The Phantom's Mistress

Dangerous, sadistic, terrifying. Those were a few ways to describe Phantom, ruler of the Ghost Zone. Seducing young goth girls on the other hand only applied to the rebellion leader and high school outcast, Sam Manson.

The echo of a ghost wail had the seventeen year old girl on the ground, clutching her ears in an attempt to protect herself from the ruthless attack. The earth practically shook at the intensity, sending buildings to crumble in ruins and screams to erupt from a number of civilians. Unbeknown to them, that teenage girl wasn't an ordinary high school student. Grasping the weapon inside her black combat boot, she pulled herself off the ground and aimed.

Many of the ghosts that haunted Amity Park were familiar with the legendary ghost hunters, a group of people who rebelled against Phantom, ruler of the ghost zone. Any who didn't either thought too highly of themselves or were plain stupid. As the girl's weapon lit, a spark of lightning blue emitting from the top, she knew this ghost was the latter. In a matter of seconds the entity shrieked, before disappearing completely in the ball of light.

Most of the people had escaped, those left to witness the scene just gasped at their savior. No one was certain whether or not this person was male or female, due to the black mask over their head and clothes that did no justice to their figure.

"You did it, Sam!" An all too perky Star wrapped her arms around the town's beloved rebellion leader. Her own jumpsuit was an ocean blue and clung to her figure like a second skin. Another reason why Sam refused to wear the uniform.

"It's the third low ranking ghost today," Valerie, another girl on the team, said as she steered her glider to the ground. She landed with a soft thud, the vehicle transforming into a wrist-lit. Like Sam, the girl wanted to keep her identity a secret, a red mask embedded into her jumpsuit, but she favored Star's tight fitting form to accentuate her rather large curves.

"They're up to something," Sam murmured, placing her weapon back into the side of her boot. She glanced back at Paulina, the Latina of the group, who was busy filing her nails against the vacant building.

"Do you think its Phantom's doing?" Valerie suggested and Star merely squealed at the name.

Sam shrugged and with a sigh, rubbed her temples. "I'm not sure. If he's trying to analyze our devices or fighting strategies, he's got an advantage." But Sam knew that wasn't right. Phantom was a high rank ghost who demolished cities in a day. He was strong enough to take them out with the snap of his fingers, but every time her team encountered the ghost king, he'd merely fight them off until he was bored and leave them there.

Deep down, Sam knew that wasn't the real reason why he kept them unharmed, though she wasn't about to admit that to her team.

"It's raining!" The Latina beauty suddenly called with a horrid shriek. She shielded her luxurious black waves from the beads of water, the hot pink mask revealing nothing more than her big, brown eyes and ponytail.

"We should get going," Valerie agreed, probably for the first time, with the complaining Hispanic. She reprogrammed her glider and Star hopped on behind her. "Need a lift?" She asked Sam.

Sam shook her head. "I'll finish the patrol and get back to you guys at base."

The girls nodded, Paulina bringing out a glider of her own. "No mires hacia atrĂ¡s, chica," she muttered, before taking off with the rest of them.

Sighing, Sam fell to her knees with an audible thump. She hated these drills and the fact that she had nothing to stop Phantom. She knew it was all hopeless, even as she kept fighting, but she wouldn't let her team down. She closed her eyes when a familiar chill went up her backside, cursing under her breath.

"And here I thought you trusted your comrades."

She opened her eyes and they focused on the black fabric over his knee. Looking up, Phantom himself stood before the rebellion leader, a smooth smirk on his face that brought most girls to his feet.

She refused for him to look down at her, even literally. Climbing to her feet, Sam met his smug expression with a glare. "I trust them," she spat. "But they wouldn't understand..." She brought her gaze away at the same time her voice trailed off.

"And that's why you're my favorite, Samantha." She bit back a retort at his use of her full name. "You're smart, unlike these pathetic humans. They actually think they can beat me." A gloved hand wrapped around her waist and soon she was staring into those brilliant green eyes. He leaned in. "You know how I feel about this mask, Samantha." He reached behind her head and removed the fabric from her face.

Her raven hair fell to her shoulders, the straight strands framing her heart face. She didn't dare look at him, she was too ashamed of herself. It was like saying she lost faith in her team and joined the bad guys.

Phantom tilted her chin up with his finger, forcing her violet eyes to meet his. "Don't look so glum, dear." His lips came to her neck. "After all, not many ladies get the honor of personally serving his highness."

Sam wanted to kick him in the groin so bad and pull out her weapon, but she knew that was a stupid idea. She might as well have burned down Amity Park herself. His lips gently kissed at the exposed skin of her neck, gliding up so he was nibbling on the cartilage of her rather sensitive ears.

Sam shivered, but tried not to show it. Phantom laughed at the action anyway, slowly releasing her.

"You better hope you stay interesting, Samantha." His face was playful, but his eyes were cold. "Otherwise they'll be nothing standing in my way and your precious town." And with a villainous laugh, Phantom disappeared from the clearing.

"Is that a hickey?"

Sam slapped the skin around her throat, craning her neck around to see Valerie against one of the wooden crates, giving her a knowing look.

She glared. "Bruises," Sam said quickly, turning her gaze back forward. "They're just bruises from this morning's battle."

"Uh-huh," Valerie snickered, uncrossing her arms and following the frustrated goth. "Like I haven't heard that one before. So c'mon, who gave them to you? Was it Gregory?"

Sam spun around. "Like I'd let that bastard touch me again!"

"Okay, okay." Valerie held her arms up in surrender. "So it wasn't him. Was it Danny?" She enjoyed the blush that crawled up Sam's face at the mention of their control room commander.

"As if!" Sam scoffed, failing to keep the scarlet color off her pale face. "I'm not interested in him that way. I'm too busy trying to keep your asses from getting killed out there." She pointed out to Valerie. "And wasn't he your boyfriend?"

"Once," Valerie corrected, keeping in step as Sam led them down the corridor. "But that's all it was. Once. That's never going to happen again."

Sam placed her hand on the scanner, giving her friend a sideways look. "Are you implying something's wrong with him?"

"No," she answered innocently. "Danny just happened to have his heart set on someone else." She smirked when Sam quirked an eyebrow. "Interested?"

The goth hesitated, before shaking her head. "Of course not." The scanner let out a low beep, a sign that Sam was a part of the rebellion, before the door unlocked. She twisted the handle and the lights flickered on when she stepped into the room.

A number of mechanic weapons lined the three walls, a table in the center of the room. On the stool beside it the techy Tucker was away digging a screwdriver into the side of a gun-like device.

The two girls walked in, hearing the swift close and lock of the door behind them. "How's it coming, Tuck?" Sam asked, taking a seat on the chair across from him. Valerie examined some of the other weapons on the table, mildly interested.

He didn't respond to Sam's retort, too busy trying to finish up his latest project. Sweat beads had gathered under the red of his beret and his tongue was out, just over his upper lip, a sign he was in deep concentration.

Valerie sighed impatiently, picking up the nearest weapon. "I wonder what this does." And with the pull of the trigger, shot Tucker in the behind. Tucker let out a fierce howl, jumping up and down like his ass was on fire.

Valerie laughed. "Man! I've got to get me one of these babies," she stated with a satisfied grin.

Sam sighed and caught onto the fabric of Tucker's coat. "Get a hold of yourself, techy."

Tucker eventually stopped, rubbing his butt. "Geez, did you really have to shoot me in the ass?"

Valerie snickered, holding up the weapon. "Would you rather I shoot you somewhere else?" Tucker let out a girlish squeak and cowered behind Sam.

"Enough!" Sam ordered and both teens peered at her. She glanced back at Tucker. "This isn't the time. We need to get these now devices ready so we can introduce them to the group."

"Right," Tucker mumbled, hesitantly backing away from the goth girl. "You've already been introduced to the latest combat weapon, designed to send ghosts at least fifty feet away. It'll give you time to send the final blow." Wincing, he looked at his slightly burned pants. "As you can see, it stings a bit for humans and causes clothing to deteriorate."

"What about this?" Valerie asked, waving around a ring like item. It fairly resembled a metallic frisbee.

"Careful with that!" Tucker yelped, yanking the device out of Valerie's hand. Sam could have sworn she saw him cuddle the thing, but was too tired to ask or even care. "This is like the thermos, only it's designed as a bracelet." He took Sam's hand and placed the disk over her wrist, which quickly created a hole and changed size so it was a perfect fit.

"Whoa," both girls said simultaneously.

Sam examined the accessory. "One size fits all." She turned to Tuck. "Good work, techy."

Tucker smiled, pushing his black glasses back up the bridge of his nose. "I'm just glad my ideas are put to good use."

Sam's face hardened. Yeah, she thought bitterly. Just don't say put in the right hands.

"You didn't explain what this is." Valerie was about to pick up the last item, some cube looking thing, but Tucker slapped her hand away. "Why, you!" She was about to give him a good punch in the gut, but he quickly begged.

"It's fairly new and has yet to be tested! The results can be dangerous. Don't kill me!"

"Val!" Sam called and Valerie stopped, mid hit. "Let's go," she stated, hopping off the chair and escaping the sound proof room, but not before hearing a rather girl like shriek.

Ah, it feels so good to write fanfictions again :) And I haven't written a Danny Phantom one in forever. I've really had a craving to write something with a sadistic bastard as the guy character and this came to me in History class (weird, I suppose lol).

So, what do you think of the chapter?