High School and Aliens

Chapter 17: Excitement for Love

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XChapter StartX

The holidays for Naruto and his houseguests or his inn's residents was nothing but fun over the week leading up to and following Christmas and new year. Christmas day itself had been very exciting for the deviluken sisters having received a number of gifts from Naruto as well as their mother send one too, even a personal message of thanks to Naruto for taking care of them. Even if it was in a letter only this time.

New Year had been fun for them as well, more because for the fireworks display and the journey to the temple. Now it was February, the time limit for the probation would be up soon but it wasn't really on Naruto's mind as he and his fiancé plus her sisters who had asked him if they could join the school since then they would be closer to their sister.

Although neither him nor Eve trusted her smile when she made the request. However her reaction from seeing her saved game files mysteriously disappear was worth it. Yui and his other friends had met up a few times over the holidays to receive their gifts but Risa's gift was still it it's envelope under the presumption it wasn't ever safe for viewing in front of guests.

Currently though Naruto was in his garden surrounded by all the foxes while Nana played with her Kuri and Lala with Kurama. It was Sunday so Naruto had decided to get back to full sage mode, with few being capable of sensing nature chakra anymore there wasn't much risk of it being sensed.

In his earlier years he did his best to alter his sage mode so it was less obvious. The best he got was tribal like marking around his body instead of his eyes. His pupils remained blue in the mode but shinned a lot brighter as well. Now that he was more used to his chakra after a few months sage mode came more easily, the first time he had needed Kurama to knock the nature out of him.

None the less being back in the mode in his garden especially was a pleasant experience, Celine was probably the only one to notice. No…Momo was rushing to the garden now, she felt alarmed no doubt from being more attuned to botanical life. He gave her an all knowing grin a while he had explained to her and Mikado he was unable to use the mode perfectly till now.

"Naruto-san…is everything alright? I feel a strange presence." Oshizu said coming out into the back. She was still apprehensive towards the foxes in the garden, mainly how there were related to canine aka dogs her worst fear. Kurama had not been much help as he enjoyed spooking the old spirit girl turned human again. One time had resulted in him being stripped while out shopping with her when his old friend jumped on her head without warning.

He'd liked that shirt.

"Everything is fine Oshizu-san, just practicing an old technique of meditation, a side effect is my aura growing and feeling different. Can you tell me how it feels Oshizu-san?" Naruto asked feeling Celine wrap a wine around him wanting to feel close no doubt. Momo joked that his other plants would feel jealous of all the attention he gave Celine but he reminded her that Celine was new while the others had been longer and he still loved them.

"Hmmmm~" Clenching her eyes shut Oshizu let her sensing power go to work, she nearly gasped from properly seeing Naruto's spirit. When they first met it was bright but now it was like a miniature sun or more like a great tree with the feeling coming off. It was like seeing some of the priests at her local temple back when she was alive, the first time at least. "It feels happy and at peace… was it always this strong Naruto-san?"

"It's been a while since you managed a full sage mode, looks better than the frog eyes you used to have." Kurama said while having his tail brushed by Lala, she was gentle as always with him while he sat in her lap.

"Toad eyes, but we all change, it's not so bad. I'm not forgetting the first time I used this but that was me then and this is me now Kurama. But to a degree yes is your answer Oshizu-san." Naruto replied getting to his feet and taking his watering can and feeding his plants. "Close your mouth Momo."

"T-This was the super mode you have… it feels strange being so close to. Sort of like papa, but more calm." Momo said while Nana nodded her alignment to animals making her feel him as well.

"That's the idea of being a sage of nature to be calm like the plants, the wind and the earth. Took me some time to be truly thankful for it but I am now, much like how I'm thankful you all live we me now. I can safely say it's been fun since that day last year." Naruto felt Lala hug him as she set Kurama in mom's lap. It was crazy how before he never thought he would get so close to someone but here he was now getting close to accepting this marriage proposal for real.

The only question these days where how more crazy could it get and how many more memories would be forever ingrained in his family's heads.


"So…are you looking forward to Valentine's day Naruto?" Saruyama asked Naruto as he ate his lunch next to Lala.

"No more than usual Saru, after all it's just another day for aside from the occasional chocolate. Then again this year I think I'll get less with Lala more or less claiming me. What about you, think you'll get one this year I know Rito will." Naruto said smirking knowing Saruyama being the rather open perverted male didn't get chocolates it was almost adorable or would be if he was female.

"Grrr don't ask me that with that face, it makes me mad the piles of chocolate you get some even claiming it was spares they had while I get none. I thought I could be like Rito last year but nooooo he actually got his girlfriend now." Naruto knew Saruyama was like most teens and wanted someone, and would get that someone later in life just not now.

Until then it was all the more fun to tease him now and again through words or pain, which he dropped himself into most of the time. Cruel; not really just some teasing between friends.

"Can't help it Saru, but don't worry I'll share some if your lucky." He patted his head the glare he got made it all the more better.

"What exactly is Valentine's Day Risa?" Lala asked her friend having only heard the name in passing before but now that it was next week she was curious as to what she had to do.

"Well Lala-chi Valentine's day is more or less a day to show your care for someone you love for us in japan that usually means baking specially made chocolate for the one you like be it boyfriend, crush or in your case fiancé. Of course couples and alike can do other fun stuff with each other in the evening. I have some ideas for what Naruto could do if you like?" Rias said pulling out her special Naruto seduction plans she wrote for fun sometimes.

"Oh yeah that sounds great." Lala reached for the boom before it was pinched from her grasp by Yui who placed it under her arm and offered her personal stern look at Risa.

"Momioka-san you shouldn't attempt to corrupt Lala-san any more than your shame full behavior has already." Yui said looking to Naruto and feeling pleased as his cat ears popped out of his head, a sight too often seen now but none would complain.

It was so much like most nekomimi on hunky or cute people.

"Right~ not like you don't want a peak. Oh by the way are you going to somehow have a spare giri chocolate for Naruto-kun again?" Rias asked as the girl had been very shy about giving Naruto some chocolate last year before Lala came into the picture. Risa and Mio had spotted her giving it to him in the hall before class started after lunch that day. The dark days of the lunch rush before the Naruto's homemade bentous came to them and forever filled them with joy and more importantly tasty food. 'What was I on about of yeah, teasing Yui hehehe~'

"Wawawa what do you mean, you were peaking weren't you?" Yui accused blushing as she thought there was no one from her class around at the time.

"It's not peaking if its right in the halls Yui." Risa replied deadpanned expression making Yui sputter further until Ren burst into the room saving Yui as the boy took in a breath to shout only to get nailed in the head by some eraser.

"Ow why does that keep happening, never mind. Lala, I heard there's a holiday coming to express love for those in your heart. I promise I will once more display my true love for you in the most manly way possible." Ren declared before something else hit him in the face, fresh pepper. In but a sneeze the loud Ren was replaced with the perky Run.

At first Naruto didn't agree with Kurama to carry pepper pellets to school but found them useful when Ren was in one of his 'I shall declare my manliness' moments. Plus Run was fun to hang round when she wasn't off with her idol work now.

"Wah Yeah I'm back!" Run fist pumped before adjusting her shirt to expose just a little cleavage. "What I miss?"

"Not much Run-chan, just usual but were talking about valentines day." Risa said making Run frown a little.

"Awww it sucks I have a recording that day, I think I'm meeting a fellow idol as well I don't know anything about her. Hope she's not too crazy." Run said letting out a sigh.

"The woes of resident idol, here let me make you feel better." Risa said hugging the girl.

"Grope me and I'll sneeze." Like it or not Run had developed her own method of defending against perverts. At least the people she worked with had some alien backgrounds so it wasn't too weird when she sneezed… until that glamour shot.

"You can come over at the end of the day Run if you want. I'll probably be with Lala during the day so the evening meal will be family as usual." A half truth as he'd planned to leave a clone to take care of dinner while I took Lala out.

"Thanks Naruto-kun, I'll call Mikado-sensei if I'm still coming." Naruto just nodded as he finished his lunch and had Kurama jump on his desk. He indulged in the unspoken request and petted his head.

"No problem, it's gym next right?"

"That's right, so glad its gotten warmer now can wear my bloomers again." Mio said as Saruyama seemed to revive himself and opened his mouth only to get a pepper pellet directly hitting him.

"Didn't know you took some of my tools Yami." Naruto said to the blonde sitting at the windowsill eating her taiyaki for the day.

"They are useful… will you be making anything new?" Yami/Eve was forever curious as to what he might make next for her… and the others.

"Just need to look through my old books might be able to make something later Yami-chan." He replied as the bell rang for the next lesson to begin. Moving outside the students changed into their sports uniforms and as stated the girls were back into their shirts and bloomers.

"Ahhh, spring is beautiful as always, don't you think guys?" Saruyama said gazing to the girls went jogging and took note of those who forgot their sports bras today.

"A bit sad but it's who he is in the end huh?" Naruto shook his head at the red faced Saruyama not noticing the girls giving him glares for lustful looks.

"Ahh don't say that Naruto, I mean I can't help it and surely you can't help the joys of the bouncing bosoms, like those on your fiancé or even Kotegawa so it's good right now." Saruyama puffed his nose with steam coming out.

"Kenichi, don't let Kotegawa hear you she'll find a way to make you serve punishment for it." an example would be where he 'once again' fell over and ending up grabbing the firm behind of his girlfriend. Yui had him holding up buckets of water all lunch, the only saving grace was Haruna coming into the hall and very shyly feeding him.

Still the teens words did spark inspiration from one student, Lala hearing the apparent love of boobs made her look down at her own. 'Hmmm, I need to do research.' It's nice how easily she can think this without there being any perverted connotations.

When gym was finished with a few girls (Risa, Run and to a degree Mio) drooling at Naruto as usual. But the perverted duo had moved to their hobby, teasing other girls the choice today was Oshizu, she just reacted so well.

"Hmm Risa… does Naruto-kun like boobs?" all girls looked at Lala questioning if she had just asked the question. Of course said person has a lack of modesty, so moe.

"Well like most guys I think Naruto likes boobs. I think he's a big size lover but people's taste can change. For me and Mio we just love them all like this cute pair in my hands now." Squeezing the mounds Oshizu let out a small squeak a bit sensitive still in her body.

"I think this conversation should stop right now. Such a shameful question about Uzumaki-kun shouldn't even be asked in the first place." Yui said buttoning her shirt.

"Didn't you make Naruto-kun always have his ears pop out when your in the same room as him. Wouldn't that be shameful Kotegawa-san?" Run asked making Yui's back go stiff at her own weakness. She had said she did it to make sure he didn't do anything shameful but most saw through the flimsy excuse she gave and knew she was indulging in her like of cat-hunk Naruto.

"Th-th-that has nothing to do with this. It's just a dare I made him do as I didn't want any of your suggestions to be used, nothing more, hmph." Looking away in a huff Yui adjusted her skirt but found Risa's hand going over her breasts and giving them a squeeze.

"ohhhh such a strong reaction, someone getting embarrassed over her love of our blonde master chef?" Risa was only too joys to get a feel of Yui's chest while getting her to open up a bit.

"Enough Momioka-san, refrain from touching me." Yui said giving Risa a much stronger glare now, her yellow eyes were useful for such things.

Lala meanwhile was still jotting down ideas in her note book and wondering how quickly she could whip her new idea together.

With her skill… less time for a pizza delivery.


So find anything nice in the library Yami?" Naruto asked as they walked down the hall, all the guys avoiding both out of fear. All knew not to mess with the deadly blondes from pranks or pain, or a horrible combination of the two.

"A few things drew some attention." Unsaid wad the books were on the holiday of valentine's day as she was perplexed at the idea of the holiday given her upbringing. A day to celebrate the one closest to your heart, a place that she was unsure who would or could fill it. The first person betrayed her and the other confused her still to a degree.

"Well I guess this years holiday will be different for me, having all of you now changes things I guess. Although I think you'll have to wait for white day for your own special treats." Chocolate was easy to work with and he was curious how he'd adjust to tastes this year, Lala and her sisters would like them sweeter.

"What do you think Hime will do, her previous actions suggest she might do something large to impress you." She like all members of the house were no stranger from Lala's inventions and her methods of impressing or trying to make Naruto smile.

"Probably but she's pulled back and been more cautious with her inventions of late. If im honest I am looking forward to what she plans to do. We'll just have to wait and see."

As he said this Lala just about finished her new gadget. "Hmmm what have you made this time Lala-sama?" Peke asked looking at the rocket her master had just completed.

"Pai-Pai Rocket-kun! It alters the hormonal balance of the target and transforms her boobs to the ideal size!" Explained while Peke felt a sweat drop develop on her miniature head.

"But why is it a rocket?" In her excitement Lala didn't hear her faithful robot.

"Using this I'll definitely transform my boobs for Naruto-kun, I'm sure it'll be a great treat for valentine's day." She said shaking with excitement but Peke noticed something.

"Lala-sama, did you double check the propulsions systems since you made it a rocket? Also do you plan to target yourself with it?" Peke asked as Lala's tail twitched as the sound of engines powering up.

"Uh-oh…maybe I shouldn't have set a countdown…" Lala mumbled trying to remember who she targeted.

Cut back to Naruto and eve walking and both their reflexes kicking in as they saw the rocket coming toward them. "Scatter!" Naruto said as both jumped to the side but much to his shock the rocket swerved toward him plus it had Lala's design all over it. However in his distraction was his own folly as the rocket hit the ground next to him and Naruto felt a strange sensation in his body.

"Oww…what the heck was that?" Naruto asked not noticing the change in his voice, and something else. Getting to 'his' feet Naruto brushed down 'his' pants and turned toward Yami. "You ok Yami?" all he got was a nod but her stare was strange. "Something wrong?"

"You have breasts." Yami said as Naruto looked down to find that he did indeed have breasts. But not just breasts, big bouncy and firm breasts… J cup too.

"What…I didn't use henge, don't tell me that rocket did this. Oh well not an issue." Putting her hands in the ram sign Naruto did a henge to change her body. Sadly when the smoke of the technique cleared she was no different, "Oh no. this isn't good…and why do I feel constricted?"

"Shirt too tight?" Yami asked and Naruto looked and saw her shirt was practically bulging from her bust size.

"Oh great… I think I need to get out of here, and find Lala too." Naruto said putting her hands on her hips once she unbuttoned some of her shirts buttons. It was lucky she had been a woman several times in her life already that the change didn't bother her too much. Only annoying since he couldn't change back and she was in a school full of horny young men.

Yami just looked at the new Naruto in surprise still. From hunky male to a slightly shorter woman whose spiky hair became completely straight and grew down her back. The whisker marks were still on her cheeks but her face was more narrow. "Naruto! Where are you?" Lala voiced called and the two blondes turned to the pinkette s she flew down. "Oh… I didn't think this would happen ehehe…" Lala nervously rubbed the back of her head while Naruto and Yami gave her a dead panned stare.

"Naruto-dono seems to suit a female body." Peke muttered before squirming as Naruto turned her attention to her. "Might I suggest we head home for now and discover what we can do?"

"No…as easy as that would be the school won't be weirded out but all this. You being an alien and Ren about I think desensitized them to gender bending. Let's just head to Mikado and see if she can shed some light as a permanent gender change is not something I want."

"Why not Naruto-kun you look cute?" Mikado's voice said as she came out from the building after seeing the rocket shoot off from her window. Her grin along with Kurama's made Naruto quite nervous for her health. "I don't know whether to be annoyed or giddy that you have a larger bosom than me?"

"I'd say giddy, being a professional nurse you'll need to measure your new student for the suitable uniform and record all measurements…plus photos." Kurama suggested before jumping and managing to land on Naruto to keep her from running.

"Yes that's such a good idea." The beautiful alien nurse said deviously.


"I hope you realize I will be getting you back at some point." Naruto said now in her own uniform, plus borrowing Peke to create a bra for her as no way was she walking around without proper support, a lesson learned long ago. Sadly Mikado had snagged some pictures but after that had been professional.

"Perhaps but I'm sure we can have a sleepover to talk it all out with your friends." Mikado said making sure to get any and all jokes she could while Naruto was female, even better than the time he had briefly shown her and Momo. 'Surprising how similar the change is compared to his transformation technique. Both times he becomes a complete woman, still her level of sensitivity is adorable.'

Yes Naruto did squeak if you squeezed her bosom, a danger in this school.

"Sorry Naruto-kun, I didn't mean for my invention to target you and explode making things turn out like this." Lala bowed her head, her tail curling down as well.

Naruto couldn't get angry seeing her expression so reached out and rubbed the top of her head before pulling her chin up to make Lala look at her. "Don't worry, knowing you I know you'll find a solution to this. I can manage as Naruto for a little while anyway." Lala's face instantly began to beam with happiness seeing Naruto smiling down at her and jumped up to hug her wrapping her arms around Naruto's neck.

"Thank you sooo much Naruto-kun~ I'll do my best to work something out as quick as I can." Lala kissed Naruto's cheek making her blush as the princess rushed out the room. "Be back as quick as I can!"

"Ara, ara such a lucky girl to have such a lovely fiancé Naruto-chan." Mikado smiled seeing Naruto rub her cheek.

"Yeah I am, hmm am I still as flexible as last time?" Naruto wondered doing a front cartwheel with full extending legs leading into a full split. "Hmm, good I'd hate to be stiff with these legs again. Peke how are you with my clothes?"

"Perfectly fine Naruto-dono, my battery levels are optimal along with the minimal use of power for your under garments. I can create a full outfit if necessary as my memory has a full body scan of your female form now." Peke answered not feeling any different on the blondes body, even if it was a bit bigger than her masters.

"It's no fun when you just accept it. I thought you'd be freaking out more over this… its unfair to be like that Naruto."Kurama fumed to himself, sadly a hot sexy Naruto did not please him, only confused to a degree that made him queasy. The pictures they had got would be great for moments he needed a good retort but right now Naruto had adjusted to the change, taking away all of Kurama's teasing fun.

Naruto never let him have too much fun, bastard.

"Part of me knew you would like this so I'm doing my best to make you miserable." Naruto explained as her brushed her hair behind her ears, also giving his cat ears a quick flap to test any difference in this form only to find non before making them recede. "Well I guess I should head to my lesson, see you at home Mikado-sensei."

"Bye Naruto-chan." Mikado shook her head seeing Kurama pout and petted his head.

Stepping into her class a number of eyes turned to Naruto but much to their shock the new cute girl gave all the guys a glare before nailing them all with eraser bits. "It's me, Naruto idiots." Naruto crossed her arms under her bust not lifting them as she knew not to do that when emphasizing her point.

"No way!" Risa and a few of Naruto other friends said seeing the cute female blonde now. "Why are you a girl…. And are those real?" leave it to Risa to ask the obvious question.

"Firstly Lala's new invention had a strange side effect and I'm not tell and you're not touching Risa." Naruto said seeing the metaphorical lightning bolt hit Risa's heart at the pure denial at Naruto not letting her touch, recalling how easily he always avoided her hands. With such wonderful breasts in front of her and the slight risk of never touching them Risa had no idea what to do.

"Such a troublesome side effect… you don't seem too bothered by this bizarre change." Yui asked seeing the cat ears appear and the boys getting nailed in the head again, none would enjoy his neko girl moment without pain.

"Is it that weird that I don't accept the odd events that Lala's inventions occasionally bring. Plus Mikado-sensei got me a uniform and anyone who tries anything will remember why they fear my wrath." Naruto clenched her hand and threw one more eraser piece at Saruyama, hitting him hard in the forehead.

Instant KO

"Well I guess we are of the same mind of shameless behavior right now Naruto-kun." Yui said finding it easier to speak to Naruto right now, being a girl was certainly not activating Tsundere protocols.

"I guess your right, let's get ready for class then." Naruto said taking her seat and smirking in glee as Risa stared at him no doubt thinking up plans that would fail. No way was she letting Risa grope her, she'd never let go.


"This isn't bothering you Naruto-kun, at all?" Saki asked not helping but look oddly at the now female blonde. It was a little strange seeing someone who she could freely call her better in beauty, despite the constant punches and traps Naruto kept using on any guy that got too close.


"Not really, I mean a change in the centre of gravity is odd, these things being a big focus of any and all guys about." Naruto had her skirt but had Peke add spats to her so any time she kicked she wouldn't flash. No way was anyone getting a show, plus the costume robot made sure her good didn't jiggle about like a DOA game. The physics in those games Naruto would swear anime used all the time.

"Is your style much different in this body or not tested yet?" Rin asked curious and in the back of her mind suspicious over how easily Naruto accepted this. Even with all the crazy events that surrounded her friend, it seemed in Naruto's body language that he/she had done this before.

"I doubt it, I might be more agile and my strikes slightly less forceful, that's my best guess. We can see later Rin, if you want anyway." Naruto said as he held out his fist for the principal to run directly into as they rounded a corner. Oh and the principal was naked, as horrifying as that was. "Seriously how is this guy still the principal?"

"Our investigation didn't turn up anything." Aya said looking up at Naruto, very impressed how strong she was. "We fear it's a mystery that we can't solve, we just make sure we are ready for it now." To emphasize she gestured to her rubbed bullet gun while Rin patter her sheathed blade in its bag.

"You're better, with Yami around these days most girls have less to worry about. She hates perverts with a passion, it's lucky Haruna is now the focus of Rin's clumsy behavior. Kami knows what would happen if he wasn't with her to draw his constant trips." Naruto shook her head thinking of all the times Rito tripped over his own feet and ended up in the lap of his girlfriend, more accurately right in front of her panties and/or groping her chest.

He was quite lucky she was as shy as he was.

"Well I guess that's lucky for us then, not that that boy would ever get so close to us now. I certainly wouldn't want him to accidently grope me in an inappropriate way." As Saki said this Naruto lifted her leg to catch a lunging Risa and redirect her to the side, her perverted groper sense was tingling.

"You mean like Risa here would?" Naruto said as she placed her foot on Risa's back to keep her from getting up. "You know you could lose your home made lunch privileges right Risa?"

"But, but just look at you Naruto-un, it's so not fair keeping those lovely breasts all to yourself and not letting me touch. Come one just one grope, what's the harm?" Risa said with her best puppy dog look, almost like several kicked puppies, a sight so sad you never want to look.

"I'd be afraid I'd never get them back, or that you'd never let go." Risa tried to push the foot off but found a strong painful sensation originating from her head.

The pain was due to Rin hitting her in the head lightly, for perverts at least. "Please restrain yourself Risa-san, Naruto-kun is unlikely to keep this form for long if Lala-san is working on a reversal." Rin said while Risa rubbed her head. it clearly wasn't her day, denial of something amazing and a lot of pain.

"All the more reason to try, this could be once in a life time chance to grope something that big, pretty please Naruto-kun. I'll let you grope mine in return." Risa was going all out with offering her own chest while maintaining her puppy dog look.

Unfortunately the wall would not crumble.

"Say wanna join me for a meal tonight Saki-chan, Aya-chan, Rin-chan?" Naruto asked getting nods while a whimper started coming from below her foot.


"I can't believe Lala's invention did this to you Naruto-kun." Mikan said as she and the other girls were in the now expanded bathroom. The shock on her face quickly dropped to giggles as watching her brother act so shy around Naruto was amusing.

She was happy to see Aya, Rin and Saki again as she liked them during their trip to the beach. All of them had been ok with Naruto joining them in the bathroom for a wash as he was a she for the moment. "Really… I don't know with Lala's mind anything is possible. I'd be surprised if she hasn't built a miniature black hole device already."

At the side Nana and Momo sweat dropped as Lala had actually done just that. Said twins didn't know how to react when Naruto walked back into the home, Kuri seemed to like the blondes new form as she situated herself in Naruto's cleavage making for a nice little pic moment.

"I'm still working on the solution, shouldn't take me long now Naruto-kun." Lala said while she was behind Naruto washing her long hair.

"That's good, being a woman is a bit weird all the same." Momo smiled as she sneaked next to her sister and pulled a Risa by groping Naruto breasts making her let out a rather loud "Nya!" as her ears popped out to from the shock. "Momo, don't do that?"

"Oh come on, Risa-san couldn't get a chance. At least one of us should get a chance. So bouncy, they might even be better than yours Onee-sama." Momo said as Naruto squirmed about while blushing.

"Hmm it's annoying how they feel. Part of me wants to punish you for these Naruto." Mikan said as she and few of not all of the girls took their turns having a feel, Lala having taken to petting Naruto behind her ears while under her delicate and skilled fingers was leaving the blonde a puddle of goo.

"Wouldn't they get in the way during combat?" Yami asked having a small feel too but with both hair, hands and her own. Being capable of changing her body she was at times curious how her skills and battle abilities might change with an increased bust.

"Shame Kurama can't join us but it is ladies only hehe…" Mikado giggled to herself as said fox was scratching at the door, kuri giggling at the elder fox for his silly behavior.

"He'd be confused over this strange thing, even if he is a perverted fox I'm like a guy in drag in his mind." Naruto said trying to push Mikado's hands away, she was showing her skills and managed to find her tender spots. She was a doctor after all, she needed to do a physical.

"Do you think we can take you shopping before we change you back, I think okaa-san's influence is coming through right now?" Mikan said taking her chance to pet Naruto's ears from behind making him erratically mewl like a kitten. She knew there would be a hell of a prank in revenge but like when Risa had expose them all to make him blush, she might as well take the chance.

"No lingerie stores and only if Lala hasn't finished it by tomorrow alright-Ouch! Be gentle with those." Naruto glared at Momo who had given her nipples a sharp tug, the grin on her face was too innocent to be genuine. Nana was just pouting at the side but glaring at her chest.

Jealousy of Pettanko is strong don't ya know?

"Ehh but those would be the most fun!" Momo whined trying to give her best puppy dog look, which was ignored by Naruto who could feel the intent of mischief coming off of her.

"Just no Momo."

"That's a bit of a shame, I was curious to see if I could find you a dress for a party event if one came up." Saki said with a small sigh and the Naruto gave her a strange look.

"Ok I know I'm ok with all this but why are you so adjusted to his Saki?" Naruto questioned a bit confused by the heiress.

"I accepted everything Naruto-kun is no matter what I learn or see. It doesn't bother me as it doesn't bother you, I'll simply be ne to not drawn attention to it." Saki said smiling making Naruto blink in mild shock, it was a very mature way of looking at the situation. Yet it was also a proclamation of her feelings for him and he wasn't sure if her new hormones were affecting her as a slight embarrassed blush sprung into her own cheeks.

"ufufufufu…you're guard is down." Momo said behind Naruto only for the blonde girl to avoid the lunge and commence a quick counter on his houseguest. Attacking her weak point, her tail, with but one grab and squeeze Momo curled in on herself. "N-(moan)-No fair Naruto, you know that's not a place to grab so roughly.

"Normally no it isn't, however you are in great need of punishment for trying to tease me too much. I might have the body of a woman but my mind is still as sharp as any blade so yes I will go for your weak point to teach you a lesson." Naruto had a dark grin as Momo was left powerless under Naruto fingers, it was like some strange hentai.

Please note this is Momo's interpretation of what was happening right now.

"Ahhh stop Naruto-kun."

"You know I can't stop, I could do a lot worse, if I don't you won't learn."

"I promise I'll be good, please let go of my tail, Kyaaaaa!"


Any further description might be bad, Momo's mind has never been the cleanest place. Nana would attest to this easily as would Kurama but he really wouldn't be against this. Nor would Risa or Mikado for that matter.

"I didn't think Naruto could really act like that, also have your tails always been that sensitive Lala-san?" Rin asked after drying Saki and her own hair.

Lala's tail curled a bit, moving it behind her. "Ehehe well most female deviluken's tails are sensitive, mine and my imouto's more than usual. Males don't have that issue though… no one has figured out why."

"Rather unfair to female in a way, your species are pretty strong though right?" Lala nodded to Aya's question before bringing her tail out in front of herself.

"It's actually able to shoot a powerful beam as well which is its defense mechanism. But yeah Aya-chan we're all pretty strong, it took me a while to adjust my strength in sports at first." Naruto came out having wrapped a towel around herself.

"She used to be too strong for baseball, but luckily has a great deal of control. How do we feel about curry tonight?" Naruto asked wondering if she could bust out the old curry of life recipe, slightly milder of course.

"Haven't had that in a while, I could go for some." Mikan said as she brushed her still wet hair out her face.

"I look forward to it." Yami said looking dry and was dressed in her usual outfit.

I'll get started after I get changed." Naruto said as Peke floated over.

"Will you be in need of my service again Naruto-dono?" Naruto just patted the robots head and smiled thankfully at her.

"It should be fine Peke, its not school anymore so I don't need to worry… except for Zastin but knowing how its close to another deadline he'll be pulling an all-nighter." Mikan face palmed knowing how true those words were, why was her father so late with his work load? At least she didn't have to take food tonight as no doubt Naruto had prepared Lala's knight with enough food to last him. and Zastin being a noble knight would give up some to his technically superior in the workplace.

Peke herself was just happy as she lifted herself and sat upon Naruto's head, much like she'd seen Kurama do on occasion.

Giving her arms a small stretch Naruto headed off to get dressed and got started on the famous curry which was in his own opinion a rather odd adventure. Back in the day with Lee, Ten-ten and Neji, the three of team Gai who he was proud to say were the best fighters.

He'd only wished Neji had lived to make a family of his own. Hanabi had named a child after him, he eventually became the clan leader and kept the two branches together as they always should have been. But those were memories past so he put it behind him, he had curry to make.

Naruto really hoped he got changed back before Valentine's Day. It would be awkward to receive chocolates from girls while he still was a girl.

If only a little.



Speaking of which, one of those people making chocolates for Naruto was Yui. Yui was currently on her fifth attempt on making chocolates, she had just burned herself on the hot pan and was nursing her finger.

"You know you could ask okaa-san for help you know Yui?" Yuu said smirking from the door of the kitchen. Instantly though the elder brother was given a glare, although it was slightly put off by the action of his little sister sucking her finger.

"Onii-san please don't bother me I need to concentrate on this. Okaa-sama offered before but I want to do this myself." Yui said as she turned off the heat, looking in the pot she fumed that she had burned the chocolate.

"Well I'm sure that Naruto kid will like it all the same." Yuu grinned before being hit in the head with a bag of icing sugar with Yui now red faced.

"What are you saying? Why would I be doing that?" Yui shouted at her brother who ducked under the counter by the door to defend his hair from more sugar attacks.

"What? He is your friend and I just guessed it would be a gigi chocolate for him. Now please out down the chocolate, my hair has been damaged enough already." Yuu now looking like a cheap Hollywood ghost poked his head out to see if Yui had calmed down a little.

"Y-Yes that's right just gigi chocolate. I just wanted to make it properly on my own so please get out!" Yui just pointed to the door, she really disliked being teased by her family. Her mother and father were giggling for five minutes when she said she needed to use the kitchen to make chocolate.

Smiling and wiping some of the white powder off his face Yuu turned to his sister as he left. "Never give up Yui, something tells me you should never give up on what you want. You've changed and gotten a lot happier of late."

Yuu left with a shocked look on Yui's face but he quickly pouted once he was out of the room. 'I really hope I get a chocolate from Akiho.' It was nice as he was trying to court the sister of Haruna. He just wished they could be more honest with each other, or more her as he was quite open already.

Yui felt a small grin of her own grow on her face as she went back to her chocolate. But as she did she looked at the fridge and saw a picture of her when she was a lot younger and it sparked an odd memory.


"Wait for me kitty don't move!" a very young and adorable Yui shouted at a cat stuck in a tree. "Please wait there while I get you down!" Yui was currently coming back from school with her hair in twin tails much like Nana had in the present.

Trying to climb the tree she was unable to get a proper grip on it and kept falling down. Sadly few were willing to help her with her being a strict class president at the time.

'Sniff, sniff fine I'll do it myself!' Yui thought with tears in her eyes but before she could try climbing again she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey there, hold on a minute. I'm a bit better at climbing than you so leave it to me." A tall figure said as he jumped up and grabbed the branch before flipping atop without much noise as he landed. "Come here neko-chan, no need to be worried."

Jumping down he cradled the cat in his arms. "Is this your cat little girl?" the young man asked Yui as she shook her head at him

"N-no, I saw the poster for a lost kitty and then I heard it from this tree. Thank you for helping me." the figure smiled at her placing the cat in her arms.

"Well if you're the one looking for it only seems fit you bring her home for the owner, I'm sure she'll be pleased to see her little one back." The figure turned to leave with a bag over his shoulder, his long hair reaching down his back.

"Wait! Who are you sir?" The strange man was odd to Yui as most men were shameless and not really ones to helping save little cats unless there was something in it for them.

"Just a new resident to the town, I only arrived today so I'm looking for a nice house at the moment. Maybe I'll see you around ojou-chan?" he waved goodbye to the girl. But the thing was, Yui couldn't remember the man's face at all. The only thing she could recall was a necklace and his smile which had a bit of fuzz on it.

XFlashback EndX

"That was odd, why did I remember that. Ahh not again~" again Yui was forced to start over. It would take her a few more times until she was ready to give this chocolate to Naruto, who was just a friend, not someone she really wanted to confess to and pet his adorable head for hours on end.

And nothing else…


Of course though it doesn't take a genius to figure out who it was that helped out Yui all those years ago. It was on that day that our currently cooking blonde arrived into town to set up his life for the next few years before becoming neighbors to the most clumsy child he'd known for a while.

XChapter EndX

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