High School and Aliens

Chapter 20: You built this?

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XChapter StartX

"How the hell did you hide every piece of my clothing, you even got the ones in the sealing scrolls?" Naruto cried out still in cat form, it seems Kurama had pranked him no doubt for all the stuff he had done to him… or just denying him bosom hugs.

"Why should I tell you, everyone loves the adorable portable version of you now. Plus you have seen the truth that I speak, just accept it Naruto it is your destiny." Kurama said while sat at the top of the stares while Naruto gave his best glare in his kitten form which as you can imagine resulted in little more than a pout.

"I'm not going to school as a cat, its embarrassing. I can't threaten any of the boys looking like this even if I do claw their nuts off." Naruto cried chasing Kurama about the house while Momo and the other members of the household watched on. Zastin was finding this bizarre since not only had Naruto fought his king and gained approval but suffered minimal damage which knowing Gid from his fights was more impression that most gave it credit.

'At least I shouldn't have to worry too much and focus on finishing up the deadlines soon. Ergh Saibai-san why can't you be dependable like Naruto-dono?' Zastin thought ever thankful for his host cooking ability, his lunches made long working hours bearable.

"It's so strange to see them like that, usually Naruto has the upper hand by now." Mikado said taking in her morning coffee.

"I believe Naruto-dono is still adjusting his strength and speed in his new form. However given Kurama's tendency for mischief the more likely is he wants to force Naruto-dono to attend school in his current form." Zastin replied getting a refill on his own drink.

"Hmmm, well its nearly time to go so I think we'll make the decision for him. Onee-sama, grab Naruto and lets head to school." Momo suggested to the girl who nodded and grabbed Naruto by the scruff of his neck as he stop past after his canine rival right now.

"Come on Naruto-kun. We don't wanna be late, I'll write down notes and collect the homework for you." Lala said as she watched Naruto sigh which was just adorable right now.

"Fine… as long as you keep me away from any other girls and get Risa to trap Saru if he tries anything. Also get me a pen and paper if I'm stuck like this I'll try and see how dexterous this tail is." Lala nodded as she and her sisters got ready for school along with Oshizu. Naruto jumped to Lala's shoulder after she put him down and gave one last glare to Kurama as they left the house with Mikado.

"Thanks for preparing everyone's meals today Momo. Obviously I was unable to do so this morning, stupid fox." Momo just smiled and rubbed under his chin to make him purr.

"It's no problem Naruto, just a shame Risa and Mio will be unable to get your meals today. I fear you have spoiled them and they'll be able to tell the difference." Naruto swatted her hand away as while it felt nice he didn't want his current form to be abused to look too cute.

"Maybe but, at this point it's just normal for me to do that. At the very least they keep their groping to our circle of friends. How is the project coming along by the way, I believe you were trying out something with some seeds?" Naruto questioned as Momo was one of the researchers in helping Naruto with his immortality issue.

"Progress is slow, the samples we have are helping but your body really is a mystery. I have a few more theories to test out, we may need another testing session though when we get back." Momo suggested with a minor giggle to herself.

"Wait won't Naruto be unable to change into clothes after school if Kurama still has them hidden?" Oshizu asked being the honest a sweet ghost girl she was.

"Is that so, what a shame…" Mikado replied while turning onto the school car park. "Guess Naruto will have to do it in the nude this time, least we will get a full physical."

"If you were in another place and time I'd consider that cradle robbing." Naruto said in a deadpanned tone but saw the smirk on Mikado's face. "I am aware of the irony."

"I didn't say anything Mr grumpy old cat." Naruto attempted to give her a glare but was prevented as Lala took him from her shoulder and into her arms so his head rested against her chest.

"I am not grumpy, I'm also aged well thank you very much." Naruto shot back as they headed in to change shoes and Lala or rather Peke helped out by opening up the short so his didn't slip down but instead sat in Lala's cleavage. "Thank you Peke."

"It is no problem Naruto-dono, now that you are certain to be joined with Lala-sama I will be at your aid. However currently, Lala-sama has me in use so I am unable dress you." The head of the dress robot replied and Naruto nodded in understanding to the friendly A.I.

"Least you are keeping Lala's modesty while I'm sat in here." True to his word Peke had closed the hole so you could not see Lala's bra which today was classic white with pink frills.

"You may have to be on your own during P.E. Naruto-kun." Lala replied as a cute Naruto might distract her from the lesson, even more so with how soft his fur was in her chest.

"I'll look after him, either that of he goes to Yami in the library." Nana offered as he was, Naruto was likely the strongest beast around so it only made sense for him to be with her when needed.

"There's always Mikado too, least she'll keep others away too." Naruto said as he was taken out the shirt and put on her head. "The change in size really does make things look different… guess that's why Kurama prefers his new size compared to his old."

"How big is the perverted beast usually?" Nana questioned as while his outward appearance was simple it was obvious to her and her many animal companions that Kurama was a beast to be revered.

"Practically a mountain size, wonder if I could do the same now in my new form." Naruto wondered aloud before he was snatched off Lala's head and snuggled into someone's cleavage.

"Hello Risa." Naruto's voice was muffled by the girls shirt.

"Aww you are just too cute right now Naruto-kun. Your female form is better but this will do for cuddling." Risa said while petting his head getting him to purr and his tail to curl in joy.

"Hiya Risa, how are you today?" Lala replied a little miffed that her soft Naruto had been plucked from her head but the scene she gave via her petting was worth it.

"Pretty good and the days getting better right now with this mini hunk in feline form." Risa was lucky Naruto was durable with how much she was squeezing him into her chest, as soft as it was.

"Must you abuse me like this?" Naruto pulled out his new deadly move as he gave Risa the 'look' with his big blue eyes that has Risa's mouth quivering with how sweet it looked.

"You are too cute you know that?" Risa loosened her grip to let him hump back to Lala and sat on her shoulder.

"I'll use what I have to when I need to, still better you hugging me than some of the fangirls around here." Naruto said as Lala walked towards class not seeing Risa's blush. No doubt from Naruto admitting he'd prefer her to any of the fangirls, something he once reserved to Lala once their relationship had gotten off flying.

With that though the morning progressed as normal… well as normal as a school with aliens, immortals and super perverts goes. Naruto indeed had discovered when he wasn't being cuddled his tail could be used for writing. As such he was drawing up new designs after being inspired by an old series he'd spotted Zastin reading.

No doubt Lala would be able to make the items he designed in half the time he could with her advanced skills in technology. He still found it amazing the gadgets she had made, the most being Peke when thinking about it.

Even when lunch started Naruto was still jotting down ideas on paper while his friends watched. "I can't believe how sweet he looks using his tail like that." Risa said while eating her lunch.

"Mhhm, not unlike us really with our tails." Momo replied lifting her bento up with her tail to provide an example. Of course her as well as all female deviluken tails come with the weakness of being ultra-sensitive.

"I wish I could change into a cat rather than my brother sometimes. It's so annoying when he stretched out my underwear and cute outfits. It's made photo shoots and filming frustrating." Run sighed as she ate her lunch, thankfully he could cook a decent meal still and was sticking to the diet she needed to keep her figure for modelling.

Plus is she splurged she could make Ren work it off.

"It seems so strange knowing what Naruto-san looks like already. Living with Kurama has made looking at animals very different. Everything is so strange." Bless Oshizu given she was a girl out of her own time. Her own uniform has been bizarre to her and don't get her started on bras, Mikado had needed a fair bit of time to explain and give example of how bras worked.

'Mikado-sensei did mutter about putting on a show… a wonder who for.' The girl wondered as Yui and Saki entered the room and quickly Yui shot over to pick up Naruto and cuddle him to the surprise of a few.

"Ahh your so cute little neko."

"Yui… it's still me you know?" Naruto said as Yui quickly held him at arm's length. "Not that I mind… just warn me next time."

"A-ah forgive me Naruto-kun. It's just you look so cute… you really don't mind?" Naruto shook his head and Yui went to cuddle again but Naruto was pulled away and into the embrace of Saki who petted his head and he was purring.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun, I'll make sure no one gets too rough with your little self-right now." She then let Aya pet him as well as Rin. "So when will you be returning to your regular form Naruto-kun? It seems a little odd that you remained as a cat."

"Kurama being the devil hid all of my clothes, and I do mean all of them. Even my hidden clothes, as such it was this or go naked. Obviously Risa among others would be taking pictures if I came to school naked and its pretty cold." Naruto explained letting out a few purrs as Rin and Aya found some sweet spots.

"Yes that does make sense, Saki-sama would have offered you something if you had contacted us? We know your sizes and it wouldn't take her long." Aya pointed out and Naruto stopped purring in thought.

"That's a good point, but something tells me Kurama would find a way to wreck the clothes. I'll just accept being a cat for the day." Naruto was passed back to Saki who rubbed her face against his soft fur.

"Ahh well I guess that's how it is for today. Still do you have some free time after school today, I'd like to show you something at my home?" Saki asked and felt Naruto nod.

"Sure, Momo can handle cooking again. Do you mind Lala coming too?" Lala perked up hearing her voice while recording all of the cute moment of Naruto.

"I see no problem with it, in fact I believe she might enjoy what I have planned." Lala nodded at the idea as the went on with the day.


Far above the skies of earth on the outskirts of the galaxy a large ship hovered. The ship could rival that of Gid's personal ship but remained hidden for the moment.

On the bridge of the grand vessel sat on a thrown was a silver haired women with violet eyes, watching a recording of Naruto and Gid's battle. "He truly is what we have been looking for, isn't he Sumeragi?" the woman turned to one of her shoulders.

Said shoulder stood tall at six feet with short blue hair wearing a white battle dress but with armour covering her right arm which held the hilt of her sheathed sword resting at her waist.

"Indeed Seven-sama, his strength is contained well what for seems to be a human. He might be the warriors the old legends tell of, with him he will be perfect for the plan. You have chosen well." Sumeragi replied looking to her queen.

"Should we not be concerned with how any action against the earthlings would result in the full retaliation of the Deviluken empire? Or worse Gid himself?" one of Seven's other soldiers asked. She was shorter than Sumeragi but wore all black and had twin blades over each shoulder.

"Nonsense Kiriko, Gid's power still needs time to recharge and the deviluken empire still has conflicts sprouting in various quarters in the universe. Also while this Naruto is the chosen heir to the empire once he married Lala. Until then Earth is neutral territory." Another blue haired warrior pointed out who's hair went far down her back and had was seemed to be a rapier at her waist.

"Correct Asuna, technically Gid has yet to claim the planet under his protection. Naruto Uzumaki is earth's guardian. Argo are your forces ready to move out?" a short blonde haired girl nodded while flipping a knife in her hand.

"That's right once we are there I can have the information in our hands in twelve hours or less. Sinnon and Silica are getting their new equipment made as we speak. Agilla is still overseeing development with Lisbeth, progress is steady but there will be minimal delays." Argo replied to her queen who pressed a few keys into a holographic keyboard.

"Captain Leafa, how goes the preparation of our forces?" Seven questioned to the blonde soldier who styled her hair in a high ponytail.

"We are ready to move as soon as we arrive. We are prepared to battle with earth's guardian among any other defences or allies he has. Tsukiumi is making sure the medical corps are ready to support."

"Excellent continue preparation we will be moving out by the end of this month. Soon the power of legends will be hours and the Norsorian will rise once more. We will uproot the fool Gid's rule and place out power at the centre of the universe."

"Yes Seven-sama!"


"I wasn't expecting this to come from the designs I and Lala gave you Saki. I mean it was shoes, how did you end up making new swimwear." Naruto questioned as Saki along with Lala and her friends showed off their new swimwear that was now made to adjust. Like those shoes from back to the future, 'That movie managed to get a couple things right and more wrong now that we reached the year.'

Anyway Saki as her development team had taken one of Lala's later designs of his ATs which did have an auto adjust feature to help create self-fitting one piece swimsuits. "The idea came to me after you offered the plans, while its still in the beta stages. But you and Lala will be receiving fifty percent of all profits. But what do you think?"

"They suit you well and it doesn't seem to be riding up too much from the self-adjustment. How does that work by the way?" Naruto commented as Saki wore white with gold trims, Aya wore dark green and Rin wore black while Lala was in pink.

"Hmm, I'm not sure if the smart material is the best, maybe nanotech would be better for adjusting. I might have some spare on my d-dial." Lala said pulling out said phone from who knows where.

"To answer your question, the material adjusts to the skin by using the energy of the body to make it stick close on. When close enough it stops as its reached the source. Also Lala how can you be sure the nanotechnology wouldn't go haywire by trying to get closer to the heat energy source." Rin pointed out but not really distracting Lala who had retrieved a small ball of nanotech.

"Huh what?" She had already clicked the button on the ball and what seemed to be mist had come out of it and attached to each of the girls swimsuits giving them all a metallic sheen. "Oh good the programme is working."

"Hmmm it is getting a bit more snug but it doesn't seem to be an issue." Aya said looking to Naruto on his seat taking note he had tuned his head a little. 'I wish he could see us in his usual form to gauge his reaction. But what am I thinking he probably doesn't want to think of me like that considering his age and likes.' Aya thought to herself unaware that the swimsuits much like the others in the room was getting tighter and showing off more than any of them would like.

"Um Lala… you did set a limit to how much the nanobots could do. Also there is a limit to how tight they go right Saki?" Naruto questioned as none of them noticed before looking down and seeing that their swimsuits were showing off more each second.

"Errrrgh…? It's still in beta Naruto-kun why do yo-kyaaa." At the moment all their suits contracted tight on their tops and bottoms.

"Because those nanobots don't have limits and I'm a little sad I have to destroy the prototypes now. I swear I have Rito's lucky for perverted situations." Naruto let out his claws and was quick to cut the straps of all the girl's swimsuits along with making slits at the side of them before standing at the door, facing away from them.

"Saki-sama, is everything alright?" Rin's father burst into the room to see what the scream was about only to find his boss' daughter in a state of nakedness along with his own daughter, their close friend and Naruto's fiancé. "Forgive me Saki-sama, it's clear that you are busy." He quickly shut the door knowing better than to question the young ladies habits.

"Huh… I half expected him to look for a culprit. Guess my luck holds out on some ends. How are you all doing over there?" Naruto asked the panting girls, sucking in air to make up for what was squeezed out.

"Fine Naruto-kun, but I now realise how terrible old era corsets were now and have no desire to every try one thanks to this. Still it's clear that R&D needs time with Lala's nanobots. You can look if you wish."

"Saki-sama!" Aya and Rin cried out while their friend smirked a her teasing.

"Sorry, I don't think Aya or Rin would be ok with that, despite my home being full of exhibitionists and perverts I for one refuse to become like Kurama." Naruto heard rustling and was picked up by Lala, he could tell by scent.

"I guess we'll just have to use the mini Peke for now. Peke are you ready to become my outfit?" She asked the little droid who nodded as she flashed and morphed into Lala's school outfit.

"Such an amazing creation, one I know we won't be able to replicate for some time." Aya said aloud having put on the pin to give her an instant outfit which like Lala was her uniform. Thankfully the mini Peke resized on their own.

"Well Peke is too unique to copy plus it would put a lot of hard working seamstresses out of work easily with her talents." Naruto said as the Peke badge puffed up with pride.

"Of course I was designed to be any and all outfits Naruto-dono I'm glad you see that." Peke wouldn't deny the fact she felt Naruto nuzzling his soft fur against her form was a very nice sensation. Far better than Nana's animals who usually ended up getting saliva all over her.

"Well I suppose that's the test done for the day… Say Rin, you wouldn't happen to have any training gis for your dojo?" Naruto questioned getting a nod from the girl.

"Yes, I take it you wish to borrow one for the moment until you can reobtain your own clothes." Naruto nodded as she led him along with the others to the family dojo which had wall lined with training weapons from polearms to throwing weapons. "I'll leave you to get changed if you so wish."

"Thanks." Naruto's gi was placed on his back and went behind a screen to change back and fit the gi on which was white bit with a navy blue trim around the ends of the sleeves and pants.

"It suits you well, however seeing as you are still here would you mind if I asked for a spar?" Saki asked getting a raised eyebrow from Naruto.

"Sure, any reason why? No offence but you know I am very experienced in multiple forms of martial arts, yet I'm not that good of a fighting teacher." Naruto spoke as Saki took off the pin in her changing room and placed her own gi on.

"I am aware but I merely wish to see how much I can get you to show, especially since you so utterly defeated Rin in swordplay." Rin felt a blush on her face recalling the bout.

'This is the first time Saki has chosen to push forward in her attempts to get much closer to Naruto, I wonder how much of his own skill he will hold back from her?' She knew Saki couldn't win, but that wasn't the purpose of the spar.

Naruto observed Saki taking a defensive stance, ready to parry and counter any attacks that came her way. He bowed to her to show some respect before rushing forward with an open palmed strike aiming for her stomach. Imagine his surprise when she managed to not only grab his arm but flip him away.

He focused on Saki who looked a tiny bit smug that his first move had failed and began her own counter attack as she sped toward him with knife strikes aimed towards his sides. He deflected them but couldn't help but note that her strikes seemed a lot stronger that he would expect from her frame.

Rin has trained from an early age in swordmanship and her frame showed this via the muscle tone she had built up, focused in her legs and upper arms. She was built for speed and precise movements not unlike an assassin. Saki on the other hand didn't seem to have a martial artist's frame, yet she was able to deliver blows as strong as one.

"Oi Rin-chan, when did Saki learn those moves?" Lala asked but it was Aya who answered.

"Saki-sama has been training over the last few months, I believe it was not too long after your introductions along with the announcement of your engagement. Her father hired a very skilled woman to help out. Saki took to it fast and apparently surprised her teacher with her talent for the martial arts." Aya said watching as Saki sneaked into Naruto's guard and gave a strong fist to his left pectoral sending him sliding back across the dojo before she leaped into the air. She transitioned into a flying kick in hopes of scoring another hit on her blonde opponent.

Naruto having seen enough took a step to the side and grabbed Saki's leg and with a bit more force threw her to the side. Saki righted herself and landed on her feet on the wall leaving minor cracking on the wall. "Interesting, when did you receive training in magus combat Saki, I was under the impression your father kept you from that side of the world?"

It was clear after a few blows that Saki's improved strength and reflexes where a result of precise and careful usage of reinforcement, a low level spell but with numerous uses. Working on the principle of name it improved an item such as a tea cup so it could withstand being smash by a sledge hammer with ease. Too much though and you could rupture the item you wished to reinforce.

No doubt Saki had improved the strength of her muscles and potentially her bones from their brief clashes of firsts. "Nobody, I found Otou-san's book on the subjects after hearing your initial conversation on magus families several months back. He doesn't know I have been studying with help of a fellow magus in japan."

"Impressive, to self-teach yourself like that, very few have the drive or the intelligence for it, still…" Naruto vanished and delivered a sharp knee to Saki's exposed back as he moved faster than she could keep up. The air in her lungs was pushed out as she tumbled across the floor. "…you have a lot to learn, reinforcement is on element of magus combat while the other you need schooling in. A task I shall only be too happy to do in time Saki, you alright getting up on your own?"

"Yes, while the blow came as a surprise it is true I have much to learn. I look forward to being your student, but could Rin and Aya join in on training." Naruto tilted his head looking at Aya. He'd have to come up with a different method of training for her as she had neither the magical or martial arts training that Rin and Saki had.

"I see no reason not to, but something tells me you three won't be my only students coming to me for lessons. I'll think up something, Lala, do you think you can set up a different space like you have for Momo and Nana for training purposes?" Lala nodded coming over and flicking open her d-dial creating a large hologram which showed the spaces she already had set up.

"Yep, there's plenty of borrowed space we can use in the subspace area I set up. I'll need some specifications though on what you need for the world. Wait why are the setting saying that alien objects are in storage space? Gasp, that must be where they hid your clothes Naruto-kun." Lala shouted in surprise figuring that deviluken technology did register human items as aliens (which they technically were).

"Figures they use unconventional hiding spaces. I'm glad they didn't hid it in Nana's area, most of them might be used for nests by now." Naruto noted that Lala shook her head at this statement.

"Nope~ Nana-chan said most of her creatures you met like you so wouldn't ruin your clothes… mostly." Nana was friends with everyone in her own d-dial space so it only made sense that she could tell what they thought of Naruto.

"Learn something new every day. Anyway Saki I'll call you to discuss training and what you'll need to bring. Sorry again about destroying your bathing suits." Saki just giggled as she came over and rubbed Naruto's cheek.

"Don't be worried, if there's someone all of us here can trust, it's you Naruto-kun. Even if you technically can be classed as an old man." She enjoyed the twitch in Naruto's eyebrow at her jibe.

"I'm not old, do you see any wrinkles?" Rin chose this moment to poke under his eye.

"Here's one."

"That's not a wrinkle and keep this up Rin and I will give you a spar worse than our last. Aya don't you start either." Naruto said as Aya raised her hand to find another so called wrinkle on his face. "Now then I'll be going to get back my clothes and plan my revenge on my old friend, until then ladies."

"Bye Naruto." the three said together in unintended unison as Naruto and Lala waved goodbye, exiting the manor.

"Honestly, I didn't expect Saki to be so accepting of well my true nature. You, and the other members of the house were expected but Saki was a surprise." Naruto said as Lala gave him his ATs while she slipped on her own so the two could roll on through the streets with ease, plus extra testing data.

"Well she has known you longer than me, she knows you are a good person. Plus you are handsome, makes you rather lucky." Lala said slipping her arms around his left one.

"Guess that makes me pretty lucky then, maybe things will slow down surprisingly with the big secret to everyone close to me. what would you like for lunch, you can have anything you want?" Naruto asked smiling as he intertwined his fingers with her right hand.

"Even with dark matter?" Naruto could never understand why she liked the strange substance, and then again who was he to judge with his ramen addiction at times.

"Yes even with that, though don't judge me if I don't partake in it. It's a little trippy when I try it." The lunch she had made did make for a unique experience, so many colours in the void of the flavour.

"That's fine, just means I eat more for the two of us. But I want tempura." The two continued on gain a lot of 'awws' as they went through town holding onto each other.


So Rito how goes your love life?" Naruto question at dinner had the boy spit taking on his juice. He and Mikan had been invited round since he knew Saibai was once again on a late due to being behind, despite Zastin's best efforts.

"Must you be so blunt with my brother Naruto? I mean I know you have to force answers out of him but you could be a little subtle." Mikan said watching her brother's face turn scarlet.

"There's a time and place for subtle, Rito and his adventures into relationships is not one of them. I mean how many guys do you know that grope their girlfriends multiple times on accident yet still struggle to hold hands and kiss. I know he's done it, Risa spotted them on the roof." Naruto wondered if Rito could last much of the conversation before he collapsed out of embarrassment.

"Yeah you're right, but Haruna is just as bad as him. You can picture how bad kaa-san was when they had their heart to heart talk about not breaking Rito's heart." She, Rito and Naruto had a small shudder in full knowledge of how intimidating Ringo could be. There was a reason Saibai drank less when she was around, since it was practically the only time he could drink.

"By the way, what's wrong with Kurama, he's been shaking on the couch since we got here?" Mikan asked as Naruto looked to his friend with a grin.

"Well seeing as how my friend found it funny to steal all of my clothes I decided to pull my own prank on him, with Lala and little Celine's help." Mikan along with Rito gave him an odd look for the 'small' adjective being applied to Celine.

"So what did you do?" Rito asked a little fearful.

"Made him see everyone as male, and made him think I'd changed him into a female. Didn't help when Momo, Mikado and alike hugged him." Naruto looked to Momo who was puffing her cheeks as she did feel a little guilty for scaring Kurama as a fellow member of the high harem council.

The group name was still up for debate.

Still she was surprised how easy it was for Naruto to implement the prank via using a small collar made by her sister and attached using Celine's delicate and dexterous vines. Very few plant creatures had the skill to use chopsticks after all.

Naruto had relented as it had only been for a few hours but Kurama would not be sleeping easy for a night or two. "Just let me know next time you want to prank my furry friend Naruto." Mikado piped up slowly rubbing her finger on Kurama's forehead sitting on the couch with him.

"I'll consider it but he'll likely come up with some obscure way to get back at me some time soon." Mikado did note that the fox did nod.

"Anyway, how is it to kiss your girlfriend Rito?" Naruto said getting the teen to stutter a mess out, however he did manage one rebuttal.

"I'll let you know when you kiss yours." Naruto raised an eyebrow to the returned fire from Rito and turned to Lala who just smirked at him and got close to give him a kiss on the lips. This of course shocked a few wondering when the two had started kissing.

"Well Rito, are you gonna tell us?" Naruto said smirking as Lala held his hand under the table."

XChapter EndX

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