Meg smirks, "What's the matter Dean? Did you think we had something special? Did you think after everything we'd been through together I wouldn't try to kill you?"

Dean struggles against Meg's power, but he stays firmly planted against the wall. "Nah, we knew we couldn't trust you, bitch. Sammy, I told you this was coming, didn't I?"

Sam continues staring intently at Meg, but he doesn't respond.

Meg saunters closer, her heeled boots clicking against the warehouse floor with each step "Aww... I'm sorry about all this Sam, but you understand, right? You two are just too dangerous to keep around. I'm taking over Hell, and I'm not going to make the same mistake every one of my predecessors made and leave you both breathing."

Dean snorts loudly,"Jeez will you just quit yapping! If you're gonna kill us, kill us- but don't stand there monologuing about it for hours!"

"Fine." Meg's mouth curves ever so slightly as she closes her eyes. When she opens them again they're black. "Come on boys, dinner time."

Dean's eyes widen as the warehouse fills with the growling of Hellhounds.

"Say your goodbyes you two. There's over two dozen hungry, hungry pups here..." Meg announces, and turns her back on Sam and Dean.

It's a mistake.

Sam slides down from the wall free of Meg's hold, right arm up, palm facing outward. His eyes are glowing bright, white, miniature suns. Around them black tar-blood spatters as the Hellhounds explode one by one. Meg turns to him in shock.

"Sammy?" Dean strains, trying to move his head so he can see his brother's face. "SAM!"

Sam closes his hand into a fist slowly, and Meg falls to her knees. She screams as light shines from within her host's body. Eyes, mouth and ribcage all the color of flame before she collapses, dead.

Sam sinks to the floor and brings a hand up to his head.

Dean, freed from Meg's hold runs over to Sam. "Sam, what the Hell? You okay?"

The warehouse is making odd groaning noises, the metal railings around them creaking. Sam clutches at his head, "Dean, I can't- you have to get out of here."

"Let's go then." Dean says, grabbing onto Sam's shoulder.

"No, I have to hold it back- just go. Now." Sam says, his voice low.

"Sam- what's going on, is you remember something? Is it the Cage? Whatever it is, we'll handle it ok?"
Behind them, a crack starts to open in the floor. When the crack hits the back wall of the building, the wall starts to shake as part of it collapses. Dean grabs his brother again, "We have to go Sammy, now."

Sam is panting, his eyes pressed shut, still holding his head. "Dean, go- now. RUN!"

"That's not gonna happen Sammy, I'm not gonna just leave you here." Dean protests.

Sam opens his eyes again, still gleaming, and Dean is thrown out the split in the wall. As Dean watches, Sam folds in on himself, and the walls come tumbling down.