Title: Bella's Lullaby

Rating: M

Pairing: Harry Potter and Bellatrix Lestrange

Summary: Bellatrix wasn't always the iconic follower of the Dark Lord. Instead she was forced into his service after her mind was shattered by a combination of the Imperius and Cruciatus curses. Now with Voldemort dead, memories of all she has done in his service come back to her. Bellatrix is both ashamed and aghast at everything she did. Not being able to live with the guilt, Bellatrix tries to kill herself, only to find support and care from the person she least expected...Harry Potter.

(A/N: For this story I thought I would try a different approach and try writing from the POV of the characters…If you guys don't like this, then in the next chapter I will go back to how I normally write)

Chapter 1

The Suicide Note and Cleared of All Charges

~Bella's POV~

It has been two months since my former master fell at the hands of his arch-nemesis, Harry Potter. Now as I was one of his most devoted followers, I should be angry or upset that my master is dead right? Well to be honest I'm fucking happy that the crazy bastard is finally dead! I didn't even want to join his stupid followers. However life doesn't always go the way we plan, for as soon as I married him, Rodolphus began torturing me with the Cruciatus curse, as well as continuously to place me under the Imperius curse which made me become his sex slave. Eventually my mind shattered and I joined the dark lord. Now when my master fell the night he failed to kill Harry, most of his remaining followers were caught and sentenced to Azkaban. During my incarceration, Rodolphus wasn't able to keep me under the Imperius curse and while true my mind was still shattered, I felt free for the first time in years. It was also during the incarceration that my mind had slowly started to heal and recover from the torture it had endured over the years. Now with the dark lord dead, I had been cleared of all charges after the ministry looked at my memories. With everything I've done over the years, I think the one thing I regret more than ever is killing my cousin, Sirius Black. Sirius was perhaps the only person who really cared for me and I hate it that it was me who ended his life. In fact I hate all that I've done and I can't take the memories. Every night I wake up drenched in sweat as I dream a different memory every night. I just want to take this moment to tell my sister, Narcissa that I love you so very much, and I'm sorry for all the pain I've put you though over the years. I take a breath before I look over my suicide note. Yes I know suicide is a cowardly way out, but I honest to god can't take this anymore. Sighing to myself, I stand up and walk away from my desk where the note laid. Walking into the bathroom, I flipped on the light and walked over to the small shower. Leaning down I turn on the water and while I wait for it to get to the right temperature, I quickly strip out of my clothes. While waiting, I observe myself in the small mirror above the vanity. My body was still in excellent shape for me being forty seven, along with being in Azkaban for fifteen years. I take a breath before I walk over and slip into the tub to take my shower.

~Harry's POV~

I've got to admit these last two months really flew by since I finally defeated Voldemort. After the final battle there was a press conference at the ministry and I was given the order of Merlin first class. Hermione and Ron were also presented with the same award. After the awards ceremony, Kingsley Shackelbolt was appointed as the new Minister of Magic. I was glad that he had been chosen because let's be frank, the last three ministers haven't exactly been up to scratch. Fudge was a power-hungry prat, Scrimgeour didn't know how to combat Voldemort, and Pius Thicknesse was under the Imperius curse and was working for Voldemort. After all this, I decided to move into Grimmauld Place. Even though I had some bad memories of the place, still Sirius left it to me and I couldn't sell the place. Instead Kreacher and I went on a cleaning binge and scrubbed the whole place clean. No longer were the walls covered in grime and dust/dirt three inches thick. What surprised me the most was that when we were finally able to get the portrait of Mrs. Black off the wall, Kreacher actually allowed me to toss it into the garbage. However perhaps the most interesting surprise came a few days after we had finished the cleaning. I was sitting in the kitchen drinking a cup of tea and reading the daily prophet as Kreacher busied himself with making breakfast. I was about to put the paper aside, when a headline caught my eye. Curious I pulled the paper back to me and read the headline.

Bellatrix Lestrange Cleared of All Charges!

The new Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shackelbolt has released a statement today saying that Bellatrix Lestrange, known to the world as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named most loyal servant has been cleared of all charges, both past and present. "The reason I have cleared Miss Lestrange of charges is because when we captured her after the final battle, she told us that we should look at her memories before we arrest her, and that she was innocent. We of course thought she was pulling a trick, but we decided to play along. What followed next shocked not only me but everyone here at the ministry. It appears that when Bellatrix married Rodolphus, he immediately began to torture her with the Cruciatus curse, as well as put her under the Imperius curse. It seemed that after years of being put under that much duress, her mind shattered and she joined You-Know-Who.

I reread the article several times and at first I couldn't believe it. It had to be a trick of Bellatrix's so she wouldn't get sent to Azkaban. But then I found myself thinking back to that fateful day in the ministry when I had gone to save Sirius. The look on Bella's face when Sirius fell through the veil was one of both shock and perhaps even sadness. At that time I thought that she was just teasing me, but now that I've read the article, perhaps I was wrong.

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