I just finished reading The Hunger Games for the third time and even after that, the death of Rue still gets to me. She was my favourite character in the book, so I decided to write this.

I know it isn't the best, but please review anyway.


The orchard is quiet; everybody is in the Square, watching the Games.

The mockingjays perch, patiently, on the branches of every tree.

They are silent. Even simple-minded creatures like birds know when to be quiet.

In fact, they have been quiet for the past few days.

Rue, the girl that all mockingjays in the District know and sing with, has been out there fighting against a cruel and pointless force.

Her presence in the orchard brings life to the trees. Her presence in the Arena brings lonliness and longing.

A presence that will forever hold in the hearts of all citizens of District 11 as they finally see the thing they've been dreading since they heard the name called out at the reaping.

They see the girl from District 12, Katniss, sing her ally to eternal rest.

The mockingjays, their acute hearing picking up even the simplest of tunes from all the way from the Square, sing with her.

They sing in four notes, over and over again; they sing a bereaved goodbye.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Hunger Games. The books belong to Suzanne Collins. I'm just a fan who wishes that Rue hadn't died :(