 'Todays the day I confess to Haruna-chan!'

Ever since he had first met his crush, Haruna, a rather pretty girl in his grade with purple hair and eyes it had been love at first sight. Her beauty had always astounded and affected him in ways no other female ever had. But it was her kindness that had truly earned her Rito's love.

'I'm going to do it!'

He could see it all now. He would walk up to Haruna, boldly and with a confident gate never before seen. He would get down on one knee, taking her hand in his and professing his love for her. Then he would ask her to be his girlfriend, and she would say –

"Confessing to Haruna again today, eh Rito?"

"Yes, today I'm gonna –" Rito started only to stop as he realized the voice had come from directly behind him. "AAH!" With a loud shout he spun around to look at the person that had managed to snea up on him.

Said person was a young man wearing the same clothing as him, green pants and tie with a tan blazer. He had spiky blond hair that went down to his shoulders, with two jaw length bangs framing his face and a spiky fringe hovering over his eyes. Said eyes were blue and held a piercing quality that Rito had always found unnerving, he always felt those eyes were looking into his very soul. Perhaps the oddest feature about this man were the six whisker marks on his face, three on each cheek, running horizontally across his face.

"Damn it, Naruto! How many times have I told you not to sneak up on someone like this! You always do this, constantly sneaking up behind other people and scaring the living day lights out of them! Especially me!" Finished with his tirade Rito stopped, his shoulders hunching as he began breathing heavily, looking for all the world like he had just run a marathon.

"Hahaha! Gomen, gomen," Naruto said, waving a hand in front of his face as if to ward off Rito's comical anger. Not that he seemed to be all that affected by the orange-haired teens anger. Indeed, it looked as if he found more amusement in Rito's blustering then anything else.

"So..." the blond started again, a sly look on his face as he leaned down to look at Rito face to face. Being one of the tallest people in school, close to five foot eight, most of the students only reached chest height with Naruto. In order to look at people eye to eye the blond needed to lean or bend down. "I see you're going to confess to Haruna-chan again today. You know, this will the two-hundred and fifty-sixth time you do this. So far you've failed at every single attempt at capturing her heart. Are you sure you're up to this?"

"Of course I am sure! This time will definitely be different!" Rito said, holding a shaking fist up to his face.

"That's exactly what I was hoping you would say," Naruto smirked at Rito, making said male blink at him in confusion. The blond's smirk widened as he said, "you're going to succeed this time because I'm going to help you."

"EH!" Rito gaped at the whiskered male.

"That's right," Naruto said. "Ever since I came to this high school I've had to watch your terrible attempts at confessing to Haruna. The first time it was funny, watching you fail so miserably that you actually ran home during lunch. The second time it was funny, the third it started getting old and now..." the blond shrugged. "Let's just say watching you fail consecutively so many times is beginning to get too painful for me to watch. Therefore, I am going to help you confess to her!"

"Eh? How?" asked Rito, scratching the back of his head in confusion.

"Easy, we're going to walk up to her and you're going to confess. Now, come on!" Naruto didn't even give Rito a chance to say anything after that as he grabbed the orange-haired teen by the jacket and began dragging him along. "Let's go find Haruna-chan!"

"W-Wait!" Rito struggled to remove the blonds hand, or at least make Naruto stop. It was unfortunate for him that Uzumaki Naruto was the strongest person in school, even the P.E. Teacher wouldn't dare mess with him, especially after the last time he was humiliating in front of the entire student body by the whiskered male. "I-I can't do it right now! I have to get the timing right!"

"If you wait until you feel the timing is right then we're going to be waiting forever," Naruto shot back. "You're sense of timing sucks. That's half the reason you haven't been able to confess to Haruna-chan. Seriously, every time you feel the timing is right something bad happens. Which is exactly why I'm choosing the timing for you. Now stop struggling, it will only make things that much harder for you."

Despite his friends advice Rito continued struggling against the blond. This resulted in him getting bodily dragged through out the school in front of the entire student population. It was fortunate for Rito that Naruto was the one dragging him, otherwise people might have made fun of the sixteen year old high school student. As it was, the blond that was effortlessly hauling him around cut an imposing enough figure that none of the male population dared to say anything against him.

They soon found Haruna with three of her friends. Without even thinking about it Naruto walked right up to the group and cut into their conversation. "Excuse me," he said, grabbing their attention. He gave the group a smile, "I was wondering if you three could help me with something."

Rito almost groaned when three of the four girls began to swoon over the blond. Aside from being the most athletic and academic student in school, Naruto was also the most popular, especially with the girls in school. His handsome features combined with his open and easy going attitude had drawn nearly all of the girls to him. The fact that almost every girl also seemed to have this strong urge to touch his whisker marks, all them claiming they were the cutest things they had ever seen, only added to his general appeal.

This had led to many of the male students hating Naruto, though few would actually try and harm him. Rito was just glad that Haruna didn't seem to be affected by his looks and personality to any serious extent.

"How can we help you Naruto-sama!" asked the girls in their girlish and excitable voice. It was a typical response and Rito had gotten used to it by now. He didn't know why the girls called him 'Sama' but then, none of the other guys did. Though there was much debate on the subject in truth, Rito didn't really care.

Naruto pulled the three girls aside and huddled with them. "Listen, my friend is having some troubles confessing to the girl of his dreams and so I've decided to help give him a push in the right direction. I want you girls to help me take Haruna-chan and Rito to the equipment shed and lock them inside." The three looked unsure at his request and so the blond decided to use his secret weapon. "If you do this, I promise to take each of you out on a date."

"A date!" the girls said at the same time. It was an eerie form of synchronicity that only females could accomplish. For several seconds the three high school girls stood still, their face going red and their eyes glazing over as they imagined a date with the blond. One of the girls ended up getting a nose bleed and actually looked close to passing out. In the end they agreed to help Naruto stating, "while we don't really like Yuuki-san, we'll agree to help since it's you asking."

"Excellent!" Naruto said, standing up and clapping his hands together in gratitude. He rushed back over to Rito and Haruna, both of whom had been standing together awkwardly and smiled. "Alright you two, time to go!"

"What! W-wait! Hold on a moment! Where are you taking us!" Rito shouted as he and Haruna were both lifted into the air. Naruto ignored the orange-haired teens shouting, along with the startled and frightened noises Haruna was making as they ran through the school was once again.

It wasn't long before they reached the equipment shed located on the opposite side of the school. Acting before Rito could even gain his bearings, Naruto threw both him and his crush into the shed, closed and locked the door.

"Naruto!" Rito shouted as he stood up, rushed over to the door and grabbed onto the handle. He tried opening it, even going so far as to place both his feet on the wall in an effort to get some leverage. Yet no matter how hard he tried the door would not budge. "Hey, Naruto! Let me out! Let! Me! Out! I can't do it like this! You need to let me out!"

Despite his shouting, Naruto seemed to be ignoring him. That, or he had already left which wouldn't surprise Rito one bit. Sighing the orange-haired high schooler dropped to the floor and wondered what he should do next.

As he did a small piece of paper fell out of the inside of his blazer. Curiously, he picked it up and uncrumbled the sheet. On it was the neat handwriting that he recognized as Naruto's. It said:

By now I'm sure you've noticed that the door to the room is locked. I've also taken the liberty of barring the windows. I regret that it has come to this, but until you confess to Haruna I won't let you out.

That said, there is food located in a fridge that I have hidden behind the basketball storage bins in the corner. Since I don't know how long it will take until you confess, I figured you might need something to keep you satiate.

Good luck!


At the end of the message was a chibi Naruto with a fox like grin, holding out up the peace sign.

Rito felt his eyes twitching as he stared at the letter. "Somehow, I feel I should have seen this coming," he said to himself. "The entire year I've known him Naruto has never been able to keep out of other peoples business. And now I'm stuck here with Ha...ru...na..." Trailing off at the end he blinked several times as the realization hit him.

He was alone with Haruna.

'Now's my chance!' he thought to himself, his excitement beginning to rise. 'Now's my chance to finally confess to Haruna. If I get out of this alive I'll have to thank Naruto for being so nosy!'

"A-Ano, Yuuki-kun."

At the sound of the feminine voice Rito froze. Turning, he found Haruna standing not three feet away from him. She was looking down at the ground, her eyes occasionally moving up to meet his, only to look away a few seconds later.

Rito gulped.

'Come on, Rito! Now is your chance! You can't screw this up!'

"I..." He stuttered out, only to stop when Haruna looked at him. Gulping he tried again, "I... I... I..."

"Hmm?" Haruna looked at him, blinking as a confused expression crossed her face. She looked slightly concerned because of how much Rito was stuttering. Were said male more attentive he might have noticed. As it was he was so busy trying to get the words out that he couldn't even think straight, much less notice the small nuances that dictated female behavior and emotions.

"I... I..." 'Come on! Come on! You can do this, Rito! Just say it! Say it!' "I like you!" he shouted, bowing down at the waist so he wouldn't have to look at Haruna. Said girl's eyes widened as she took a step back. Not seeing the action, Rito continued. "I've liked you for a really long time! And I was hoping... that is, if you want to... I was hoping you would go out with me!"

Rito kept his eyes closed, his body bowed low, for fear that Haruna would reject him. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest, beating nearly two thousand miles a minute. It felt like it was attempting to beat its way out of him it was going so fast.

His nerves were beginning to fray as the silence continued. Maybe he shouldn't have confessed to her. What if she didn't like him? What if she thought he was weird? Or gross? Or some kind of loser? She could think he wasn't worth her time and tell him that she didn't want anything to do with him. Or –


"Eh?" Rito blinked, looked up at Haruna, then blinked again.

Said girl blushed as she looked down at her feet. "I... would like to go out with you too. The truth is... I've always liked you."

Rito found himself gaping. Haruna had always liked him? Why hadn't he known this?

Unknowing of his inner thoughts, Haruna continued. "Yuuki-kun has always been a kind person. You were always taking care of the plants after school, making sure they were watered. Most people forget about watering the plants after school, but you never failed to tend to them. That's why I admire Yuuki-kun a lot."

"You... you like me?" asked Rito, making sure he had heard her correctly. Haruna looked away, looked back, nodded once, then looked away again. Still wanting to be sure she liked him he said, "then, will you go out with me?"

Haruna blushed as she looked at him. "H-Hai."

"Ah..." A wide smile split Rito's face as he jumped up, grabbing Haruna in his excitement and spinning her around, much to said girls embarrassment.

Unbeknownst to them, one blond haired, blue eyed male was hidden amongst the equipment. He looked at them with a smile before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

(Several Miles outside of school)

Uzumaki Naruto stopped walking as the memories of his clone hit him. He looked back at the school, a small smile playing on his face. "Way to go, kid," he said softly to himself. A rueful chuckled escaped his lips. "Who would have thought that after living for somewhere around three thousand years I would be reduced to playing matchmaker between high school kids."

Shaking his head Naruto turned around and restarted his walk home. As he did his eyes took in the city he was currently living in.

While Tokyo had been the center of Japan for a long time, it always amazed the blond how much it had changed in the past one hundred years. When last he had been in the city – somewhere around one to one hundred and fifty years ago – it had been a decent sized city with closely spaced buildings and shops. Now it was a large it was a bustling metropolis of large, towering sky scrapers, crisscrossing high ways, and heavily populated suburban areas. The place Naruto was living in at the moment was one of the less populated housing districts on the outskirts of Tokyo. Far enough away that he wasn't hemmed in by the crushing population of the big city, but close enough that it would only take a two hour train ride to reach the center.

The district he was living in was a nice, albeit plain residential area. The houses were all the same, standard two story buildings with a slanted roof, a balcony and a small backyard. There were only small differences to distinguish one house from another, those being the tiny altercations made by the people who lived there. A variation in a persons garden here, a small flag hung up on a roof there, diminutive yet significant contrasts that allowed Naruto to tell who lived where.

His own house was located on a corner, in fact he lived right next door to Rito Yuuki. That was actually how they had become friends, him living so close to the nice yet clumsy teen had ensured that the young man would be the first person Naruto met. And having seen the kid and how horrible his luck was in many areas, the blond had decided to more or less take Rito under his wing. Even if that was sometimes more of an occupational hazard then a privileged position.

"Normally I'd be walking home with Rito," Naruto mused with a grin. "I wonder how he and Haruna are getting along. Hya... I should probably inform Mika-chan that her brother isn't going to be coming home any time soon."

With that thought in mind Naruto walked up to the house belonging to Rito and his younger sister. Stopping at the entrance he rang the door bell, then crossed his arms and leaned against the wall while he waited.

"Coming!" came a shout from the inside. The sound of foot steps resounded from behind the door. A few seconds later the front door opened and Yuuki Mikan's head peaked out from the crack.

Yuuki Mikan was a cute twelve year old girl with brown eyes and long brown hair that was standardly done up in a slight pony tail that made the back-top part of her head look like a pineapple. The hair that she didn't catch in her ponytail, which was quite a lot, was let down to flow behind her back, stopping at mid-back. She was wearing a pair of short jeans that stopped at mid thigh, and an orange sweat shirt with a yellow undershirt. Despite her young age she was already beginning to develop a womanly figure, and Naruto knew when she got older that Rito would have his hands full trying to keep men away from his younger sister.

The minute the girl saw him she swung the door open the rest of the way and rushed forward, smashed into his torso, engulfing him in a hug as she shouted. "Naruto-nii-chan!"

"Hey there, Mika-chan," Naruto said with a chuckle as he ruffled Mikan's hair. When he had first moved in and met and befriended Rito, he had been invited over to the orange-haired teens house. It was there he had met Mika for the first time.

At first, things had been very awkward for the blond and Rito as the young girl seemed to have developed one of those 'love at first sight' crushes on him. It was not the first time such a thing had happened when Naruto met the younger or older sister of a person he became friends with. He even remembered one case in England when he had been posing as a college student and met with a friends mother. The woman had been a thirty-something year old widow with her husband dying in World War II and when she had met him had done her best to seduce him. It hadn't worked and Naruto thankfully managed to leave the country after faking his death. Since then he had been careful on how he reacted when meeting new girls.

Thankfully the girls crush only lasted for a month and since then Naruto had been something of a second older brother, or the older brother she always wanted if one went by Mikan's words. This of course was a point of contention and much teasing between the three of them. Mikan would always complain that Rito was an unreliable and useless brother, while Naruto would tease Rito about being cooler then him and Mikan about having a crush on her second 'onii-chan'. Rito would always end up skulking in a corner with a rain cloud over his head and Mikan would blush up a storm. They were fun times in Naruto's opinion. He would be sad when he was forced to leave this place.

"What are you doing here?" Mikan asked, then she looked around. "And where is Rito?"

"Oh, he's going to be a bit late," Naruto replied with a smile and a hum.

Mikan looked at Naruto suspiciously. "What did you do?"

A grin worked it's way to the blond's face. "Oh, nothing much. Just locked your brother in a gym equipment locker room with Haruna-chan. They won't be able to open the door for another..." Naruto paused to look at his watch, "two hours. I figured that would be enough time for him to finally man up and confess."

"So you finally decided to get involved in Rito's relationship problems," Mika said. She shook her head and sighed. "I was honestly wondering when you would finally grow tired of watching him flounder around. I swear he's useless when it comes to women... and a lot of other things."

"Aw, now don't be dissing on your brother," Naruto chided. "He's just not as experienced, well traveled or awesome as I am. It's only natural that it would take some time getting his cool factor up to snuff, that, and several pushes in the right direction."

"Right..." Mikan said with a sweat drop forming on the back of her head. "So are you staying for dinner then? It's Monday so normally you would stay with us for dinner, right?"

"Not today," Naruto replied. "With Rito stuck with Haruna for the next few hours I think it would be best if I stayed home. Who knows what kind of things you might try and do to me if we were all-a-lone."

"B-Baka," Mikan stuttered with a slight blush. "I wouldn't do... anything like – like that!"

"Good to know," Naruto chuckled before ruffling the girls hair. Mikan blushed harder and shoved his hand off, making him smile. "Anyways, I just came to tell you that, I'll see you later."

"Okay, bye," Mikan said as she shut the door.

Naruto walked over to his house, unlocked the door and stepped inside. He made his way into the kitchen, walking over to his pantry and opened it. Inside were several hundred boxes of instant ramen. They filled the entire pantry, covering every square inch. Even after thousands of years his love of ramen had not diminished, and despite being capable of cooking other foods, ramen would always remain his number one favorite. Hence the reason he had what had been lovingly dubbed "the ramen pantry" by him.

"What should I go with today..." mumbled Naruto as he grabbed several cups of ramen and looked them over. "Miso... Chicken... Pork... Beef... Shrimp... Crab... hmmm..." after several minutes of this he decided to go with one of each flavor, that way he wouldn't have to feel so conflicted about his food choice. Besides that, cup ramen was small and unfilling. He only ate instant ramen when he didn't feel like cooking his own meals.

Ripping the tops off Naruto poured water into each cup and placed one of them in the microwave. He waited the three minutes it took to make the ramen, complaining the whole time. "Damn instant ramen... how can it be instant if it takes three minutes to cook? You'd think that after three thousand years someone would find a way to make instant ramen truly instant. Maybe I should that... there might even be a profit in it if I can cut into the ramen market."

His thoughts were cut off as the chime of the microwave sounded. He quickly opened the door, took the ramen out, placed another one in, started the timer again, then began eating the already made ramen. This act was completed several times as he would eat his ramen, while waiting for the other ramen he had in the microwave being made. When the blond was done he threw the cups away and headed upstairs.

He entered the bathroom not long after, stripped out of his clothes and folded them up before putting them in a basket. After walking into the room on the opposite side of the changing room, he went over to the tub and turned on the water. There was a slight glow on the faucet as the seals began working, heating up the water in the bathtub quicker then it would normally. While waiting for the tub to finish filling up Naruto used the shower head to wash himself off.

As he cleaned up he let his mind wander. His thoughts took him to the past, a place they usually went when he let them. He had lived a long life, due to a combination of his Uzumaki heritage, his abilities as a sage and an all powerful, world destroying demon sealed inside of his gut, he had gained what many would be madmen dreamed of.


However, while someone like Orochimaru would have orgasmed at the thought of being an all powerful immortal, to Naruto it was more of a curse then anything else. His life had been filled with being alone. Even when he was with the friends he made in whatever century he was living in the feeling never really left. It only stayed it's hand for a time.

"Every one in Sainan High says I should get a girl," he chuckled a bit at that. The male population at school with the soul exception of Rito hated him due to the fact that so many of the girls swooned over him, yet he refused to date a single one of them. Not to say he hadn't gone on dates, but he always felt there was difference between going on a date, and dating someone.

He switched off the water, both to the tub and the shower head before sinking himself into the steaming liquid. A sigh escaped the blonds lips, "even if I were to get a girlfriend it would never last, would it? Eventually I would be forced to leave before people discovered I was immortal. I wonder how all of the friends I made would feel if they knew my secret." A dry laugh escaped his throat. "They'd probably be frightened and run off. Hya... even if they didn't, how could I have any kind of serious relatioship when their just going to die a few decades later anyways?"

His thoughts trailed off as he leaned back in the tub and shut his eyes. He must have fallen asleep because the next thing he knew there was a bright flash of blue light coming from the water. An explosion caused the water in his tub to shoot into the air, and Naruto was so surprised by the sudden and unprecedented attack that the old and disused ninja instincts he had long since had were unable to actually prevent him from doing anything other then throwing his hands out in order to protect himself.

In doing this the first thing Naruto's hands were not any kind of painful attacks, not the sting of some form of weapon or the burning or cutting of a jutsu. No, the moment his hands went out to ward off whatever attack was coming his way were a pair of well defined and large breasts.

Naruto opened his eyes, which had closed during his attempt to shield himself from what he had assumed was an attack on his person. He blinked several times when he saw his hands groping a set of beautiful breasts. They were large, if Naruto had to guess he would say they had a total circumference of eighty-nine centimeters. Yet despite being completely free of the confines of a bra they didn't sag.

Almost in a trance Naruto moved his hands along the silky skin, they moved away from the center and he got a good look at the nipples that dotted the center. The aerola was a light shade of pink, with the nipple being only one tone darker in color. Still surprised, Naruto's hands moved on instinct, his thumb and forefinger light pinching the nipple and giving them a tweak.

A slight moan from the female he was touching brought his mind back into the focus. He looked up and found his breath hitching in his throat. Nestled in between his legs was a highly attractive teenage girl with long bubble gum pink hair, emerald green eyes, and a curvacious, almost perfect, hour glass figure. Her most distinguishing feature was the tail which extends down from the base of her back. It was was long, thin, and ended with a heart-shaped tip. It seemed to move behind her at random, and Naruto couldn't help but wonder if it was real or not.

She reminded him of Sakura, a much hotter Sakura with a larger chest and wider hips but the green eyes and pink hair was almost identical to those of the girl that had been his first crush. The memories seeing this girl brought back were almost physically painful, and it took an effort of will to push them back.

"Escape successful," the girl said, snapping Naruto out of his momentary laps of reality. He blinked as the girls eyes focused on him, and for a single, solitary second the blond's old fear of women – one that was ironically enough brought about by his first crush – came back and he was almost sure this girl would attempt to beat him within an inch to his life despite the fact that she was the one who had randomly appeared within his tub naked.

She did none of those things, instead smiling as she said, "hello."

Naruto opened his mouth but no words came out. It took a few moments to get his vocal chords to respond, and when they finally did he said, "hello. Who are you?" It was perhaps not the most elegant or relevant question he could have asked, but sometimes it was better to start off with the small things and work your way up. He was still having trouble processing the fact that some random hot female with a tail had appeared in his bathtub naked.

"I'm Lala, from the planet Deviluke," the girl replied.

"Uh huh," Naruto nodded noncommittally. "So you're an extra terrestrial then?"

"Yes, I suppose an earthling like you could call me that," she replied.

She got another nod in response as Naruto's brain finally fully rebooted. He decided to ignore the fact that she was an alien for now, he would deal with it later. Looking at the naked girl in his tub for a moment he computed the best course of action to take in a situation like this.

Thankfully, living for three thousand years had more or less desensitized him to most of the situations life could throw at him.

Standing up Naruto unplugged the drain to the tub and stepped out. The girls eyes followed him as he grabbed two towels, walked back over to her and held out the second one to her. "Wrap this around yourself and come with me, I'll make some tea and you can explain to me why you suddenly appeared in my bathtub."

"Ok," Lala replied. Oddly enough she didn't seem at all bothered by the fact that she was naked, nor the fact that she had just been groped by Naruto. She simply wrapped the towel around her body and stepped out of the tub.

What followed were several long minutes of silence as Naruto led Lala to the living room and had her sit down. He then went into the kitchen and selected some tea, an herbal tea that he had created from the garden he had out back. Hopefully it would help him keep calm because despite the fact that he had seen much in his life, the events of a few minutes ago still had him somewhat shell shocked.

When the tea he was finished he poured the steaming liquid into a pair of cups, grabbed them and walked back into the living room. There he found Lala sitting on the couch, a cheerful and inquisitive expression on her face as she looked around the room. Her tail was wagging behind her in a fashion that almost seemed to mirror the look on her face.

"Here you go," he said, setting the tea down. He received a thank you and took a seat on the chair to the left of the couch. Taking a sip of his tea Naruto sighed as he felt a slight wave of heat moved down his throat, then encompassing his whole body as the soothing herbs relaxed his mind and muscles.

It seemed to have a similar, possibly even more pronounced affect on Lala. As soon as she took a sip her entire body seemed to sag as a groan escaped her lips. "Sugoi..." she said as she sunk into the couch. "This tastes so good."

"Thank you," Naruto replied as he took another sip of tea before setting it down on a glass holder. "Now, why don't I start this off by introducing myself. My name is Uzumaki Naruto."

"Please to meet you, Naruto-kun," Lala said, and Naruto actually blinked in surprise when she just automatically added an affectionate suffix to his name. Normally a girl would wait at least a day before calling him that, though the girls in his class this century seemed to prefer calling him Naruto-Sama.

He shook the thought off as irrelevant and continued. "Nice to meet you too, Lala-san. I hope you don't mind me asking about why or perhaps how you suddenly appeared in my bathtub?"

"Ah that would be because of the pyon pyon Warp-kun that I made!" Lala announced proudly as she held out her wrist and showed him a small device attached to it. The thing looked like a silver creature bracelet. It had a center piece that looked like some kind of alien creature with a heart shaped head that held a pair of red eyes, connected to a heart shaped body that was attached to a tail by a pair of claws on either side. It was a very odd looking device, and not something Naruto had ever seen.

Given that it was apparently an alien artifact he wasn't all that surprised.

Lala continued her explanation of the device as Naruto looked it over. "Although I can't define where it goes, it can instantly warp a living thing for a short distance."

"I see," Naruto said, curiosity got the better of him and he switched from the chair to the couch, sitting next to Lala as he looked at the bracelet. "So basically it's like some kind of teleportation device that allows for short distance, instantaneous transportation a certain distance away. It's randomized so you don't actually know where you'll warp too however. I'm going to hazard a guess and say it's some kind of last ditch escape device, used only in dire circumstances." He looked from the 'pyon pyon Warp-kun' to Lala, "am I right?"

"That's right!" Lala said, for some reason she seemed happy that he understood what she was saying, perhaps even overly happy for something so simple. "I used it when I was in the escape pod of my spaceship, and by chance I ended up in your bathtub."

"That makes sense I guess," Naruto replied. He frowned as another thought occurred to him. "And why are you naked?"

"Ah! Well, it only warps living things, so objects like clothes..."

"Are left behind," Naruto finished, earning a slightly embarrassed smile from Lala. "It seems like it has a few kinks that need to be worked out, but I think that's a really awesome device. And you say you built it? That's impressive."

"Ah! Thank you!" the girl replied with an enthusiastic and happy smile. It was so innocent and infectious that Naruto actually found himself smiling as well. He couldn't really say whether he was pleased or displeased with this situation, but if nothing else this girl had just helped him cure several thousand years worth of boredom.

"Your welcome," he said. "So, awesome warping device aside, I suppose the next question I want to ask is why you had to use something like this in the first place."

Lala smiled as she let one of her hands trail along the wrist holding her warp device. "I was being chased," she said. Naruto narrowed his eyes a little but didn't speak, letting her continue unabated. "I thought I would be safe if I escaped to earth. But the pursuers came and my ship was broken down. I was almost captured and brought back." She held up her arm holding the bracelet. "If it wasn't for this bracelet I would have been taken."

"I see..." Naruto said, more for wanting to say anything then actually having something to say. He took in a deep breath and blew it out before deciding on his course of action. "I won't force you into telling me why you're on the run, it's not really any of my business. But I will help you out while you stay here."

"Ah! You will?" said Lala, her eyes going impossibly wide as a hopeful smile shone on her face.

"Of course, I can't just leave someone in need of help to fend for themselves," Naruto said with a shrug. He would have said more but before he could speak again, Lala had launched herself at him, knocking him to the ground as she held him in a fierce hug.

"Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" she said in a repeating mantra. In her enthusiasm the towel she had been wearing fell off, and Naruto was forced to take a deep, shuddering breath as he felt her nipples rubbing themselves against his still bare chest. The skin on skin contact reminded him that neither of them were dressed in anything more then towels, and Lala was now in less.

Pushing his admittedly lewd thoughts to the far reaches of his mind, Naruto brought himself into a sitting position and did what he could to pry the girl off. She had a surprisingly strong grip, and he was actually forced to reinforce his muscles with chakra, something he hadn't done for a long time, in order to get her off of him.

"You're welcome," Naruto said. He stood up and had to re wrap his towel as it threatened to come off. He held his hand out to Lala, which was taken by said girl as he pulled her to her feet. He was just about to suggest they move upstairs so they could get dressed when the door behind him opened.

Spinning around the blond was just about to attack whoever had broken into his house when his eyes spotted an odd looking creature with black bat-like wings and swirly eyes fly past him.

"Lala-Sama!" it shouted as it jumped into Lala's waiting arms. "Thank god you're ok, Lala-Sama!"

"Peke!" Lala replied with just as much enthusiasm. "I'm glad to see you're safe too!"

"Thank goodness the ship didn't leave the Earth's atmosphere yet."

It was here that Naruto decided to interrupt. "So, Lala... who's the weird looking creature?"

Said creature turned to look at him and Naruto couldn't be sure, due to the swirl eyes, but he almost thought it was glaring at him. "W-Weird looking!" it said in an insulted tone.

"Ah! This Peke!" Lala introduced. "An all-purpose costume robot that I made."

"Nice to meet you," it said, seeming to have forgotten Naruto's 'insulting' comment.

"Pleased to make your acquaintance as well," Naruto replied. "Costume Robot, huh? So then I take it Peke can transform into... clothing, right?"

"That's right! Peke, do your thing!"

"Ossu! Transform! Dress form!" Peke shouted before he began to glow. Naruto watched in interest as the little robot seemed to burst and transform into what looked like some kind of rope that surrounded Lala. It wrapped itself around her legs, then her rear end – Naruto actually gulped when it tightened around her shapely ass, an action which was repeated when it did the same thing to her breasts.

There were several flashes of light as the ropes seemingly transformed themselves into clothing. Really, Lala's 'clothing' looked more like a female shaped, life sized version of Peke. Though Naruto had to admit she looked very cute, and her outfit seemed to suit her.

Of course, since he could see every crevice and curve of her body Naruto wouldn't complain. He may not consider himself a pervert, but he was still a male.

"Is it too tight, Lala-Sama?" asked Peke, making Naruto blink when he heard the voice.

"Nope, it's perfect," Lala told her...clothes. She held up her arms and moved around a bit, causing her breasts to jiggle. "It's great that you were able to come here so quickly!" She spun around a few times, letting the skirt like part of her clothing spin a bit. After a few test spin she turned to Naruto and smiled. "Well, what do you think? It looks good, right?"

"It's cute," Naruto said. "I've never seen an outfit quite like that before."

"Tee hee!" Lala giggled.

"By the way, Lala-Sama," Peke interrupted. "What do you plan to do now?"

"Ah, Naruto-kun has agreed to help me!" Lala exclaimed. Just then said blond's senses went on high alert as he felt two presences approaching his room. While his abilities seem to have dulled from disuse, they were still quick enough that he was able to grab Lala and move her into a corner before spinning around in a defensive stance as two men in black suits and sunglasses appeared in his room.

"You've been quite troublesome to track down," one of them said, seeming to ignore Naruto's presence. "I'll have to make sure the freedom of your hands and feet are taken away before we leave Earth."

"Peke," Lala said in a deadpanned tone. "Didn't I tell you to make sure no one followed you when coming here?"


"Baka robot!" Lala shouted as she began pouting and waving her arms in the air in frustration. Soon enough she started moving around from one foot to the other in what looked like a comical dance, rather then the actions of someone who was angry.

It was amusing to Naruto as he watched Lala berate her clothing, which was attempting to apologize. Were it not for the fact that he had two unwanted guests in his house, he would have enjoyed simply sitting back and watching the girl work herself into a frenzy.

As it was however, he still had a small problem that needed to be taken care of.

Turning his eyes back to the two men he gave them a light glare. "I don't know who you two Yakuza wannabe's are, but I'm only going to give you one warning. Leave now, or suffer the most brutal ass kicking of your life."

"You think you can scare us kid?" asked the one with darker skin. "How about we give you a warning. Step aside or we'll have to hurt you."

"Kid?" Naruto said in disbelief. He cursed himself for being granted eternal youth with his immortality. It was one of the things he hated most. Despite his three thousand years of age, everyone he met mistook him for a high school student. It was actually difficult just for him to get into a college because he looked so young. And while being young looking had it's boons, the fact that no one seemed to take him seriously bugged the crap out of him.

"Looks like I'm gonna have to teach you to respect your elders, boy," Naruto spoke in a dangerous tone. His eyes were being overshadowed by his hair, blocking his angry glare from view. However, that only made the look more effective and despite themselves, the two men shivered.

"Who do you think you are punk!" shouted one of them, getting over his hesitation with bravado. "I'll show you who's boss here!"

The man ran at Naruto who had yet to move. It was unfortunate for the two thugs that they were too busy charging towards the blond to notice the small smirk he had on his face. If they did, they might have been spared from the painful encounter they were about to have.

As the first one, the male with darker skin came in, fist swinging in an attempt to knock Naruto upside the head, said blond seemingly disappeared from his view. Less then a second after that he was introduced to a new level of pain as a foot met with his jaw, forcing his teeth to shatter as they were smashed together. The dark skinned space Yakuza didn't even get a chance to scream in pain as he was sent sailing into, and then through the ceiling, flying high into the air where he disappeared in a small twinkle.

The other man didn't stand a chance as Naruto used his great arm strength to shift his body, rotating himself and moving until his feet were pointed towards the man who was trying to halt his forward progression. Without hesitation Naruto's feet shot out in a buck kick that caught the man dead center in his chest. There was a loud crack, followed by a woosh of air, then a scream as the man was sent flying back words. He crashed through the window and quickly plummeted to the ground below.

Naruto breathed in and out slowly as he stood up straight and began clapping imaginary dust off his hands. "And that's that," he said.


"Hmm?" Naruto turned around and almost shouted in surprise as he saw Lala's face right next to his. There was an awed look in her face and he could even see stars shining in her eyes. Having not seen a look quite that impressed in a long time, the blond actually felt himself blush a bit.

"That was so cool!" Lala exclaimed. "The way you handled those two was amazing. You were all pa! And pow! And they went whoosh!" her exclamations and sound affects were followed by wild hand gestures made to look like mock punches, followed at the end by her waving her arms to show how the two men he defeated were sent sailing.

"Eh he he, that was nothing," Naruto said with a grin. He quickly got his mind back on track. Getting the first thing he needed done, he opened a drawer in his dresser and dressed himself in a basic pair of black pajama bottoms and an orange tank top. As he dressed, he continued speaking, "I've been trained in combat since I was six, some loser wannabe Yakuza aren't going to be a threat to me. Huh?" he paused in his self-admittedly arrogant praise when his eyes caught sight of a green, blinking light. It was connected to a device that looked like a small tube.

Picking it up he held the thing to his eyes and looked it over. "What's this?" he wondered out loud.

"Oh! That's a tracking device!" Lala explained helpfully. "It's used to track other people's location in case they get lost."

"Which means that more people like those Yakuza guys will be coming soon," Naruto reasoned to himself. He sighed. "I don't want to make any more of a mess of my room then I already have. Looks like we're going to have to leave so I can find a more suitable location to fight."

"Huh?" Lala looked at him with innocent curiosity as he moved over to her. Curiosity was replaced when Naruto scooped her into his arms, which elicited a surprised squeal from the pink-haired female.


"Sorry for this," the blond said as he hopped out of the window and onto an adjacent rooftop. "But I want to move fast. It will be easier this way."

Without further ado he quickly began hopping from roof to roof, moving at a pace that no human could match.

Unseen by him, Rito and Haruna, who had both managed to escape from his imprisonment of them saw the blond before he sped off.

"Was that, Naruto?" asked Haruna in surprise.

Rito blinked before turning to his new girlfriend. "I... think so..." They both turned back to where Naruto had been to see that he wasn't there anymore. Both of them wondered if they might have just imagined him standing there with a pink haired female in his arms.

After all, people just didn't disappear like that.


As Naruto carried her bridal style while jumping across the rooftops, Lala found herself looking at the blond's determined features. "Why? Why are you helping me so much?" asked Lala.

While Naruto didn't turn his head to look at her, his eyes roved down to stare into hers. He didn't even break his stride as he said, "I said I'd help you, didn't I? Once I say I'll do something, I never go back on my word."

"But now you're being chased because of me," Lala countered. "So why?"

"That's a dumb question," Naruto said, winking at Lala to let her know he wasn't saying it to be harmful. "Your in some kind of trouble, that's why. What kind of person would I be if I just left you to these people, when I know that I have the ability to help. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't want to be the kind of guy who would just leave someone like you high and dry because I didn't want to get my hands dirty."

Lala's eyes widened. "Naruto..."

Naruto reached the end of the line of houses a few seconds later. Pushing off the edge he jumped, reaching past the wall and landing in a crouch. Utilizing the kinetic energy from the impact he sprung forward in a burst of speed and made his way into the park. He stopped, looked around for a moment, then nodded.

"This looks like as good a place as any," he said to himself as he set Lala back on her feet.

"A good place for what?" asked Lala.

Naruto grinned at her. "Why, to make my grand stand of course. While my hits were pretty hard it shouldn't have done any serious damage beyond busting a few teeth and ribs. Those guys aren't weak enough to be anything more then dazed by my attacks. They'll be coming soon. And we can't run forever. So I need an open space in order to use more of my fighting potential. I may be a little rusty, but my skills should be more then enough to deal with goons like them."

"Such confidence," came a voice that resounded through out the clearing.

Naruto's eyes widened as his body acted on it's own, sliding into a fighting position as he pushed Lala behind him. It didn't take long for him to spot the most likely source of the voice, a large UFO floating above his head with thousands of blinking lights on the underside. It was so bright it was a wonder no one had seen it yet.

A beam of light shot out from the center and hit the ground a few meters away. Seconds later a large man with white hair and odd segment armor and a red cape. At the same time the two men Naruto had previously downed ran up and stepped on either side of the man who floated down from the beam of light. The blond was pleased to see they both looked to be in pain, judging from the way they grimaced every few seconds, or rubbed the spot where he had hit them.

"Look at that armor," Naruto murmured to himself. "I feel like I've stepped into some kind of fantasy, mid evil anime or something. Man, the author must have been smoking some serious shit to cook up this guy."

"Zastin!" exclaimed Lala in surprise.

The man looked at Naruto who simply glared back in his crouched down position. "Move aside, Earthling. This has nothing to do with you. You don't want to get involved in our affairs."

"Oh I don't know about that," Naruto replied nonchalantly. It was in complete contrast with his face, which held one of those 'if looks could kill' expressions. "I've been getting pretty bored recently. Who knows, maybe a little excitement will help get the blood pumping. Besides, I already promised myself that I would help Lala in any way I can. That includes protecting her from you people."

The man, Zastin, Lala had called him, raised an eyebrow. "You don't even know what's going on here, Earthling. I'll only give you one more warning. Stand aside."

"Then why don't you fill me in," Naruto said. He moved, carefully placing himself directly between Lala and Zastin and his two thugs.

"Lala-Sama has run away from home," Zastin told him. "This is the sixth time she's done so. Now, stand aside. It's time for her to return home."

"I'm not going!" Lala shouted. "Successor or not I'm sick and tired of having to sit through arranged marriage meetings everyday."

"What you want doesn't matter. This is your father's wish. Now come here. We're going home."

"I don't think so," Naruto said. He absently lamented not thinking about grabbing his weapons scrolls. As thing were he would have to rely on hand to hand combat. He briefly thought about using jutsu, but if these men really were just trying to bring her home then killing them was out of the question. "You want her, then you'll have to come through me."

Zastin eyed the blond for a few seconds, noting the fierce and warrior like expression. "Very well," he said at last, pulling out what looked like the hilt of a sword from his waist. Naruto had to hold in his surprise when the hilt ignited in a flash of green light. He took another moment to curse, wishing he had brought the Raijen no Ken to combat this new energy sword. "I will not be held accountable if you die."

Naruto snorted, "you don't honestly think I'll be that easy to kill, do you? Looks like I need to teach you a lesson in manners."

"Naruto-kun," Lala said, tugging on his shirt.

"Don't worry, Lala," Naruto said without taking his eyes of Zastin. "I have no intention of letting them near you."

"That's not what I wanted to talk about," Lala said. "You don't have to fight. Please let me deal with this."

Hearing her words the blond spared his pink-haired companion a glance. "How?"

"Like this," Lala said as she took out what Naruto at first thought was a mobile phone from... somewhere, he had long stopped trying to figure out how each girl seemed to have their own pocket space for housing random items.

"Transfer! Go go Vacuum-kun!" A bright purple cone of light shot out from what was decidedly not a phone. Several feet in the air above them orange matter materialized in the air. The strange substance coagulated together, forming a shape which soon took a more solid appearance.

It looked like some kind of metal octopus and Naruto recognized it as one of Lala's many inventions just from that simple observation.

"Oh crap! It's one of Lala-Sama's inventions!" shouted one of the thugs. Said invention turned around, showing them a pair of glowing yellow eyes and a tube-like mouth. Several metal panels slid apart to reveal a whole in the mouth.

"Take this! Suck them up!" shouted Lala. Following it's creators instructions the metal monstrosity began sucking up everything in sight with it's hose-like mouth. The air seemed to swirl in a cone shape that expanded outwards the further it got from the robot, sucking in everything from dirt to trees to the people Lala had targeted. It seemed to have some trouble with Zastin's armor, as the man got stuck with his feet sticking out of the things mouth, kicking and wiggling in an attempt to get out. However, soon enough the armored man was sucked inside of the robot.

Naruto sighed, thinking the excitement had ended for the day. This changed when he noticed the creature was still sucking up everything in sight, including sign posts, trees, the playground equipment, it even tried to consume him. Thankfully a small application of chakra to his feet helped ground him, but if the way the gravel was sliding forward the ground itself wouldn't hold for long.

"Lala!" he shouted, looking at the girl as she floated several feet above the robot. "Turn this thing off!"

"Hmm..." Lala placed a hand under her chin and adopted a thoughtful pose.

"Is something wrong, Lala-Sama?" asked Peke.

"This thing... how do I turn it off?"

"What!" shouted Naruto in disbelief. "You mean to tell me you created this thing but don't know how to turn it off!"

Lala looked over at Naruto and laughed as a sheepish expression crossed her face. "Well I made this so long ago that I know longer remember how to shut it off."

Naruto groaned. "Then I guess I need to take it out. But how to that when there are people inside is the question."

Whatever he decided Naruto knew it would have to be quick. He could feel the ground giving way under him, it wouldn't be long now before he was sucked into that thing as well.

"Alright, here we go!" Naruto shouted as he began doing something he hadn't done in several hundred years. His hands sped through a series of seals, their movements a little rusty and slow but still faster then any other human alive could possibly accomplish. He ended them on a monkey seal.

"Raiton: Raikyuu!" A large ball of sparking lightning generated directly in front of Naruto. Its form wavering as lightning arched in and out of the jutsu. Before long it solidified, becoming a bright blue ball of lightning, which was soon launched at the out of control robot. It struck the metal creation right between the eyes, exploding on contact. Rather then release a large gout of flame, sparks of electricity coursed over the things metal hull. The robot shuddered and spasmed as it small explosions took place on certain areas like the exhaust vents, which soon began smoking. It's tails flailed wildly for several seconds in what could almost be construed as pain, were it not for the fact that the thing was not alive. It released one final spasm before it's eyes dimmed and it fell to the floor with a loud crash.

"Haaa! Whew!" Naruto said whistling and sighing at the same time. He stood up on his toes and stretched his hands above his head. "It's been a long time since I've been forced to pull out any jutsu. I'm almost surprised I still remember the hand seals."


"Huh?" Naruto turned around to see Lala float down next to him, her feet daintily touching the ground. She rushed over to him, stopping when she got directly in front of him.

"That was so cool!" She started, giving him a big smile. "I didn't know Earthlings were able to use any kind of magic!"

"They can't," Naruto admitted. "I just happen to be a special case. No other Earthling would be able to do something like what I did."

"Ah! Sugoi!"

Naruto scratched the back of his head with a sheepish expression. Hearing someone praise him in such an awed voice was nice, but for some reason he felt immensely embarrassed.

Just as he opened his mouth in an effort to say something cool, his eyes widened as he noticed the destruction that Lala's machine had caused. It looked like a war zone, everywhere he looked were large gout's where trees or playground structures had been ripped out of the ground. There was quite literally nothing left of the playground.

As he stared at the scene of devastation, Naruto had just one thing to say. "I am so not paying for this."

Here we are, the first of many challenges. I have yet to see Naruto and To-Love-Rue but have always wondered what it would be like if the two stories were combined. As you can see the first chapter is already done for you, though if you wish you may choose to redo the chapter yourself. Now there are several requirements that need to be done:

1. Because Naruto is a different person then Rito, he deals with problems differently, and tends to have different problems all together. A good example of this would be Lala, Naruto, unlike Rito does not have a girl he is in love with, and while he might not be thrilled with marrying Lala he also won't shove her away because of that.

2. YOU CAN NOT USE EPISODES FROM THE ANIME OR MANGA IN THIS STORY! All content MUST be more or less original. The first chapter was an exception because there was really no other way to start this story, and even then it was different with the only similarity being Lala ended up in a bathtub naked and ended up using her vacuum robot. Even then it was with Naruto and not Rito.

What this means is that you can't take the second episode and supplant Naruto into all of Rito's dialogue and action sequences. As stated in requirement 1, Naruto is fundamentally different then Rito. Therefore, it stands to reason that the things he does will be different then the anime. Several good examples would be:

Example Ichi: How Naruto deals with assassins and Lala's fiancee's. Unlike Rito, who is more or less helpless and wants nothing to do with Lala but is forced to act because he's a kind person, Naruto has no trouble dishing out an ass kicking to people who threaten him or Lala (The exception being girls who try to break him and Lala up).

Example Nii: In episode two when Lala comes to school and claims to be Rito's fiancee, the male population gets angry and tried to beat the crap out of Rito, resulting in an embarrassing situation of Haruna seeing him naked with Lala. That would not happen with Naruto. As stated in chapter one, he is already hated by the male population, but they are afraid of him due to his strength and athletic ability. The problem he would come into would be the female population, who adore him and want his babies (think of every girl that loved Sasuke during his academy days and you'll understand). That means his problems would come MOSTLY from girls trying to break up and/or humiliate him and Lala.

3. The main pairing is Naruto/Lala, and Rito/Haruna. I do not care if Naruto ends up getting a harem, but these two pairings must be there!

4. This story must focus more on character development then anything else, meaning Naruto's budding relationship with Lala and whatever other girl you may decide to add, and Rito's one with Haruna (as a minor pairing).

5. Naruto is HUMAN! I can not stress this enough, but Naruto is not a demon, just a human who gained immortality. That means that you CANNOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE THE "BITE THIS CHICK WHILE HAVING SEX AND GIVE HER A MATING MARK" PLOT DEVICE! While that plot is usable in certain circumstances, it is not in this story.

6. Following requirement 5, you must find a suitable way of dealing with Naruto's immortality, either through having Deviluke's being immortal when they reach maturity or some other means. However, it must be feasible and realistic within the constraints of the anime's reality.