A poem I wrote as a tribute to Herbert West, based on the story Herbert West - Reanimator by H.P. Lovecraft rather than the film. I write poetry a lot, but this was my first tribute. Hope you like it!

DISCLAIMER: Characters/Miskatonic University belong to H.P. Lovecraft. Everything else is mine.

Herbert West - Reanimator

Shadows stalk the pallid streets,

Graves are filled and boarding suites

Reside in Miskatonic folds -

Ambitions new and questions old.

Legions of the night pass quiet,

Crypts the homes of timeless riot:

Halsey fights but soon decays -

Light soon flees; and horror stays.

I thought him calm, but now he panics,

Every gesticulation manic:

Does he hear those steps and chimes -

Or do they simply haunt his mind?

Never (prior!) have I felt

That in his head hath always dwelt

A creeping evil: morbid things,

Like monstrous fiends with pungent wings.

But now, alas, I kneel to pray,

And quietly in this room I say

That I certainly know of no fear greater

Than Herbert West - Reanimator.