Kinkmeme deanon; someone wanted a blinded character being cared for by a partner. This doesn't fit the prompt exactly as it's not really a pairing fic, though I may add one in later, but the idea struck me and I wanted to use it. I know the analogues to Japan's eyes are a pretty damn big coincidence, but it works for the purposes of the fic. Also, my personal headcanon is that Japan-the-character didn't know the gorier details of what his government and army were up to during the war; Germany seems to get that assumption a lot more, and I'm not sure why. Do the fans find Japan creepy or something? Also, title is a Japanese word for blindness according to Google - I hope it's right.

"Is he going to be okay?"

America wasn't sure why he was so concerned; Japan had, during the war, been his enemy. The bombing had sounded really cool in theory when his bosses put the idea to him - it meant a quick win, and who could refuse giant fireworks? - but now he'd realised the extent of the damage the war had done, he was questioning how good an idea it had been. Japan's humans had been problematic and the bombing had put a quick stop to it, yeah, but Japan himself really hadn't known what was going on, and the bombs had hurt his body as well as his land. America didn't know how badly, but it should just be a scar, it'd heal up, right?

China, the only one of the Allied personifications with any significant medical knowledge, shuffled his feet on the tiled floor of the top-secret government hospital. Enemies their countries may have been, but Japan-the-person was still his brother. "Not good. Um. I don't know how to put this. Uh, what's the name of that island in your hair?"

America reached up and poked at his curl. "You mean this? Nantucket. Why?"

"And your glasses are the state of Texas?"


"And, well ..." China's fingers brushed against his chest, where his jacket concealed bandages over a slowly-healing wound. The destruction of his capital had left a cut right into his heart, which would have killed a human and had put him out of commission for weeks. He was still barely suppressing his rage at Japan for it, though Japan himself had been stranded on a South Seas island with Germany and Italy when it happened and still didn't actually know about it, but seeing his brother in his current state mixed the rage with enough sorrow for it to start fading.

America put two and two together. "So which bits of him were the cities we-?"

China took a deep breath and looked America in the face. "His eyes."