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Can you hear the wedding bells?

Chapter01 - Of Eggs, Honey and MemoryLane

The day before Gajeel realized that he wanted to marry his girlfriend, he had a nightmare. Yes, a nightmare. Not the best indicator that a person could have, but whatever works. He woke up so empty and afraid that he didn't dare sleep again. Not if he could be trapped in Nightmare Kingdom. Levy wasn't with him when he woke up, so he felt even more troubled. He got used to have her on his arms, small and pure, like he never was.

When day finally came, he left Panther Lilly training while he went to his best friend's house. He and Juvia were tight in a way few people could understand. He was metal, she was water and normally these things doesn't get along well, but it was very difficult to ignore the woman when she made it rain back in Phantom Lord, so, to not be pissed off about her water, he decided to eliminate her problems, whatever or whoever they were. That made her think that somehow he was a good person. Since then, they were friends (not that he would ever admit it).

Levy was staying with Juvia for the time being while Gray was out of town. The Ice Mage was terrified to let her alone while he was out, since she was pregnant with his child, so while he was away on a mission Levy stayed with Juvia to make sure she was alright. And Gajeel wasn't happy with it.

Sure, he understood that Juvia couldn't be alone and everything, but come on! It had to be his girlfriend? She had just arrived from a mission when Gray asked her to be there! He only spent one night with her before she needed to be with Juvia. And of course, the Water Mage said that he could stay with Levy at the guest room, but he said no so far. He wasn't a prude or anything, but that room was going to be the kid's. He just couldn't.

He knocked on the door of Juvia's apartment and waited for someone to open up. It's been almost a week since Levy was there and it was sort of their routine. He was always there in the mornings, except the three days he went on a mission. That day it was Juvia who answered.

"Good morning, Gajeel-kun." She smiled at him and let him enter her home.

"Yeah, yeah." He walked to the living room and looked around for Levy. Noticing that, Juvia answered his unsaid question.

"She's taking a shower." She giggled and starting to walk to the kitchen. "Today we're having eggs, bacon with honey and strawberry syrup on top." Juvia showed him her plate.

He made a disgusted face with the sight. The man could eat up Iron, but that... monstrosity she was currently eating was just freaking disgusting. "Just eggs and bacon for me."

"There." She pointed out to the oven, where there were indeed two pans on it. "But if you want honey…"

"I don't." He said fast.

"Your loss." She shrugged. Gajeel shook his head. He couldn't understand how Juvia could eat that. The strangest part? She seemed to enjoy it.

He looked to his friend while she ate and noticed that despite her bigger belly, she was a little too thin. The pregnant women he ever really saw were from Fairy Tail and they looked… chubbier to him. There were bags under her eyes and she was actually a little paler than usual. And that was saying something, because Juvia had the whitest skin he ever saw.

"Didn't sleep again?" Gajeel asked leaning on the wall.

"Juvia just needs to get used to the movements." She sighed. Her baby was even more active for the past week. Even other people could feel the baby kick. And frankly? He freaked out when he touched her stomach and the kid kicked his hand. It was so… alien! But at the same moment, he knew that it was incredible.

"The baby needs to get used to you, Gajeel-kun." Juvia giggled when Gajeel jumped away from her when he felt the baby. "Since you're his or her uncle." He looked at her in horror.

"I'mwhat?" He asked and his voice was a little higher on the tone than he'd want.

"You're like brother to Juvia, Gajeel-kun." She shrugged at him. "So, by logic, the baby will be your nephew or niece."

Gajeel's eyes went wide with her words. Him an uncle?

"Don't I have a say in all this?" He asked, but knew the answer already.

"No." She smiled at him.

So, since that day he was excited about the baby getting the hell out of Juvia so he could see if he or she would be tough enough so he could train him. Or her. It didn't pass through his mind that neither of the parents wanted to train their own child. Besides, Gajeel thought it was his obligation as uncle to tough up the kid. Yeah, he didn't really know that much about being an uncle.

"You need to sleep, Juvia." Gajeel said in a bored tone. "Nobody can live without good sleep."

"Juvia knows." She nodded and stared at him with analytical eyes. "What's troubling you, Gajeel-kun?"

He should've known that she would pick up that something was off about him. And if she could tell, than Levy was going to give him a look and see right through him. He hated being that transparent. He was going to answer her, when heard footsteps.

"Tell you later." He said to Juvia and turned to see Levy walking through the kitchen door. "Yo, Shrimp." He smiled evilly at her.

Her face became red with embarrassment. And because she hated that nickname. She hated being so much smaller than him and he would never let her forget their differences.

"Good morning, Gajeel." She hugged him, the thing Levy knew he hated when there was someone else on the room, and, as expected, he let her hug him for two seconds (to not be too much of a rude) and pushed her away. "Where's my kiss?"

He rolled his eyes and Juvia giggled at their routine. Every morning they teased each other like that. Knowing that they needed their own time, she started to walk away.

"Hey, Juvia." Gajeel called her and she looked over her shoulders to see him. "I need to talk to you later, okay?"

"Sure. Just let Juvia know." She smiled and left the room. Once they were finally alone, Gajeel grabbed Levy's face and gave her a good morning kiss.

Iron Dragon Slayer style.

When they finally stopped making out, Levy had the most beautiful smile on her face, while Gajeel was dazed by her. He just loved every little thing about her: the way her hair was tied up, the way her chest moved when she breathed, the way the blood rushed to her face every time they were too close, her voice, and her scent. He loved her. Plain and simple.

That's why he was so fucked up right now.

Levy, observing his face, frowned at his intense gaze at her. She knew something was up. "What is it, Gajeel?"

Her question was asked in such a soft and quiet voice that he almost missed her words. He shook his head a little to clear his thoughts. Gajeel Redfox was not a woman. He would not start throwing up a freaking rainbow just because he dated a hot chick.

"Just some business I have to take care with Juvia." He said, and well, it was true. Not the whole truth, but well…

"Okay." Levy looked at him with suspicion. Usually he would tell her everything, but there were things he only shared with specific people, like Juvia. To tell the truth, Levy used to be jealous of them. Ridiculous, she knew, but she couldn't help but think that they were weird together. A good weird, that is. She could make him laugh when he was in a bad mood, while Levy could just stare at them from afar. Of course, Juvia was head over heels for Gray, but who knows, right? What if she decided that the Dragon Slayer was her soul mate, not the Ice Mage?

But no: such realization never came. Levy began to understand that they were close friends, from a time when they only had each other to lean on. They both needed that connection and they were like brother and sister. But Levy only stopped being jealous when she had a heart to heart with the Water Mage four years before.

Juvia frowned at the blue haired woman in front of her. Levy had her eyes red with crying and her face was swollen, and for a moment Juvia had no reaction but to stare at the woman on front of her.

"Levy-san?" She asked, confused. When she opened her door she wasn't expecting the girl. Much least crying like she was.

"C-can I c-come in-n, J-Juvia?" Levy was shaking and Juvia immediately opened the door wider so she could get in.

"O-of course!" She exclaimed and the Solid Script girl stepped in the normal looking room very shyly. "Are you alright, Levy-san? Can Juvia get you anything?"

Levy could tell that the other woman was anxious, as she would be as well if a friend came over crying, god knows why.

"No, thank you." She responded. "I just need to talk with you, Juvia."

"O-okay." Juvia said and pointed to a couch and walked over there with Levy. When they were both comfortable, she looked to Levy with curious eyes. "What is it, Levy-san?"

"I want to talk to you about Gajeel." Levy bit her lower lip and hesitated a little. "Do you…?" 'Love him, not as a friend?' she thought.

"Yes?" Juvia frowned.

"Do you know if he's interested in…" 'Me', she thought. "anyone right now?"

"What you mean by interested?" Juvia asked not completely getting the other woman.

Levy sighed before answer. "Romantically interested."

Juvia's lips made an 'o' when she finally understood what she was saying. And before answer, she gave a little thought. "Well, Levy-san. Juvia can't tell you any confidences Gajeel may have made with her. Do you understand that?" Levy nodded. "But he never actually said anything about romance to Juvia."

"I see." Levy looked down for a moment and started crying all over again. She had been crying in Lucy's apartment for a long time and she was very surprised to see that she still had tears to shed.

"Levy-san." Juvia swoon closer to the petite woman and gave her a hug. "Forgive Juvia. She didn't want to make you upset."

"It's not that, Juvia." Levy sobbed. "It's just my life. The man I am in love with probably doesn't even know what romance means." She laughed a little hysterical. "I couldn't just fall in love with a guy that courted me, right? I needed to fall for a guy that calls me Shrimp and Bookworm, instead of Babe or Honey. I needed to fall for a guy that hate to read and likes to break things. I needed to fall for a guy that… that is soft inside, despite his tough outside." Levy sighed. "Why destiny hates me so much?"

"We can't choose who we love, Levy-san." Juvia patted her back in a motherly way.

"I know. But… do I even have hope?" Levy let go of Juvia's embrace. "You're his friend. What you think?"

Juvia sighed. "Gajeel-kun is… difficult to figure it out, Levy-san." She said. "The way he grew up… the people he grew up with… he was never shown much affection and only when he entered Fairy Tail that he started to build bonds and it's been two years now."

"You were his friend before you joined the guild." Levy pointed out.

Juvia giggled. "We're even more complicated than you might think." Juvia took one of Levy's hands and squeezed. "What Juvia's trying to say is that he never was romantically involved with anyone before. He couldn't recognize the feeling even if hit him right into his face. But Juvia never saw him protecting someone like he does with you."

Levy's heart stopped for a moment. "What are you saying?"

"Gajeel-kun feels something for you, Levy-san. Maybe he doesn't know what to call it and Juvia doubts he even realizes that he treats you different than anyone else." Levy's hopes went up. Gajeel liked her? "But wait, Levy-san. Gajeel-kun is very…" She searched for a word. "damaged. You can't just tell him your feelings without him knowing his own, otherwise…"

"I'll scare him off." Levy nodded in comprehension.

"Yes. There are still things that he tells no one. And he's still learning how to trust people around and…" Juvia sighed. "Juvia doesn't want Gajeel to flee because he's too scared to feel."

"I… understand." And she did. Levy knew very well that there was a lot about the Dragon Slayer that he never shared with anyone and he still had trust issues and if she started to tell him that she fell for him? The man would disappear before you say 'emotionally damaged'. "What can I do?" She asked herself, but Juvia responded.

"Be patient." She smiled sadly. "Sometimes that's all we can do."

Levy knew Juvia was saying it by experience. It's been two years since she joined the guild and her crush, Gray Fullbuster, didn't give the slightest indication that he fell for her as well. He acted around her the way he did with other girls from the guild and if Levy was feeling hopeless, Juvia's been there longer.

It was Levy's turn to squeeze Juvia's hand. "Love sucks, doesn't it?"

The Water Mage laughed. "Yes, it does."

During the next months, Levy had been talking with Gajeel more and more. He didn't seem to notice that she was paying too much attention towards him, of if he did, he never said anything. Levy planned to spend the most time she could with him, so maybe, Gajeel would finally notice her and be romantically involved.

But things went down when it came out that Gajeel was a double Agent for Master Ivan, Master Makarov's son.

Makarov wasn't around when it happened and no one seemed to know what to do. Natsu had kicked a wall with rage and Lucy was trying to calm him down. If Natsu got too fired up, he could destroy the whole guild.

Levy was in shock and Jet and Droy were around her, asking if she was okay. It became obvious to everyone but Gajeel that she was really in love with him. Her teammates didn't like her choice, but there was little they could do about it, beside look carefully at her actions. And the last thing they wanted was to the accusation be real. If it was, Levy would be devastated.

"Levy…" Jet tried, but she was lost in thoughts.

He wasn't a double agent. He couldn't be. As the months passed, she could see the real joy the Dragon Slayer had in his eyes when he was with the rest of the guild. She knew it was something deeper than being at Ivan's side. Levy looked around. Erza was having a conversation with Mirajane and Laxus and it looked serious. Natsu was saying something to Lucy, who had a hand on his forearm, probably to calm him down. Happy and Charle were trying to talk to a worried Lilly. Wendy was talking to Gray, who took glances towards Juvia, while the Water Mage was alone, looking outside with a serene expression.

Levy got up and offered Jet and Droy a look that clearly said that she wanted to be alone. She walked to Juvia's side and the woman didn't even stir with the other girl presence.

"Did he ever say anything about this for you?" Levy asked and people stopped their conversations to look at them. Everyone realized that if anyone knew what the hell was happening, that person was either Juvia or Lilly. And since the cat looked like everything he knew once was a lie, he probably wasn't aware of anything.

But Juvia was too cool about the whole situation.

"Did he?" Natsu asked looking to Juvia.

"No." She didn't move from her spot.

"And why the hell are you so calm about this?" He asked and Juvia looked at him.

"Juvia's waiting all the clouded thoughts to go away." She stated calmly.

"What?" Natsu stepped towards her.

"It's been almost three years." Juvia returned to look outside. "Don't you really know what Gajeel-kun is?"

Natsu stared at the woman and shook his head. "Of course. He is our nakama. I was asking if you knew where he is." Juvia smiled a little. "The hell if I'll let that bastard get a Fairy Tail Mage and get away with it." Natsu walked over to Laxus. "Your father is a true pain in the ass."

"Tell me about it." Laxus responded rolling his eyes.

"Any idea of where he's hiding?" The Salamander asked.

"Yes." Laxus offered him a smile. "Shall we go there and kick his sorry ass?"

"Hell yeah!" Natsu said and fire came out of him. "I'm all fired up."

Levy looked to Juvia in confusion. The woman just offered her a small smile. "Everyone gets a little indecisive when caught in surprise. With a little time, the thoughts clear up and the uncertainty goes away." She pointed to the people of the guild, who were talking about who would go to rescue Gajeel. "Shall we go too, Levy-san?"

Levy wanted to be that calm when such an emergency was happening, but when she looked to Juvia's hands, she noticed that they were shaking and despite her unexpressive face, her eyes betrayed her. She was deeply concerned about her friend. Levy caught her hand.

"He'll be fine." She said to Juvia and mostly to herself.

"Of course he will." The Water Mage nodded and they both stared into each other eyes for a moment.

In different ways, he was important to them. For Juvia, he was her brother and friend; and for Levy, he was the man she was madly, uncontrollable in love with. And they would fight for him.

They split up once they reached Ivan's hideout and fought his underlings and when the fight was over and they met up, they saw Gajeel.

There was so much blood.

Levy could only tell that he was once the proud Dragon Slayer because of his long hair and the Fairy Tail mark on his arm. His piercings were gone and honestly? It didn't seem like he would survive the injuries.

"Gajeel." Levy sat beside the man, and tried to touch him, but had no idea if she could; if he could feel pain if she touched him. And the least thing Gajeel needed was more pain. She looked to Wendy, who was sitting beside him. "Is he going to be alright?"

"I… did everything that I could." Wendy's voice cracked with emotion. "It's up to him now."

Carefully Levy reached his hand and brought it closer to her face and kissed the knuckles, in a soft way and whispered. "Come back to me, Gajeel. Please."

After moving the Dragon Slayer to the Hospital, all the Fairy Tail mages were at the hall, very quiet. Everyone that had injuries was already treated. The only one that needed to wake up now was Gajeel.

"Why the hell did he do it?" Droy asked quietly to his teammates. "If he was a spy for master, why didn't he tell us?"

"A spy needs to be quiet about it, moron." Jet rolled his eyes.

"Let's just wait, okay?" Levy said and looked around the room. Erza was looking troubled, probably thinking why she didn't saw it coming; Natsu was looking like he wanted to punch someone; while Lucy was holding his hand and looking like she wanted to hug him, but contained herself. Wendy was hugging Charle and Happy was patting Lilly on the back, very lightly. Gray was talking quietly with Juvia in a corner. Levy couldn't see his face, but the Water Mage was with her arms around her, looking very troubled with whatever he was saying. She mumbled some words to him and his shoulders dropped, while she walked away from him.

When Juvia was passing by her side, Levy grabbed her hand and without saying a word, Juvia squeezed her way in between Levy and Jet. The Water Mage put an arm around Levy and the girl returned the affection by hugging her. They needed each other at that moment.

A couple of hours had passed since the doctors admitted Gajeel when his doctor finally came with news. Everyone got up when the doctor entered the room. The man sighed.

"His injuries were much extended, but he'll be alright." All of the mages sighed in relief. "We'll keep him here for a few days and he can go home later. Someone will contact you when he wakes up."

"Thank you, doctor." The all murmured and he was leaving, when stopped.

"Oh, by the way…" The doctor turned around to look at them. "He was under very powerful drugs back there, but he kept asking me to tell… Bookworm that he was not going anywhere?" The man frowned. "Does that mean anything to you?" Every eye turned to Levy and she blushes all shades of red with those words. The doctor smiled to her. "Oh, the girlfriend, of course. Well, I fulfilled my duty."

Jet and Droy tried to tell the man that Gajeel was not Levy's boyfriend, but he just waved a hand and went back to his work. Juvia hugged Levy and whispered to her.

"Juvia told you he liked you."

"Yes, you did." Levy smiled to the woman and it disappeared. "For a moment there, I thought that he wouldn't survive."

Juvia's eyes started to water when she shook her head. "He did and he's not going anywhere."

The moment a nurse appeared at the hall, telling that Gajeel was up, everyone knew that the person that needed to be see him first was Levy. When he was drugged, he was asking for her.

Levy walked inside the room and saw him lying at the hospital bed. He had bandages all over his torso, head, arms and if she could see his legs, she would see bandages there as well. He had his eyes closed but she knew he was awake because his nurse told her.

She knew that he was one of the strongest mages in Fairy Tail, but at that moment, he looked so defenseless and small; like Levy knew he wasn't.

"Gajeel?" She said; barely a whisper.

"Yeah?" He didn't even bother to open his eyes to talk to her.

"How are you feeling?" She sat at the chair that was beside his bed. Levy saw him smirk a little.

"What do you think?" Gajeel responded and Levy face palmed herself mentally. Of course he would be feeling crappy after all he been through.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to…" She said fast. "I was just…"

"It's alright, Levy." He opened his eyes to look at her.

Levy loved his eyes. They were red, like blood and she was once afraid of them but when she started to see the other side of the man, she leaned to like them. He was such a barbaric man when he wanted, but the way he was looking to her at that moment, was anything but threatening. Gajeel was looking at her with obvious kindness.

"You barely call me by name." She offered him a small smile. "It's usually Shrimp or Bookworm."

"Well, I heard that I got hit in the head." He shrugged. "I'm not thinking straight right now. I hope I don't get permanent brain damage."

"Some people might say that you already have."

"Well, tell Natsu that he's not the smartest cookie on the package either." He sounded offended and she giggled. She reached his hand and started to play with his fingers. "All five of them are still there, you know?"

"Thank god." She kissed his hand and saw him shudder. With his hand still close to her face, she looked at him. "Don't scare me like that anymore." He had no reaction for a moment.

"Oh, please." He rolled his eyes. "Like I've never been worse in my life."

She knew he wasn't. She knew that Gajeel have never been as close to death as he was that day. And it scared her to know that he was strong, sure. But he was not immortal. He could die anytime and she would've never said to him how she felt. She was probably going to be rejected at that moment, but she needed to say to him.

"Gajeel, I…" She started and at the same moment he started to say something as well.

"I'm leaving the guild."

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