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Chapter 02 – Friendship, Love and Third Dates

Gajeel and Levy had breakfast together, and for Juvia's surprise, they didn't add any honey or syrup on their eggs or bacon. She was sorry for them, who didn't know how good they were when mixed. And the truth was that she didn't know it too until the baby start to crave for it.

"Ju-chan, I'll go to my place to get some fresh clothes and clean it down." Levy was hugging her boyfriend's waist, as speaking to the other blue haired woman. "It's been a while since I did it, so…"

"I'll stay here with you." Gajeel said to Juvia and Levy looked up to him and offered him a smile. The Dragon slayer was so soft inside that it was comical.

"It's alright." Juvia nodded. "Even though Juvia really doesn't think that she needs someone with her twenty four seven." She rolled her eyes. "Gray-sama's being paranoid."

"He gave me a mission, Juvia. And I'll complete it." Levy smiled and looked up to the Dragon Slayer. "And you… I guess that I'll see you later?"

"Of course." He smirked. "You can't escape me." Levy giggled. It wasn't like she wanted to escape anyways.

"See you then." She was walking away when he pushed her back and gave her a very hot kiss that made Levy's knees to become jell-o.

When he finally released her, she was blushing furiously.

"Bye, Ju-chan." The Solid Script Mage waved without making eye contact with Juvia and walked towards the door. When it was finally closed, Gajeel turned to the reminiscent person in the room.

"So…" He sat beside her. "How're you doing?"

"Well, Juvia's pregnant, her boyfriend is out of town for 8 days now and her best friend is being troubled by something." She said and stared at him calmly, but he knew that deep down she was really concerned, as she had always been.

Gajeel sighed.

"What have been bothering you, Gajeel-kun?" Juvia put a hand on his forearm and Gajeel growled. That woman was manipulative when she wanted to be.

"I had a nightmare tonight." He finally admitted after a few seconds.

"What kind of nightmare?"

"The one that Fairy Tail was nothing more than a dream." Juvia shuddered with the thought.

"What happened?" She whispered the question, like if she said it out loud, everything he could say, would become real.

"I woke up alone and when I looked to the mirror, I saw myself with Phantom Lord mark instead of Fairy Tail's. I had dreamt it all: the fight between the Guilds, Master Makarov inviting me to it, meeting everyone, meeting… Levy." His voice trembled a little when he spoke her name.

Juvia put her hand over her stomach with his words. He knew that she had the same one sometimes, the nightmares where their life was evil and without any true bonds.

"And when I woke up, I was alone in my bed and for a moment, Juvia, for a moment I thought that I was back living that sorry excuse for a life that I had. I needed to look at myself in the mirror to believe that it wasn't true. When I have Bookworm next to me… when I have those dreams, I know that it was all my imagination, but when I don't… When she's not there, I am afraid to even open my eyes and come back to 7 years ago." Gajeel was looking to the ground with a serious face, the usual smirk gone.

"It wasn't real, Gajeel. We got out. We changed." She squeezed his forearm to comfort him, but what did it was her saying his name without the honorific she always used. "We're never going back."

Gajeel nodded, knowing that what she was saying was true. "I don't think my head understands that."

"What can Juvia do to help you, Gajeel-kun?" She caresses his forearm, in a soothing way. And she did calm him down. Juvia was changing more and more into a mother because of her pregnancy, while before she was like his little sister.

"No idea." He snorted while he patted her hand a bit. "Maybe I need to go away for some days to clear my head."

"Don't. You. Dare." Juvia slapped his arm with each word and Gajeel moved away from her.

"What the…?" He asked.

"Go away for a few days? For a few days!" Juvia tried to get up the couch to slap him a little bit more, but her stomach was getting in the way; so Gajeel rolled his eyes and offered her a hand so she could get up. "Thank you." She said and put her hands on her hips. "What do you mean by 'go away'? Don't you remember what I told you that day at the hospital?"

Juvia entered Gajeel's room and her heart broke when she saw her tough friend, the man that was made of iron, beaten up. When they bring him back, she was helping Gray with his own injuries inflicted by one of Master Ivan's underlings, and when both of them finally met up with the others, they knew that Gajeel was already on the way to a hospital to get better.

All of them were concerned with the Dragon Slayer. And Juvia couldn't figure it out why they look so down. It was Gajeel Redfox. The Iron Dragon Slayer. The man that she saw so many times getting out laughing from the hands of death. But when she saw the blood from where he was lying before, she knew that this time wasn't like the others.

This time he wasn't the man who could slay dragons.

He was just a man.

Arriving at the hospital was the worst part. Everyone looked so down, so serious and the Fairy Tail Mages were always so excited and laughing even in the hardest times.

And this was definitely a hard time.

After talking to Natsu and Wendy to know about his condition, Juvia went far away as everyone to think. She should've known that Gajeel was doing something like that. She knew something was up and she was so self centered, thinking about herself that she was being careless with her friend.

In Juvia's mind, she was to fault. Not Master Makarov because he sent Gajeel on this mission. Not Master Ivan, who hurt him. She was for not noticing what was going on.

"You couldn't know." Juvia heard Gray's voice and she looked to him.

"Yes, I could." She shook her head. "Juvia should've known that he was doing something of the sort. He…"

"Juvia, don't beat yourself about this." Gray sighed. She was always like that.

"How can she not? Gajeel is Juvia's best friend. She should've been there by his side."

"Gajeel's my nakama too, you know." Gray stepped closer to the woman, who stepped back.

"Sorry to say that, Gray-sama, but you can't understand us." His shoulders dropped as she walked away from him and ended up sitting with Levy, waiting for news about the Dragon Slayer.

When the doctor finally came out and said that he was out of the woods, they all knew that Gajeel wanted to see Levy, so they encouraged her to get in and talk to the Dragon slayer. Not even fifteen minutes later, Levy was out of there with tears in her eyes.

Immediately Jet and Droy were by her side, asking what Gajeel had done to her. Levy just shook her head and said that he didn't do anything.

"He said that he's leaving the guild." The petite woman looked to the other mages and saw their surprised faces.

"He's what?" Natsu yelled and a few nurses shushed him. He looked to them and said. "Shhhh to you too!"

"Why?" It was Gray's turn to ask.

"This is not manly!" Elfman said.

"I don't know. He just said that he's leaving." Levy was trying to hold back the tears. "Did I-I do s-something?"

Lucy put her arms around her friend to comfort her. "Calm down, Levy-chan."

"Juvia will talk to him." The Water Mage spoke to Levy and the girl looked up with hope. "Juvia will make sure that Gajeel doesn't get to be alone ever again, alright?" Levy nodded and watched as Juvia entered the room that lead to where the man she was in love with was.

Everyone else stayed in silence for a minute.

"What did she mean with 'not be alone'?" Gray frowned.

And that's how Juvia ended up walking into the bedroom Gajeel was staying and it stung her heart to see him in that condition.

"Gajeel-kun?" She spoke softly, as if her voice could hurt him even further if she spoke louder.

"I'm not changing my mind about this, Juvia." He spoke in a bored tone without even opening his eyes.

"Juvia understands, Gajeel-kun." She nodded and walked over to the chair that was beside his bed. "she just wants to know when we're gonna be leaving."

The man finally looked to her. "We?"

"If you're leaving, you're not doing it alone." Juvia offered him a small smile.

"The hell that I'm not." He frowned.

"Well, Juvia will not let you go on your own, Gajeel-kun." Juvia frowned as well and they stared into each other eyes for a full minute before he groaned.

"If this is some kind of blackmail thing…" He looked at her with doubt.

"It's not." The woman sighed. "Juvia will be going with you, Gajeel-kun."

"You love this freaking guild, Juvia. You can't leave." He rolled his eyes.

"You love this freaking guild as well and you're going." Juvia said stubbornly and the Dragon Slayer stared at the woman in disbelief.

"It's different." Gajeel said exasperated. "You have Stripper here."

"She doesn't have him, Gajeel-kun." She smiled sadly. "Juvia's free to go. It'll hurt, but she cannot leave you alone."

"Why not? I've been alone for a lot of time before Phantom Lord. I can be alone again."

"No, you can't. Not now. We got used to being happy here. Juvia will not let you be unhappy on your own." She shook her head. "Juvia brought you to Fairy Tail and Juvia will go out with you."

Gajeel groaned. "Why are you doing this?"

She didn't say anything for some time. "Juvia should've been there with you today."

Gajeel almost didn't hear her whisper, but as a Dragon Slayer, his hearing was the best.


"You were alone." Juvia's voice trembled a little. "When you were there, Juvia should've been there too to fight by your side, the way you fought by Juvia's side many times. You were always there if I needed and when it was my turn to help you, I failed."

"Like I wanted to have you hurt with me, stupid!" Gajeel said exasperated. "And what kind of logic is that, anyways?"

"It doesn't matter." She said. "It is my duty as your friend to stay by your side."

"Do you even know what they did to me, Juvia?" Gajeel half yelled, and winced a little in pain, but kept talking. "They used freaking electricity! You know that to us it is the worst thing that can happen!"

"Iron is a…" She realized.

"A fucking conductor! Like your freaking water!" Gajeel let out a groan. "If you were there with me, you would be as messed up as I was or worse!"

"What they did to you, Gajeel-kun?" Juvia asked.

"They cut me after electrify me. They drowned me and while I was in the water, they electrified me again, and again!" He needed to get it out of his chest. He couldn't tell Master, he couldn't tell Natsu, he couldn't tell Levy. But Juvia would understand. He knew she would. "They said that if I fought back, they would attack Fairy Tail, so I didn't. While they kicked and kicked over and over again, I was powerless because I couldn't let them attack the guild. I need to leave! I have many enemies out there and they will see that the freaking guild is my weak point and I can't have any of them hurt in any way, Juvia!" He was a little out of breath and looked away from her face, which had an expression of surprise and pain.

After a minute, Gajeel turned to see Juvia and yell her to get out after telling her all of that. He was certain that she would be crying, but was surprised that she actually held back.

"So…? What you gonna say about it?" Gajeel asked Juvia.

"Well…" She got up from the chair beside the Dragon Slayer's bed. "Thanks for telling me."

"Nothing else?" He asked. She took his hands on hers.

"Nothing else." She smiled at him squeezing his hand tightly. He sighed relieved.

"Say nothing to those stupids, right?"

"And make them worry about an idiot like you? Never." She passed a hand on his hair and kissed his forehead. "Whenever you need, I'll be there for you. Juvia will not let you pass though anything like that again without her."

"As if I need to worry myself with a stupid like you." He looked away rolling his eyes.

"Are you still going?" Juvia asked and Gajeel sighed and thought for a moment. Knowing his guild, they would follow him, fight him and bring him back. Why was he wasting his time anyway? He knew he would come back.

"And have you following me with the fucking rain? No, thank you." He rolled his eyes. "You would make me all rusty."

Juvia smiled to her friend. "You better never forget it."

Since all the Fairy Tail's mage were very loud, they couldn't stay around the rooms, so they were the entire guild members were there, but on the hall of the hospital, waiting, because they knew Gajeel suffered while was with Ivan but he wouldn't talk with no one and everyone thought he would with Juvia. Levy was the first one to ask her.

"So… Is he okay?" Juvia thought for a few seconds before answer.

"Yes. He is now." She smiled at the Solid Script's mage. "We talked."

"And…?" Lucy asked worried.

"He is fine." Everyone looked relieved. "Just don't ask him what happened there." Every eye on the room was in her.

"Why?" Droy asked. After everything, he and Jet were fine with Gajeel. Not enough to like him around Levy, but enough to get worried about his life.

"Would you like to be asked every five minutes what happened when you were captive by the enemy, Droy-san?" Juvia asked and everyone understood what she said. Whatever happened, asking would only make the memories worse.

"Got it." Droy nodded. "Well, if he's alright, I guess we should go home."

"I'll stay." Levy said and when everyone was leaving, she grabbed Juvia and spoke to her quietly. "Juvia-chan." Her voice and the look on her eyes asked everything.

"Juvia promises he'll be fine, Levy-chan." She smiled.

"Thanks for be there for him, Juvia-chan." Levy said hugging her. "I'm gonna…" She glanced over the door Juvia came from few minutes before.

"Please, go." Juvia smiled.

Gajeel sighed, remembering exactly what she said about him going away and he felt kind of an idiot telling her his plans, knowing how stubborn Juvia could be.

"It's nothing like before, Juvia." He rolled his eyes. "I actually have Levy now."

"As if you didn't have her before." It was Juvia's turn to roll her eyes. "You were just too stubborn to see what you two had."

"I was not!"

"Was too."

"Was not!"

"Stubborn." She smirked and Gajeel groaned. "You two ended up being cute together, just like I thought you would."

"I am not cute!" The Dragon Slayer exclaimed with indignation.

"Yes, you are…" Juvia sang song, the worries from before forgotten for the time while they were being playful.

"I am a Dragon Slayer! I can't be cute!" Gajeel crossed his arms above his chest.

"Wendy-san is a Dragon Slayer and she's pretty cute." Juvia laughed when Gajeel growled.

"I… you…" Gajeel put his hands on the same level as Juvia's neck and made a movement like he was about to choke her. "Be glad that you are pregnant, woman! Otherwise I would kick your ass!"

Juvia giggled and Gajeel looked away smirking a little.

It was nice to have his friend back. Ever since she got pregnant, they drifted apart and even though he didn't admitted even to himself, Gajeel missed her; she was the only one that could understand what he was passing through. Actually, she was the one who actually helped him see how much he cared for Levy!

Every single day during the two weeks Gajeel spent at the hospital, he was visited by Levy and he would visible be happier when she appeared. And Juvia was sure that by the time he got out of the hospital, the Dragon Slayer would be aware of his feelings, so she decided to bring up the subject when he finally went home.

"So, Gajeel-kun… did you ask Levy-san on a date already?" Gajeel started to cough with the iron he was currently eating. It was his first real meal after leaving the hospital. The nurses didn't let him eat metal (something about not being good for his health? Stupid nurses.). It was torture, and when he could finally enjoy a piece of it, Juvia tried to kill him.

"I what?" He asked coughing.

"Well, Juvia assumed that you two were together now…" Juvia shrugged with innocence, while folding a bunch of clothes, but Gajeel knew better. She was plotting something.

"What you mean, woman?" He narrowed his eyes towards her.

"You two obviously like each other." She smiled to her friend, while picking a pillow case and folding it.

"Juvia…" Gajeel sighed. He wasn't with patience for that crap. "She's Levy and I am Gajeel. There's no way we can match."

"Oh, Juvia begs to differ!" She said excited, forgetting about the clothes. "You two are perfect to each other! You look so good together, Gajeel-kun!"

"Juvia…" He groaned. "It's not possible…"

"Aha! So you admit that you actually considered it, if you came to the conclusion that it is not possible!" She said proud of her amazing intelligence.

"I…" He frowned, confused. "What?"

"Gajeel-kun…" Juvia smiled. "You thought about being with Levy-san!"

"Yeah, so…?" The Dragon Slayer wasn't following her.

"That means that deep inside, you know you like her more than a friend!" She jumped a little bit in excitement.

"That's crazy." Gajeel said, but his mind began to work.

It was true that one in a while he would think that was nice to have Levy with him; she calmed him down even though sometimes they fought, they were never actually mad at each other. She was smart in ways that he could never be, she was funny, strong and caring.

Levy was wonderful and it was a little bit difficult not to like her.

That Jet guy and Droy were right to fall for her, she was unique.

Fine, so maybe he liked her more than he liked other girls, but there was a little problem: she was too much for him.

"Okay, let's just assume for a moment that I do… that…" He said.

"That you like her as more than a friend?" Juvia said smiling brightly.

"Yes… That." He couldn't say it. "How can I have someone like her, Juvia? She's… perfect." Gajeel frowned. "I was a freaking criminal most of my life. How could she want me? I know that my manners aren't the best, that people think that I am scary and look the other way when I pass. That's who I am."

"Yes. Gajeel-kun is all those things." Juvia nodded. "And for someone that just met you, looks like you are a bit… unusual, but I know for a fact that you're not just that. Juvia knows that inside, you are a good man that will go anywhere for your friends, that you doesn't like to be alone, that you love Fairy Tail because it is the closest to a family that you ever had. And if Juvia knows this, Levy-san knows it too."

"It doesn't matter, Juvia!" Gajeel said loudly and groaned in pain because of his injuries; even though he was home the injuries were still not totally closed. "I don't know how to…" He stopped to try and find the word.

"Date?" Juvia offered and he nodded.

"Yes! I don't know how to do that! I don't know anything!" He was getting frustrated.

"And you'll never will if you don't take chances, Gajeel-kun. You like her, she likes you. Juvia cannot see what can go wrong."

"I can see a thousand things that can go wrong! For starters do you have any idea of how many enemies I made over the years? How many people would kill her just to get to me?"

"It's not your place to decide that. She's a big girl and can make this decision." Juvia pointed out.

"Secondly, what guarantees you that she'll stand to be with me anyways?" Gajeel raised an eyebrow in question.

"Because she would be a fool if she doesn't." The woman smiled.

He stared at Juvia for a minute before speak again.

"You're one stubborn woman when you want to." He sighed.

"You're the stubborn one." She smiled widely to him.

Gajeel sat on his couch next to the bunch of clothes Juvia was previously folding. Maybe he needed to take a chance? Maybe he could take a good thing out of all that? Maybe, just maybe he could try to forget his past and try?

Maybe he deserved to be happy after all.

"So, what do you suggest?" He asked, defeated and Juvia let out a shriek of excitement.

"Ask Levy-san out! Not to hang out." She pointed out. "If you ask her to hang out, it is as just friends and you don't want to give her mixed signals. Trust me… it sucks." Juvia's face went sad for a moment and Gajeel winced inside. Everyone knew about her crush on Gray Fullbuster. Everyone but the stupid Ice Mage. She shook her head lightly to make some thought go away and continued, smiling again. "You need to make sure that she knows it is indeed a date!"

"Okay." Gajeel frowned.

The door opened and they both looked in its direction to see who was and found out Panther Lily in his chibi form and with something in hands, entering the house he shared with Gajeel.

"Hello, Juvia-san." He said nicely and Juvia waved at him. Lily actually liked Juvia. "Yo, Gajeel. I was at the Guild and Levy gave me this casserole with food to give it to you. But she said that you had to give me some too!" The black cat said in a accusing tone.

Juvia shrieked happily again, scaring both Gajeel and Lily. "She totally likes you, Gajeel-kun!"

"What did I miss?" Lily frowned.

"Gajeel-kun is going to ask Levy on a date!" Juvia said loudly and very, very happy.

Panther Lily looked to Gajeel, who had pink cheeks at that point and was looking very interested to the ceiling. The cat smirked.

"It was about time."

"What?" Gajeel stared at his tiny friend. "What do you mean?"

"You have to figure it out." The cat created wings and flew his way to the kitchen. "Just let me know when you two start mating, so I can sleep far away from here…"

"OI!" Gajeel, now red faced yelled while Panther Lily laughed loudly.

'Go on and ask her.' Gajeel thought. 'It isn't a big deal. The worse thing that can happen is her saying no.'

Yeah, that wasn't all that comforting.

That day when he and Juvia had the talk about his so-called feelings, it was the day Levy had left to a mission (that's why she didn't leave the casserole at his place, since she was in a hurry), so during the week she was away, Gajeel trained what to say to her.

The plan: Talk to her alone (so if the answer was 'no', he would still have his dignity), ask her really smoothly if she wanted to go to a date (not hang out) with him. Sound casual, but not too casual. If she says yes: ask her a good day for it; if she says no: be cool (yeah, right).

Gajeel just forgot one thing: nothing in his life goes as planned. N-o-t-h-i-n-g.

The Dragon Slayer had trained his words with Juvia a thousand times already, but actually doing it was a lot harder when the girl he was trying to go on a date with was looking even more wonderful. She was so amazing that he could actually see sparks around her.

'Why the hell is she sparkling?' He yelled in thought.

"You are ready, Gajeel-kun!" Juvia, whom he had forget was by his side made her best: 'you can do it' pose, with close fists and a sparkle in each eye. "We trained this. Go see if she can speak with you in private."

"I agree." Lily said sitting on a table with a bunch of popcorn by his side.

"You liiiiiiiiiiiiiike her!" Happy, who was also next to the popcorn, said.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Gajeel pointed, a little pink on his cheeks.

"Gajeel-kun! Focus!" Juvia said, grabbing his face, making his lips look like a fish's. "Go in there and ask her. Juvia will be around to help if you need! Okay?"

"Okay!" He managed to say between his fish-like lips.

"Now go!" Juvia let him go and Gajeel started to go in Levy's direction, gathering courage.

She was so beautiful, laughing at something Lucy was saying and for a moment, Gajeel was going to back down, but the Iron Dragon Slayer was no wuss. If he said he would ask her, he would ask her!

"LEVY!" He yelled and everyone at the guild stopped their chats and looked at him. When nervous, Gajeel yelled without even realize what he was doing.

"Yes?" The petite blunette turned around to see the man.

"CAN I TALK TO YOU?" He yelled again, and… he sounded angry.

"You can…" Levy frowned, thinking of what she had done to make him angry. Her soup wasn't good? Was that it? Because she was away in a mission for days, she didn't do anything to make him mad!

"Oi, bastard, don't talk to Levy like th…" Jet was going to get Gajeel for yelling at Levy, when a bunch of water covered his mouth.

"That son of a bit…" Droy was going in the Dragon Slayer's direction too, when yet another bunch of water covered his mouth.

"DO YOU WANT TO GO ON A DATE WITH ME?" Gajeel yelled again, red faced. And if anyone couldn't hear his words, would think that his expression was of great anger.

"A da-date?" Levy was surprised, as everyone else at the guild.

"YES! A DATE! DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT?" He asked narrowing his eyes.

"No, no problem…" Levy was still in shock. "But… why are you so angry?"

"I AM NOT ANGRY! WHY? ARE YOU?" Gajeel yelled again.

"No, I am not." She frowned, confused, and they were both in silence for a while.

"SO? YES OR NO ON THE DATE THING?" He yelled and Levy looked to Lucy, who shrugged also confused.

"Yes, sure."

"GOOD!" He turned away to leave, but when he was about to pass through the door, Gajeel turned around. "I'LL PASS THROUGH YOUR HOUSE FRIDAY AT SEVEN! IS THAT GOOD FOR YOU?"

"It's fine." Levy said in a small voice, and really red.

"GREAT." And then he left the guild, leaving everyone dumbfounded.

"You were right, Happy." Panther Lily said eating his popcorn with his blue friend and laughing. "Matchmaking humans is fun!"

"You were so cute, Gajeel-kun!" Juvia laughed remembering how Gajeel asked his girlfriend on a date for the first time.

"Shut up." His cheeks became pinker.

Juvia grabbed his hand and smile softly. "For how many girls would you do that?"

"None." Gajeel scoffed. "I don't know why I did it the first time."

"Because you liiiiiiiiiiked her." Gajeel rolled his eyes and let Juvia's hand go. "Sorry, sorry." She giggled. "But… do you remember what you said Juvia after your third date with Levy, Gajeel-kun?" Juvia asked calmly and the Dragon Slayer stopped for a moment to think back of the evening.

Gajeel turned around and saw a very red faced Levy. He looked down and saw the small purse she's been holding the entire evening. Did she… Did she throw her pink purse at him?

"Do not walk away from me, Gajeel Redfox!" She exclaimed and his eyes widened with the authority in her voice. "It is our third date and you didn't even touch me the entire evening!" Levy put her hands on her hips. "I understood that you wouldn't be all over me in the first or second date, but come on! I accepted to go out with you again, so it was obvious that you were doing something right, but today you stayed acting like I was toxic. What is it? Am I smelling or something? Because I guarantee you that I showered!" She stopped to catch her breath. "For god's sake, you stupid Dragon Slayer, make a move already! I am patient, but after a year of waiting you to look at me, I was expecting more than a 'Good Night, Bookworm'!"

Gajeel couldn't help. He laughed. Hard.

Levy felt insulted.

"You stupid, arrogant, bastard!" She yelled at him as he continued to laugh.

"I am, I am. But hear me out…" He was still laughing. "This entire evening, I wanted to take you away and kiss you until you couldn't breathe, but I was trying to be a gentleman for your sake, and you wanted me to not be a gentleman and make a move already." He burst in laughter again and leaned on the wall.

Levy stopped for a moment and started to laugh as well, and like Gajeel, she leaned at the wall too.

"You threw a pink purse at me!" He laughed harder, grabbing his stomach. He never laughed that much before.

"You made me very angry!" Levy said breathless because of the fit of laughter. "I was starting to think that I was the problem!"

Gajeel stopped laughing gradually and turned his head to stare at Levy, who too was stopping laughing and said seriously, "You'll never be a problem, Levy."

His gaze was so intense that his red eyes looked like they were on fire while she stared back at him. Gajeel removed his back from the wall and put each arm beside each side of Levy's head and leaned a bit.

"If I do what you want me to, there will be no turning back. You'll be stuck with me for a while." He said in a low voice and Levy shuddered with the intensity of it. God, was it only her or it was hotter?

"I would love to be stuck with you for a while." She said with a small smile and put her hands around his neck, but made no mention to move.

"Are you su…?" He couldn't complete the word because his lips were now occupied with Levy's.

As they kissed, his arms left the wall and he hugged her small form carefully to not hurt her. Gajeel didn't want to hurt Levy. Ever. That tiny woman made him feel a protective side of him that he didn't know he had before.

Later, when he met Juvia back to his place, where she was to know what happened that night. Gajeel just smirked and said:

"We went to that fancy restaurant you made the reservation in, the waiter was a snob and at the end of it, she threw her purse at me." He grinned.

"Are… you going to see her again?" Juvia asked confused. By the way he described, it sounded like it wasn't very good, but his grin…

"Are you crazy? I'm never letting her go."

Levy was everything he could ever ask for in a woman: she was strong in ways he would never be, she was bright, she was smart, funny, had courage, could be very stubborn with him and wasn't afraid of whatever he did.

"Juvia, I…" The Dragon Slayer frowned when an idea popped on his mind.

"You what, Gajeel-kun?" Juvia asked and he looked to her with a smirk on his face.

"I want Levy there every day when I wake up. I want to have her by my side forever. I know I don't deserve her, I know that I am not worthy of her, but I will be selfish here, Juvia. I'll ask her if she wants to stay with me, and if she does, I'll get her so quickly that she will be dazed with it!"

Juvia giggled. "Sounds like a plan."

"If she stayed with me for four years, it's worth to ask. I am going to ask Levy to marry me!" He grinned to his friend.

"Juvia is so happy!" She smiled and hugged him, making the Dragon Slayer uncomfortable. "You two are going to be so happy together!"

"Yeah, yeah. Now get off of me." He rolled his eyes. "So, Juvia… now I just need you to tell me: how the hell will I ask her to marry me?"

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