The Phantom's Mistress

Dangerous, sadistic, terrifying. Those were a few ways to describe Phantom, ruler of the Ghost Zone. Seducing young goth girls on the other hand only applied to the rebellion leader and high school outcast, Sam Manson.

"You can't kill Phantom," Sam screamed, running into the room. The wall had finally given away and Sam crawled through the tunnel until she had made it outside Phantom's door. She ended up taking both Kwan and Dash down and bolted into the room without a second thought. "If you kill Phantom, Danny will die."

"What?" Tucker asked, wide eyed. His hand was frozen on the lever, slowly pulling it back down. Phantom's screams ceased.

Valerie glared. "So what?" she demanded, glaring at the ghost. "One life is worth all the blood shed by Phantom."

"Wait a second." Tucker glared, taking a step in front of Valerie. "Danny's my friend. And you used to love him too, Val, remember?"

"Don't you get it?" she spat, gesturing to Sam. "She loves Phantom now."

The room fell silent.

She couldn't believe was Valerie was saying. And of all the things to accuse her of?

"I don't," Sam stated.

Valerie laughed. "Oh, yeah? Then I guess I just imagined that kiss earlier."

Sam's cheeks turned pink and she looked towards the ground. "I was bargaining with him."

"Bullshit. You told me you found out nothing." Sam steadily glared as her friend smirked. "Or perhaps you're still lying."

The goth's teeth clenched. "I am not in love with Phantom."

"Prove it. Walk right up to him and pour some of Danny's blood on him. That won't hurt Fenton, right?" She held up the sample.

Sam snatched it from her.

Phantom laid there, looking almost as drained as Danny. Sam's breath hitched as she stood beside him, watching him barely breathe. What was the connection between him and Danny? And why at this very moment did she hesitate?

Valerie laughed in the background. "What did I tell you?" She motioned for Kwan and Dash to take her, who had finally gotten up after their battle. "She'll say anything at this moment to save him."

Before either jock touched her, Sam took the sample and dropped all of it over Phantom's chest. He screamed, the pain wretched, seeping into his skin and boiling as if it were cooking him alive. Sam took a deep breath and looked away.

"I'm not in love with him," she hissed, dropping the empty tube on the floor. She walked out of the room then, hoping she never saw Valerie again.

After a much needed shower, Sam had walked into her palace sized bedroom in the usual night attire; a long, black dress that expressed her foul mood. She'd be lucky if the movers weren't already packing her stuff by the time she woke up tomorrow. Her parents were rather impulsive, even though they claimed the lower class were the ones not to think about things rationally. What was rational about moving to an entirely different continent in one night?

Sam stepped onto her king sized bed and tried to memorize her room. It was the biggest room in the house, besides her parents den of course, seeing as Sam was their only child. They had not held back when buying their fourteen year old daughter things they thought would suit her like a bed big enough to fill ten people and a walk in closest that was nicer than her school's remodeled library.

Sam let out a disgusted grunt. Who the hell needed this luxury? There were starving people in Africa for fucks sake! Although she had always been more concerned over the people here, who she could help, often leaving a couple hundreds for a homeless man or helping a stray animal find a home. Sam was good to the very core and a little angry at the fact that her parents found her the crazy one.

Ah, there it was. Before the goth even had time to get comfortable, the familiar chill coated her body. She quickly looked at the window. It was closed. It was just after Christmas, the dead of winter, and her parents wouldn't let her touch the thermostat for the life of her. She was pretty sure the heater was working, having warmed her blankets beforehand. There was only one thing that could be disturbing the rest of the atmosphere.

"I know you're there...ghost," Sam stated, looking in all directions. There was no answer. "If you just want to talk, I'm here." The room remained its cold place. "However, if you're trying to be a bastard and pull off mediocre stuff like in class, I suggest you give it up."

Sam was actually glowing on the inside. She loved stuff about ghost, but often found the shows on TV a little over rated. Still, she knew to get a ghost to do something you'd often have to provoke them. She bit her lip excitedly, expecting another pencil to lift and drop to the floor.

Sam got something much bigger then that. A figure had materialized before her, on the bed, leaning over her frame so much that she had to pull herself back into the covers. His hands were on either side of her head, the boy resting over her tiny form like someone who was about to kiss her might. Glowing green eyes looked back into hers, the white hair on his head emitting a strange light, though the ghost was far from old. He resembled more of a teenager, much alike in Sam's age.

There were a few heartbeats of them just staring at each other, Sam clutching her black bed sheets, before the ghost's face curved into a mysterious smile. She had nearly jumped when he reached out a gloved hand and touched her cheek, amazed he even could touch her cheek, and leaned towards her.

"Mediocre?" He asked, the playful smile wide on his features. "Then shall I kill you, and prove my worth?"

Sam's toes curled into her bed, but she refused to let this ghost see her shaken. He's bluffing, she told herself. He couldn't hurt her, not physically. But then again, she was sure that he couldn't touch her either.

Phantom merely laughed at Sam's face, an expression of surprise and horror and oddly enough, curiosity when she met his cold eyes. He was enjoying seeing her squirm much more than he should, slowly bringing his hand back to the bed, just beside her head. "I never expected you to pull the fire alarm," the ghost said thoughtfully.

Sam was surprised she hadn't been thrown across the room like the pencil, but maybe he didn't have that kind of power. Finding her voice, she started, "What was I supposed to do? Let you terrorize my English class?" She wasn't sure what this ghost was capable of, but she knew she would soon.

His eyes met hers. She felt herself shiver as she stared at them. There was no compassion or warmth to be found. He was just as cold as his ice skin.

"Humans are very easy to scare," he began. "Even the simplest things put you off edge. The unknown can be a terrifying thing, since your lives are all planned out. You want to know what's coming before it actually happens." He gave Sam a hollow smile. "You, on the other hand, are not like that. You refuse to fit into the life your parents had made for you, having rebelled. I like rebellion." Sam couldn't help, but hear the possessive edge to his words. "You only proved yourself today, being the only person not to run screaming to the door."

Was he complimenting her? It sure seemed like it, but that fact didn't comfort her in the least. She knew if there was anything worse than not being noticed, it was actually being seen.

"Why did you come to the classroom today?" There had to be a reason. Talking to him, he obviously wasn't the kind of ghost who did things as a joke. There was a rather sick, twisted edge to his thoughts that made frightening images fill Sam's mind.

"Oh, don't worry. I wasn't planning on hurting your friends...much." The obvious mock rang through his voice. "I was merely observing. Like I said, humans make a bigger deal out of things then they actually are. You all would have eventually assumed the worst, screaming until there was nothing left to do but hope death would come slow, easy..."

Sam gasped. "You were planning to drive us insane."

"I prefer traumatize." He smiled that same cruel smile. "After all, it was only as terrifying as your own imagination made it. I merely picked up a few objects and locked the door. You decided how afraid you should be."

Sam didn't know how to react to his words. If there was any sanity left in him, it didn't show on his face. She wondered if her room would soon become a resting place of her own.

"Now," as if reading her thoughts, he lifted a hand, a strange green glow appearing, "You were right not to fear me in the classroom, but now I propose to you death." His smile widened when her eyes did. "Tell me, Samantha, how much do you intend to scream?"

There was a scream, but it hadn't come from the young goth's lips. Instead, in the doorway stood Pamela, gasping at the sight of her daughter underneath some sickly creature, raising some unidentified glow to her face.

"Get off my daughter, you monster!" Pamela shouted, marching toward the teens.

"Mom, no!" Sam shouted.

It was too late. The boy had lifted his hand toward the woman and before she could even blink Pamela turned to particles in the air, so small you couldn't tell what you were looking at. The particles lifted, colors of red and white and peach, before disappearing completely.

Sam froze.


It was suddenly still in the room and Sam felt tears touch her cheeks. She couldn't be dead, not her mother. The extra perky, impulsive woman that drove her mad on a daily basis. It had to be a lie. She would wake up soon and her mom would be chiding her to wear another God awful dress and Sam would merely roll her eyes...

A cold hand cupped her cheek and Sam's head snapped up to the ghost boy's. "I'll allow this," he stated, stroking her tear stained cheek, "to be your cry for mercy." And with that he disappeared, allowing Sam to cry until her throat ached.

It was the one time Sam could wear an entire outfit of black and no one would think twice about it, but she didn't. She ended up attending the funeral in that pink dress her mother had bought for her that day. Pamela would have been so proud of her daughter. The red haired woman never approved of the color black. The last funeral that woman had attended, she wore a gray suit with pink cuffs and collars. Even she couldn't be dark for one day.

But now Sam stood over the coffin that didn't even have her mother inside. They didn't find any remains, of course they hadn't, Sam had seen her mother deteriorate before her eyes! Tears pricked at the thought.

A hand touched her shoulder and Sam quickly blinked away the water, looking up. Jeremy gave her a sad smile, seeming to hold tears of his own.

She couldn't stand the silence, the needed to cry. She sucked it up and looked at her father.

"What was the good news?"

Jeremy sighed. "You haven't forgotten about that, huh?" He hugged his daughter. "I'm so sorry, Samantha."

The girl stiffened. "What?"

Jeremy looked at his daughter. "Samantha...Pamela was pregnant."

Sam froze. The ghost had not only been responsible for the death of her mother, but for a baby, her little brother or sister. With the clench of her gloved fist, Sam knew she would make him pay. She refused for anyone else she loved to die on her watch.

A gentle hand stroked her cheek and Sam sighed contently, before her eyes opened.

Danny peeked back at her curiously, lying beside her on the bed. "Sorry," he murmured, taking his hand away from her face. "You were crying."

Sam felt the wetness across her cheeks. She always ended up crying whenever she had that dream, the memory of how she and Phantom met. It haunted and tormented her whenever that sadistic face popped up. She could never fall in love with a monster. How could Valerie even suspect that?

She took a shaky breath and tried to bury her face in the covers. She felt so weak, so defenseless. Danny continued to watch her, too close, yet an almost distant look crossed his eyes. After a moment, Sam met his gaze.

"I'm sorry for not believing you." Her voice was soft and cracked at the end.

Despite everything, Danny still managed a smile. "Its alright." He reached out his hand again and lightly stroked her cheek. "You had every right to doubt me. You still do."

"I won't let them hurt you," Sam whispered. "I promise."

Danny chuckled. "Its a little late for that, don't you think?" He sighed and looked away. "When do they plan to kill Phantom?"

"I won't let them." Sam's tone was confident.

Danny blinked at her in surprise, a strange emotion flickering in his gaze. He hesitated. "Do you love him?"

It felt like she had taken another slap to the face. "I hate him," she stated harshly. "You're the one I love."

The light that appeared in his eyes suddenly evaporated. He sighed. "I'm sorry, Sam, but I don't think you do."

Embarrassment, anger, sadness all filled her at once. "I do," she felt as if she were begging him to believe her. "I said I don't love him, Danny. I love you."

Her fists were clenched around his jumpsuit as she stared him in the eye, tears already brimming over. Danny embraced her tightly, making small circles on her back. "Its not that I don't believe you," Danny started once her sobbing ceased. "But its not possible for you to hate him and love me at the same time."

Sam took a deep breath, pulling back slightly to stare him in the eyes. They looked so honest, flooding with warmth and compassion. "I don't understand," she said between hiccups.

Danny pulled her back to his chest, burying his face in her hair. He exhaled, making her skin tingle at the sensation. "My parents have always been ghost hunters. They were so obsessed with making this portal to another dimension. They didn't even realize when I changed."

Sam glanced up at him. "Changed?"

Danny sighed. "They couldn't get it to work. I saw years of trial and error just blow up in their face. I wanted to help them, so I went inside."

Her embrace tightened around his waist.

"Something went wrong though. When I went inside, the portal activated and there was this...light. I'd never been in such pain." His eyes closed at the memory. "But I remember clearly; white hair, glowing green eyes...Sam, I was Phantom."

It was silent all of a sudden. All Sam could feel was Danny's chest expand as he breathed and the thumping of her heart through her body. It felt like time had stopped.

"That's impossible." Her voice was barely above a whisper.

Danny stroked her hair. "Its not," he reasoned.

Sam shook her head though, unconvinced. "He said he was a thousand years old, Danny." She raised an eyebrow. "Are you going to tell me you are too?"

There was a sad smile. "Time works differently in the ghost zone." He looked to the bed again. "I was a ghost for a moment, but before I knew it the portal blew up and Phantom and I were two entirely different beings."

She relaxed. "So, it wasn't you."

He shook his head, obviously frustrated with her. "Have you ever seen me angry, Sam?"

Danny had always been the embarrassed, sweet, honest guy she knew. She couldn't imagine him ever lashing out at anyone without reason. She hesitated, but shook her head. "No...but what does-"

"I can't feel angry, Sam. I've tried so hard to feel something like that, but I just...can't." He stared down at her, pleading that she understood.

Sam's face scrunched in confusion, amazed someone would ever want to feel such a negative emotion. "That doesn't make you any lesser of a person, Danny."

He chuckled. "I can't feel sadness either, not the way everyone else does. When someone on the team dies, when they're in pain or hurt...I don't feel anything. I don't care what happened and I don't want to." He sighed. "Sometimes I wonder if Phantom stole that from me."

Sam gasped and sat up right, staring at Danny's form on the bed. His arm was still outstretched on the bed where her body had been moments before. "Are you saying the reason that Phantom is always killing, always cruel, is because you aren't?" She shook her head. "What does that even mean?"

He sat up as well. "It means I'm not a real person. I'm only half a man." A sad smile touched his face at the pun. "Phantom is simply evil because he got stuck with what emotions I can't feel; anger, grief, passion." Sam's cheeks heated at the last word, her eyes locking with Danny's. Did that mean he didn't feel the anything as he laid beside her? Nothing at all? "I sometimes feel jealous of Phantom. I often sit and think about what I'm missing, wishing I could actually care about something and mean it."

"That's not true," she argued, tears flooding again. "You care, I know you do! Otherwise you wouldn't have joined the team. You wouldn't be fighting on the battle field every night. You wouldn't have tried so hard to save me." The words felt thick in her throat.

"Sam, I'm not a whole person. I know something's missing and I know its him." He reached out a hand around her neck and pulled her until their foreheads bumped. "I think the reason I feel anything with you is because he does too. Whatever it is about you, we both feel the same way."

She resisted against his grasp, shoving him away. "No," Sam seethed. "You're not Phantom. I won't believe it."

Danny's eyes looked pained at his words, but he nodded. "I understand if you need time to think-"

"There's nothing to think about," Sam cut him off. She hated Phantom; he murdered innocent, drew power from fear, loved to inflict pain on others. She watched as he deposed of her mother, killing her unborn sibling, and for that she would never forgive him.

She promised herself she would destroy him, that no matter how much seducing, how much desire ran through her as she became his, the infamous Phantom's Mistress, she would never love that monster. But if what Danny was saying was true, that he was and still is Phantom, then everything she had vowed to herself meant nothing. And she simply couldn't accept that she had fallen for her mother's killer all along.

Everyone enjoy the flashback chapter? Hopefully that cleared up a few questions.

And I know I said Phantom and Danny were two different people, and I still do mean that. They are currently two separate beings, but originally were one person. How's that for a loop hole? lol

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